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  1. ^ I live in a valley where there's no DSL or high-speed access...I could get Hughes Net for 200$, if I had that much.

    5 bucks for dial-up is good enough. ;)

    EDIT: [iRONIC]My Avy is now animated...[/iRONIC]


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  2. Well, sorry but I'm already seeing reasons why I shouldn't. Although I'm noticing you around the community quite often, but you seem to have missed the requirements of the gang.

    You haven't been here for a month

    You do not have 100 posts

    And just overall, it'd be best if you take your time and get familiar with the community and the gang system.

    OK, I'll check back in later then. Thanks.

  3. I have no idea about gangs...but I'm guessing these are online? I don't have internet fast enough in my area! Can I join if I can't go on SAMP (If it's a yes, then sign me up!)

    And please, go and download Mozilla Firefox. Because when you misspell words, it gives me a reason why I would say no on my opinions on why I would want you to join.

    Don't forget about Apple Safari! Because as much as I despise Apple, Safari is excellent (and includes a spell checker).

    And no offense bro, but your english there is a little shaky. I would phrase that as:

    "...it gives me a reason as to why I would say no on my opinion of whether I would want you to join"


  4. Ah ha ha...you're all too immature to have heard of SARCASM...deary...

    lol, you'd think a bunch of people on an internet forum wouldn't be so gullible...oh, wait...

    And why would your location have ANYTHING to do with whether you're a virgin or not? You're 14, and have a picture of fucking BOXXY as your profile picture. That alone should tell us enough about you. Get off of /b/ and find yourself a life.


    I live in Hoopa, California.

    The city with the youngest average loss of virginity in the U.S.