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    Requesting Original files:

    Hi, We cannot give you the files you have requested, as this would be considered piracy. We suggest reinstalling the game after creating a backup of your current installation to get the files you need. Locked.
  2. rockstarrem

    Can my PC run GTA IV?

    Do you have the latest patch installed? Also, try putting this as a command line paramater: -norestrictions
  3. There would be no reason for affiliation with Facebook, apps are stored on a different server.
  4. rockstarrem

    GTA5 with Bait cars

  5. That, plus it wouldn't be hosted on Facebook's servers, but Rockstar's.
  6. rockstarrem

    GTA SA Downloaded save file crashes after load

    The guy that posted it probably doesn't know what version he's on. He probably got it on Steam and thinks everyone has it. Try and look for another one that suits you. I'll remove it for now, thanks for letting us know.
  7. rockstarrem

    (PS3) Hells Guard Mc

    Good luck with your gang.
  8. rockstarrem

    Fake GTA5 Maps

    Nice job, hope to see more.
  9. rockstarrem

    GTA5 with Bait cars

    I watch Bait Car with my girlfriend sometimes, if it's like that... omg. But yeah check out the show if you don't know what a bat car is.
  10. rockstarrem

    cockpit driving view

    He's just linking to the Rockstar request page, it's fine .
  11. rockstarrem

    GTA V multiplayer?

    If you've played SA in a decent MTA/SA:MP server chances are you'll find that those are much superior than GTA IV's multiplayer mode.
  12. rockstarrem

    GTA III: Your Questions Answered - Part Two

    Some pretty amazing info, hope everyone checks it out.
  13. rockstarrem

    GTA III Out Now on Mobile Devices!

    I played for 45-60 minutes today and the battery life went down 10-20%, I was in shock. DROID X2 EDIT: Worth noting I have an extended battery.
  14. rockstarrem

    Which phone do you use?

    Nah, stick with Android. I recently got a Droid X2, thing is a beast.
  15. rockstarrem

    GTA V multiplayer?

    Nein. Mods and multiplayer don't mix. When I play CSS or L4D2 I'm lucky if I manage to find a non super-power / warcraft game. He means something like Multi Theft Auto. http://mtasa.com/
  16. rockstarrem

    GTA V Announced! Trailer coming 2nd November

    Wow I'm in shock to say the least. Was not expecting an announcement any time soon.
  17. rockstarrem

    Grand Theft Auto III 10-Year Anniversary Video

    If it is they did basically nothing to change it, although I don't know if they would anyway.
  18. rockstarrem

    Useful Gaming Links

    Sounds good .
  19. rockstarrem

    Battlefield 3

    Well, remember the vanilla version of Battlefield 2? It was basically impossible to play.
  20. rockstarrem

    GTA III 10th Anniversary Asked & Answered

    I find it funny that I can't think of any questions since it's been so long since I've played it... I'll try and replay it before the 21st but I'm sure the questions people will ask will be interesting enough.
  21. rockstarrem

    Useful Gaming Links

    We won't add beta/under construction sites, only popular and reliable sources should be considered for the list.
  22. rockstarrem

    Battlefield 3

    Haha what hand placement?
  23. rockstarrem

    What generally do you play on?

    Trust me, I surely can't. I find it strange that people assume that these specs are pretty good (I mean back when I even got the PC), the first thing I did when I bought the PC was install Halo 2 and that didn't run without major lag even at lowest settings.
  24. rockstarrem

    Battlefield 3

    ...what was the relevance in that picture?
  25. rockstarrem

    Stunt vehicle

    I honestly love screwing around with any vehicle I can find and seeing what I can do. Since the vehicle physics are really stupid once you're in mid-air and the landings are pretty funny too I like to just use whatever. Like a combine harvester off a hill .