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  1. haha, I actually went out and bought the PC version yesterday after reading this. Very good news! I can't wait to start installing these awesome mods once I get my game running stably. Thanks to all those who have been working on this.

    AJAX gives me nightmares, but they're very nice visually with less flickering :lol:

  2. The camera.. Why the heck cant it be attacked to stay in the same place ? I constantly have to click and release the Caps button to set the camera behind my chars when doing corners and such.

    The camera seems very fine to me. It's even better than the Vice City cam, to be honest it was horrible.

    I cannot stand the camera in the PC version. I'd really like to be able to see where I'm headed without having to use the mouse.

    What I really dislike about the PC version is that I Cannot use my PS2 or PS3 controllers that I have plugged into my PC that work for every other game on the planet. Is the logitech dual action useable with it (supposedly works according to the patch release notes, but I'd like to know for sure before buying one), or am I going to have to break down and buy a 360 controller?

  3. I have never played single player past the first island and I've seen every car named in this thread. Not only driving around, but parked, too.

    It's a game of odds, really.

    Now that I recall, I remember seeing some high end vehicles earlier in the game, the Coquette for instance...that I haven't seen in quite a while, like since I opened the second island.

  4. I am the biggest fan of Chargers, my dream car ever since I knew what a car was, is a 1969 Dodge Charger R/T, now correct me if I'm wrong but that's exactly what this one looks like, the back end looks close to a 69 Charger, and an R/T's grill has a chrome plate in the middle, can anyone else conferm this?

    I hear ya, the Charger is awesome, I own a 2007 Charger, but it comes nowhere near the 69, but thats just a pipe dream.

    As for the game, I doubt they modeled it after any specific year, just got it close enough to look like one.

  5. How do you save cars? Do you park them in the yellow box outside your safehouse

    Yes, too bad they don't become brand new after you put them there, I wrecked my infernus :(

    I had a mostly wrecked Comet that I parked in the parking space, and it initially didn't fix, but after a couple days, it was fixed...maybe it just takes a while, or the game eventually forgets when it loads it.

  6. so far I haven't found anyone to rob that has more money. I did figure out you can rob the laundromat for some quick money. Anyone else know where some quick money or guns are? I know there is a gun in the strip club.

    You can rob the clothing stores as well. Walk up to the register and press L1 (on PS3)....not much money from that though.

    Doesn't work for all of them apparently, It doesn't let you rob the russian clothing store.

  7. I have the 60GB and it doesnt freeze every 10 min eventhough i had over 7 crashes already. I have crashes while loading and randomly while playing the game. It pisses me off like shit cuz each time i gotta restart my PS3. I will try to mess about with some settings like you guys said before.

    Mine hasn't frozen once since I made the changes I mentioned earlier, though I've heard that doesn't help some people. Hope it works for you.