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  1. Alright, when I was viewing my account in BitDefender.com, they've got all these free downloads like "Antivirus 2010" and "Total Security 2010". Am I supposed to download those too?

  2. This happened a few months ago....

    It was at night time when I was fast asleep, there was this huge rat that jumped on to my hand and bit it! I woke up in suprise and wondering what bit me (I was half asleep, not thinking clearly), then I heard noises of it moving around my bedroom and for some reason I thought it was a huge snake slithering around so I froze, heart beating fast for a few minutes. Then, I slowly moved to the door to open it (still on my bed) and I straight away jumped off it and I landed on the rat! Man! I freaked out and woke everyone up.

    Not a good story teller but that did freak me out.

  3. SE phones ftw :)


    I don't give cash for expensive phones, i'd rather get a PC with the cash the iPhone is NOT worth of.

    I think it looks awesome, the next gen phone but it's so damn expensive! :o

    I'd rather buy a laptop than that and just have a phone that can do internet stuff


    iPhone is not a worthy opponent of Nokia and SE.

    SE outperforms the iPhone and N97 with the Xperia, which is way better than the iPhone.What do you use iPhone for, the apps?Idiots.

    When I meant by next gen was by the features like touchscreen and other cool apps not the iPhone itself :P

    Sooner or later, everyone's gonna have one.

  4. Just a quick tip.

    Bitdefender almost has the power as Kaspersky, so it's great.

    oh, by the way, when you install BitDefender, perform a full scan, leave the pc for a while.

    Thanks for the tip but I never tried Kaspersky though.

    And of course I gotta leave the pc on for a while if I'm gonna do a full scan :P

    Also, should I get the full version of it or get the 10 Free Edition?

  5. Yeah McAffee sucks. Just uninstall it and use a free one, there's plenty around. AVG Free is a popular choice here.

    I installed AVG 7 into my computer and for some reason, it got deleted but only some files weren't deleted. When I tried to uninstall it from control panel, it says it needs the uninstall thingy and that got deleted too!!!

    Now I need that file that says "Uninstall". Does anyone have it? I'm dying to get rid of the rest of the other files that can't be deleted.

    Change AV, if you're a freebie guy get BitDefender, if you used Mcaffee you got tons of viruses now.

    I am a freebie guy and thanks for the link. I'll try it out later on today. :)

  6. Hey guys! I'm using McAfee anti virus and it's been a while since I've downloaded the updates so, I started downloading it today and when it's downloading all the other files, it stopped at this file:


    I left it on for ages and it hasn't downloaded that file! :pissed:

    What to do? Need help please

    Thanks in Advance

  7. I stole loads of Biff and Chip books. Who can forget the classic Biff and Chip and the magic key.

    We don't have those in America.

    One of my friend's girlfriend stole Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire from the library in ninth grade. Then she threw it in her fireplace because she had no urge to read it.

    Hehe that sounds funny :lol:

    If I stole a novel from my school library, would that make me a rebel too?

  8. Cant wait. Thanks for freaking me out Connor I actually thought you were serious about 1 week o.o. I didnt even know there was a test skin. When did you put it up?

    Freaked me out too. No TGTAP for a week is hell! :o

    Luckily, it's not a fact.

    I'm gonna miss this old black and grey skin when it's gone :cry:

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