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  1. Aww, thanks man. And eee oh yes. Cutoffs.. <3

    Love the picture btw, and look at you just being a rebel looking the other way. :P Oh and I added your band. :)

    *wondering what these guys mean by cutoffs...*

    Haha, Greensabre's a rebel :P

    the guy at the right: hey everyone! Look over there!

    Greensabre13 : :weird: I don't want to look at that! *looks away*


    You seem to be the tallest and skinniest in that pic

  2. Gerard's post about Agnostics pretty much summed it up for me. I definitely agree, I don't believe that there is an almighty God, but I'm not stupid enough to say I know everything about everything, because I don't.

    I've stated this here before: I do have my certain beliefs, but I also have my doubts.

    You can't just change somebody's beliefs in a second. Beliefs are one's own opinion, and you shouldn't have to change your beliefs just because someone says "OMFGZZZRELIGIONISFUCKEDINTHEHEADCOMEJOINMEANDMYFELLOWHATERSLOLOLOL!!!"

    Religion is one way for people to feel good. One of my close friends became a Christian after she was going through a really rough patch in her life, and she's become a better person because of it. Religion and beliefs give people something to believe in. But when others start to bash the religion in question, they're likely to get upset with you because that religion may have done good things for them.

    @Connor: You're obviously pretty firm with your atheist stance, but really. Everybody has their own views.

    Yeah, I agree with what you said here, amen to that -_- except for the "OMFGZZZRELIGIONISFUCKEDINTHEHEADCOMEJOINMEANDMYFELLOWHATERSLOLOLOL!!!"

    I don't know who says that to someone in an ordinary conversation :P

    I think religion's something that people believe to make their life more happier and more confident in dealing with the worst parts of it. I just don't know why some people must turn into a serious fanatic, I mean, it makes things worst for everyone not better. Right?

  3. @UNDERLINED: haha, all I am saying is I bet the pizza is better to eat out :P

    LOL. Wow..

    @Warrior13 - baha, yeah.. I guess so. Nothing to abnormal for a guy.

    It's totally normal for a guy that is undergoing with puberty and all that, Warrior13 has probably not really experienced that much so it's weird for him.

    I don't think it's weird, I think it's alright.

    I've probably got the most hairiest legs in school! Probably as much as Nate10 does :P

    It's just that I'm used to seeing everyone with shiny, smooth, hairless legs here.

  4. SE's more simple to use, Nokia seems to complicated to me

    Funny "little contribution" you got there Steam. Comparing a brick and an iPhone sounds a bit weird though. I'd still go for the iPhone, much more you can do with rather than with a brick. :P

  5. Hey warrior, you should look into using gradient masks to make layers fade into each other. I'll just link you to an online tut for now, I'm pretty busy.


    Hope you get on with this warrior, if you get stuck at all, I'll write one up myself.

    Also, holy fucking awesome siggy evo, i'd like to know how you did that if you have the time to point us to / write a small tut, bloody good job!

    Thanks for the link, I'm gonna get stuck into it when I get around to it later on. Been too busy to look it up

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