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  1. I have found a good way to unbrick my psp but im having a little trouble.

    I am on fermware 3.03 oe-c and im trying to start up gta vcs. But when it tried to start up i get a message saying:

    "The game could not be started. (80020148)"

    I have tried GTA LCS and that works fine. Its just gta vcs and i want to play after a long while. So can anyone please help me?

  2. ITBTD was in our gang.

    ITBTD got kicked.

    ITBTD here, ITBTD there :mellow:

    Anyway...Yeah, join :D

    We need more members.

    Have anyone known about 7.62mm?

    I told him to join the VM (By MSN), because he wanted to join the DS, just because Urbanoutlaw was there :angry:

    WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? "by msn" WTF.