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  1. Actually it's a 6.8 second

  2. Super Hyphy

    Favourite Alcoholic Drink

    Sierra Nevada is one of them. Also Downtown Brown (Num Yummy) EDIT: Sorry, I said Humboldt Brewery in place of Lost Coast Brewery... www.lostcoast.com
  3. Super Hyphy

    RATE Person above you

    ^ I live in a valley where there's no DSL or high-speed access...I could get Hughes Net for 200$, if I had that much. 5 bucks for dial-up is good enough. EDIT: [iRONIC]My Avy is now animated...[/iRONIC] Anyway: Pretty-Boy sig: 9.5/10
  4. Super Hyphy

    Problems with cellphone

    Had this error with my iPod. It got fixed by updating the firmware. You can probably download the firmware here: Samsung F Series Webpage
  5. Super Hyphy

    Mod/Download Approval FAQ

    Hey I made a T-shirt (Simple one, made in Photoshop)... I uploaded it April 27. It's May 18. WTF? Here's a screen:
  6. Super Hyphy

    GTA SA not responding when press 'Esc' button

    Try these: Press Windows Logo Button CTRL+ALT+ESC CTRL+ALT+DELETE CTRL+ALT+TAB
  7. Super Hyphy


    Here's a tip: The only things tuneable on mod cars are: Wheels Color (s) Hydraulics Nitros Exhausts, Bumpers, Sideskirts, and spoilers will freeze the game.
  8. Super Hyphy

    Jonas Brothers suck

    When you loook me iiiinnn the eeeeyyyes!!! Teeellll meee thattt youuuuu loveee meee!!!!! LOL, seriously, Jonas Bros suck...*pauses Love Bug*...
  9. Super Hyphy

    Dodge Viper SRT 10 vs. BMW M3

    If I wanted a car that sounded like a tuba having sex with a vacuum cleaner, I'd get the Viper. If I wanted a car which is fast, luxurious and good looking, I'd get the M3.
  10. Super Hyphy

    Honda S2000 wheel stand..

    Thank you spaz. Honda Accord aren't made for speed. We get it. What are you going to say next? "Ferraris are fast!"?
  11. Super Hyphy

    What does your PC have?

    319 MB
  12. Super Hyphy

    Three Word Story

    Dildo. Then She
  13. Super Hyphy

    How was GTASA to you?

    After playing GTA3, VC, LCS, VCS, SA & IV, SA is the best IMO.
  14. Super Hyphy

    The ^<v Game

    ^Wants To Kill Us All <Wants Sex (My Hand Has a Week Off) v Want to have sex too (wait...)
  15. Super Hyphy

    What are you listening to right now?

    The Complete Works of Scott Joplin (5 CD Set, 66 Songs)
  16. Super Hyphy

    Schaefft's GMC RTS Crashes!

    OK, here's the prob: I downloaded (various times) Schaefft's GMC RTS Bus for GTA SA. It appears ingame. I see it driving around. But when I try to enter one, the game crashes when I press "Enter".... Help, I really want this bus!
  17. Super Hyphy

    Txd Workshop Error, Please Help!

    This is a common problem with TXDWorkshop. There's no fix for it. Sorry.
  18. Super Hyphy

    Where is that mod gone?

  19. Super Hyphy

    NEEd HELp!

    It's called an .IMG archive. You open it with IMGTool or Spark! (Google Them) Open it up and replace the files.
  20. Super Hyphy

    GTA IV map for San Andreas

    Heh, this is a common problem. Unfortunatley, there's no other LC maps (that I know of). Go to www.moddb.com and get the SA to IV 2.0 Mod. It's only 70 megs and it works awesome!
  21. Super Hyphy

    Ford Expedition Problem

    ^Once you downgrade SA to 1.0 from 2.0, you either need the V 1.0 disc or the No CD Hack. V 2.0 Disc won't work any more.
  22. Super Hyphy

    Things We Dislike/Hate About The Internet.

    When you're looking for a download only to find it's been removed...
  23. Ah ha ha...you're all too immature to have heard of SARCASM...deary... lol, you'd think a bunch of people on an internet forum wouldn't be so gullible...oh, wait... Hoopa....California. I live in Hoopa, California. The city with the youngest average loss of virginity in the U.S. LOL...
  24. Super Hyphy

    Favourite Alcoholic Drink

    I personally think beer is gross, warm or cold. Why waste your time drinking beer after beer, if hard liquor gets the job done better? That's pretty bad. Ew. Thick liquid + alcohol = disgusting. You shouldn't even be drinking, child. Why? Nothing wrong with a minor drinking, as long as I don't get too drunk.