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  1. Invincible Cars

    Is there a mod to make any car you have invincible?
  2. Freefall & stowaway help!

  3. Freefall & stowaway help!

    Nevermind. I beat it--by the way...I couldn't find a way to delete that last post. Is there a way?
  4. Freefall & stowaway help!

    hate to bump it but....I really need help with this one. I do the 180, but every time i end up only following the darn hitman plane and never catch it. It's driving me insane!! Are you sure I have to let it pass before i 180, or should i 180 and wait for the plane to be right by me?
  5. Cool Car Idea

    Hey--I think a great car mod for SA would be the Lotus Elise. I just love how that car looks. Or the new ford GT. Jack
  6. Sexiest Member Poll 2005

    Go Chris, it's your birthday--sorry, Spaz, but...Chris just looked sexier in a nonchalant sort of way.
  7. Favorite Island

    So what's your favorite Island and why? I like Las Venturas because of the Jet Pack and the Strip--I just think that Rockstar did an awesome job with that.
  8. DVD

    So the DVD 2nd is just the same game, but without all the controversial crud? There isn't any extra stuff or anything?

    Dang, so we never find out more about the Truth and his green goo? that's rather anticlimactic.
  10. >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    I hope they have something better than 'eating' to heal yourself. I liked Vice city--find health pickups. They should do it like Halo--pick up a first aid kit, or like Metal Gear Solid 3--be able to heal yourself with bandaids, stitches, salves, etc.... I thought, if I'm shot, eating a big mac, or 20 pcs. of chicken aren't going to stop the bleeding. Also, a BIGGER map that is MORE INTERACTIVE. I hate that i can't use 80% of the map on the last gta games. There are tons of buildings and most of them are eye candy. It would be nice to include more of them in missions, or use them for fun. Also, to be able to use the cell phone for a lot more. Or to be able to mod almost ANY vehicle, especially the Bikes--NOS on a PCJ would be quite nice. Maybe multiple storylines? Like every choice you make alters the outcome or something like that. It would up the replay value. They should bring back the Vice City controls...San An's controls for the RC's and Helicopters...especially the view options...were pretty wierd. Jack
  11. DVD

    what's the difference between the 1st edition and the DVD 2nd edition?
  12. Get a Life!

    Get a life people!!! Everytime i see someone ask if they can have sex in gta i wanna puke!!! It's sad! If you're that desperate, turn off your game, go to a club, and get a REAL girl!!!! This is pathetic. Why is there even a hotcoffee Mod? Doesn't it wreck the game anyways? also, what's the point of the strip clubs? They aren't for missions, and really serve no purpose. Unless there's a mission I haven't gotten to yet..... Jack
  13. Gangs and the train

    Ok...i need to know where i can get some armor in the game--i haven't gotten very far, in fact i need it for the mission when the ballas invade Grove Street during the House Party. Also, it would be nice to know how the heck to beat the mission where the mexican gang is on top of the train and you and Big Smoke are trying to catch them...do i have to shoot too? Or is big Smoke sposed to take care of them? Thanks Jack
  14. Darn Mouse

    Yeah, that might work...i'm getting used to it, it's just that it makes driving the motorcycle darn near impossible. Cars and anything of that size is ok, it's just the Motorcycles! Thanks Jack
  15. Tommy V or CJ

    no way man. Tommy. He took down two Dons of the Mafia. Who cares about Big Smoke? We're talking the biggest men in Florida and Tommy annhilated them. He also took out Lance, and ran an entire crime family by himself.