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    Tommy beta skin

    No. this is: Ok i thing you got my point If you have gta vc beta version for pc then can I see the skin?
  2. ITBTD

    Tommy beta skin

    does anyone knowq where I can get the tommy beta skin shown here:
  3. ITBTD

    San Fierro Stories?

    it should be san andreas stories.
  4. ITBTD

    I still need help:(

    It was VC (Disk one Installation) and I clicked OK or some thing and it said I might of put in the wrong disk (which i didn't) or i got some file wrong.
  5. ITBTD

    Mod installer V5.0 help

    oh great. now I cant figure out another part. It told me to put in Disk #1 and so I did and i cant figure out how to get past this part. Can someone help.
  6. ITBTD

    Mod installer V5.0 help

    I cant figure out how to type the directory paths.
  7. ITBTD

    Where is the AIRPLANE?

    Acctually you only need to complete the 2nd mission.
  8. ITBTD

    GTA LCS Mission Help

    are you saying thats a haard mission? damn man, thats one of the easyst missions ive ever done.
  9. ITBTD

    Better Graphics for GTAIII

    i have the ps2 version. do you think it will work on that system?
  10. ITBTD

    More Than 100 Hidden Packages?

    yes it is not true because I used to have the ps2 version and i got 100% in progress and there was only 100 packages.
  11. ITBTD


    that is suppost to happen for awhile.
  12. Features: Infinite health and armor Edit wanted level Edit time Edit weather + Snow Spawn anything Display coordinates and speed v0.2: Teleport Step through walls Power jump v0.3: Activate spawn cheats with one button Screenshot Edit car colors Never fall off your motorcycle v0.4: Firmware 2.6 support Your car is indestructible, always steaming, smoking, or on fire No reload v0.5: Video recorder Change CPU speed to 333MHz (fw 2.0-2.5 only) Battery percent, voltage and temp (fw 2.0-2.5 only) Heavy motorcycle Turn while power jumping v0.5a: Frames per second meter added to coordinates display v0.5b: Added "Really High" to teleport list for Dodo gliding v0.5c: Completely stops the game during screen capture so action shots won't be blurry New savefile for UK version v0.5d: Confirmation dialog before unloading v0.5e: Gives the screen more time to repaint before screenshot Dodo glider more stable v0.6: Flyable Dodo with thrust Video recorder is a little faster For all firmware versions: US/Canada version 0.6 http://www.maxbot.com/gta/CheatDevice06US.zip UK/EU version 0.6 http://www.maxbot.com/gta/CheatDevice06UK.zip Unzip the archive to your memory card so the files go in PSP/SAVEDATA/ULUS10041S0 if you're installing the US version, PSP/SAVEDATA/ULES00151S0 for the UK version. This replaces the first save on the card. To start CheatDevice, simply load it like a saved game. You can then load another save if you want and CheatDevice stays in memory. Disclaimer: THIS CAN CRASH YOUR GAME. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Some of the spawn choices like the RC toys and boats will crash the game. Don't save your game after using this.
  13. ITBTD

    Getting vehicles into buildings

    ive also heard of that in VC. but not in the mansion. ive jumped of a pcj and it went into the pole position. i went in there and there it was.
  14. ITBTD


    yes we do. its one of the importent topics.
  15. ITBTD

    Liberty City...

    ~sigh~ Look you can go back there using an AR max. you need the unlimited hight for the jetpack cheat. at the bottem of http://gtadomain.gtagaming.com/, you will have a choice of seing a map and a video. i would see suggest that you look at the map befor going to liberty city.
  16. here it is. my first dodo flight. not very smooth ending though
  17. ITBTD

    Hidden Packages

    you could also collect them ranomly from a map and then cross out the ones you collected.
  18. ITBTD

    Hidden Packages

    you might be going on the wrong runway. look here
  19. ITBTD


    Look at this
  20. ITBTD

    Official lcs vid topic.

    Thanks, now I got it. I call this Falling To Hell. And this. I hate the yardies
  21. ITBTD

    Official lcs vid topic.

    Ignor this post.
  22. ITBTD

    Edison Carter CheatDevice 0.5

    And look at this After I put it in the Pay 'n' Spray, it came out with wheels. I bet you can do this with a regular maveric or a police maveric too.
  23. ITBTD

    Edison Carter CheatDevice 0.5

    here is mine
  24. ITBTD

    I need help with...

    Thank you so much. I fibnally got it. YAY.
  25. my psp download. I tryed putting the cheat device in my PSP and all it gave me was a currupted file. is there any way to fix this?