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  1. Hey all, i have an new building that i want in vice city but the problem is that it is an .obj file... :bashhead:

    I can't put that in vice city (right?) and so, does anyone know a solution?

    A converter would be great... For more models!

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Hey all! I'm lordician!

    I've been using these mods on this site often.. Certainly now i resurrected my vice city again :lolbounce:

    I hope you guys have a great time too. :lol:

    I have been editing scripts and shit in vice city very often, for help you CAN ask me..

    But don't ask too much.. Long time ago since my last editing...

  3. I am a fan of vice city and i am also a huge fan of mods :hurrhurr:

    But now, i want a new object in vice city...

    I have a model in .obj extension...

    But now is the question..

    How to put the object in?

    Please help?!

    [Wups...wrong topic :S]

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