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  1. YO!!! WHATS UP!?

  2. sorry for that pm the gangster. i didnt kniw the VM was over

  3. so hows the vodka

  4. are you addicted to TGTAP? i mean, when ever i log on, your on the online list.

  5. im not on your friends list? your on mine. you eather hate me or you just forgot lol. im soooo selfish arnt i :P

  6. oops. i completly forgot i posted that other ''are you gonna post there'' post :D

  7. are you ever gonna post at gta downloads again?

  8. are you ever gonna post there again?

  9. your here alot. why not gta-downloads anymore. you forget again?

  10. im just great but i dont feel to welcome here at TGTAP anymore.

  11. it is. i just want someone to donate some to me lol

  12. so how are you man?

  13. i tried to steal mone from someone and i failed.

  14. I dont feel welcome in your gang anymore. just look at the posts after i tried to reapply

  15. add some comments damnit!!!!!

  16. ooooo. i want comments on my please :D

  17. soooooo. can i come back into the gang now?

  18. i dunno. ive been at gtaforums and gta-downloads. i guess i should return now.

  19. hey. what happened to the gta-downloads.com forum man? you abandoned it :(.