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  1. my wishlist:

    1.set in vice city

    2.choose your class: rapper, immigrant, shop owner or something, drug dealer, ext. (GREAT replay value)

    3.as stated before, you cant hold ever weapon on you, can store in bag and or car

    4. customize your player: make him black white asian or hispanic, fat or skinny, hair ext

    5. better car handling

    6. house customizing as stated before

    7. gang wars

    8. customize cars (broken record right??)

    9. more shops, i always wanted nico to wear some baggy pants and a hoodie and a flatbilled hat...

    10. skateboard, no crazy tricks, but to get around...maybe ollies, kickflips, and grinds and thats it

    11. interactive peds

    12. cage fighting

    thats about all for now


    base jumping too

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