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    ohh. i see. my bad. i thought only mods and admins can make them.
  2. why don't we let everyone in these forums make polls?
  3. why do we hardly get any money when posting? the things at the store cost way too much. it needs to be lowered.
  4. I was an idiot and i deleted the gtaIII audio file (i don't have a recycle bin so I cant retieve it). I need a backup for it. can someone get there audio file and upload it HERE my stupid brother deleted the recycle bin. i will tell you step by step on how to do it. 1. make a new zip archive. 2. make a backup folder and COPY the gtaIII audio files into the archive 3. click on the archive. 4. go up to file/add. 5. now find the folder you put the audio in. 6. click on it and thats your download 7. IF you put the new archive in that folder, delete it out of the ZIP archive. 8. go to the website i gave you and upload it and post it in this topic.
  5. ITBTD


    can I just have a copy of the gta3 audio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!
  6. ITBTD


    i still have the game installed but with no audio
  7. ITBTD


    im sorry. i left that part out. when i put my install disk in an error came up right away so I cant reinstall it. sorry
  8. ITBTD

    Fav cars

    I like the slam van
  9. ITBTD

    PC version

    yeah, but all i heard is that its coming to ps2
  10. ITBTD

    I still need help:(

    I sitll need help on the mod installer V5.5. I needed to put the Disk #1 in and I did and I cant figure out what to do.
  11. ITBTD

    noodle boy?

    yes. just circle around the small diner of what ever that it and youll find it
  12. ITBTD

    noodle boy?

    heres a map that shows you how to get it by the bridge or your hideout.
  13. ITBTD


    the cheat device is purely for fun because if you save with it, it will crash the game.
  14. ITBTD


    do you have the cheat device?
  15. ITBTD


    i have a few or more go here, it was in gta 3 right here is inside it.
  16. ITBTD

    I dont understand

    I dont have any dollers in the store. how came? i have been posting, right?
  17. ITBTD

    I dont understand

    oh, i see
  18. ITBTD

    gta 3 or vice city

    GTAIII for sure
  19. ITBTD

    fly to liberty city

    get a gameshark or ar max and watch this. ok?
  20. ITBTD

    Official lcs vid topic.

    I would have more but im too lazy to go get my psp.
  21. ITBTD

    the second gta for psp

    you'll never know. maybe tech' will bring us to that in a few years.
  22. ITBTD

    What do you want in the next Cheat Device?

    I would like Infinite ammo.
  23. ITBTD

    blown up heli

    yeah, but it doesn't work on gta sa.
  24. ITBTD

    GTA downloads

    DID you use the IMG?
  25. this didn't show all the detales like the fire truck has no number or any LCFD discriptions.