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  1. rockstarrem

    Battlefield 3

    ...what was the relevance in that picture?
  2. rockstarrem

    Stunt vehicle

    I honestly love screwing around with any vehicle I can find and seeing what I can do. Since the vehicle physics are really stupid once you're in mid-air and the landings are pretty funny too I like to just use whatever. Like a combine harvester off a hill .
  3. rockstarrem

    Favorite song?

    Chris has put together a really nice table of the radio stations and their songs... http://www.thegtaplace.com/sanandreas/radiostations.php
  4. rockstarrem

    Battlefield 3

    Nah I meant PC, Xbox 360, PS3 etc... and I'm jealous of all the PC users
  5. rockstarrem

    What generally do you play on?

    Well, it's kind of weird. My desktop runs better with most games, even though my laptop has better specs... Desktop: Intel Core 2 Duo 6400 @ 2.13ghz 2GB RAM ATi Radeon x1300 Pretty sure that's all you need to know for this question... if you want more info ask, but yeah, it's pretty outdated.
  6. rockstarrem

    Battlefield 3

    What platform have you guys been playing the beta on?
  7. rockstarrem

    Useful Gaming Links

    Added keep them coming.
  8. rockstarrem


    ...we do care. So, anyway, TTheuns, are you still having trouble?
  9. rockstarrem

    Scariest horror game ever played?

    I remember playing Resident Evil on Gamecube and getting really freaked out. Anyone recommend some modern horror games? Like shit that pops out at you?
  10. rockstarrem

    Do you still play counter strike online?

    CAL? I used to play it non-stop, had a few gaming servers, a big one at one time (The Gearbox & The Gearbox 2) with a great community. I miss those days, I feel like people are more of dicks in the newer games.
  11. rockstarrem


    I think that's a pretty cool idea actually, the past expansion packs for pet related Sims games you couldn't really control the animal. Now I can be a dog and bite people? Or maybe just shit all over the place to piss the owner off? That sounds boss.
  12. rockstarrem

    Useful Gaming Links

    If anyone has any more sites that would like to be added to the list (since this topic is quite outdated) I'm sure we could put them under review and add them .
  13. rockstarrem

    What are you currently playing?

    Right now I'm playing Red Dead Redemption, I'm trying to complete 100% (I'm almost there, I'm at 97.5%) and I used to play a lot of Black Ops (I still do occasionally but with MW3 coming out I've kind of stopped for a bit out of discouragement) but I'm looking forward to BF3 and MW3 and probably a few other games (including Max Payne 3) but maybe discussing upcoming games can go into another topic.
  14. rockstarrem

    What generally do you play on?

    I currently need to use my Xbox 360 for modern games because my computer is not suited for any type of new types of games. I still play Counter-Strike: Source, Max Payne, Max Payne 2, and GTA on the PC occasionally since those types of games it can handle. But for newer games like GTA IV and such I need to use my Xbox for right now, although I prefer using PC controls. I do love Xbox Live though, I think it's a great feature. And I do think the Xbox is a great console (not saying the other consoles are bad, I have a Wii and love it and if I could afford a PS3 I would definitely buy it).
  15. rockstarrem

    GTA V: Revamp

    This is basically a strange troll fest. I'm gonna lock it. Take personall discussion concerning other members to PM as you did.
  16. That's a really bad PC. You should definitely get a new one if you plan on doing any gaming. Maybe use this one as a media server or something.
  17. rockstarrem


    Yeah, that's why I suggested booting a live CD.
  18. rockstarrem


    If it's just crashing at the Windows screen try booting a live CD like an Ubuntu live cd (http://ubuntu.com/) and see if it boots and if you can see the Windows partition in the file manager. It might not be the hard drive itself but the actual Windows installation.
  19. rockstarrem

    Have you been banned on another forum?

    Come on guys, stop the arguing or warnings will be issued.
  20. rockstarrem

    Which was the first ever video game you started playing with?

    Sonic The Hedgehog on Sega Genesis.
  21. rockstarrem

    hi hi its onepiece

    Alright, the reason why I couldn't find it is because the user in the Downloads is named 'JimmyT'. I approved both of your mods.
  22. rockstarrem

    hi hi its onepiece

    I really can't find your name in the database. If you want to re-upload your mods I'll take a look at them.
  23. rockstarrem

    hi hi its onepiece

    Are they under a different name than Jimmy-Thoganda? Search came up empty with the name.
  24. rockstarrem

    What O.S are you currently using now?

    It's a Linux distro if that's what you meant.... http://ubuntu.com/
  25. rockstarrem

    hi hi its onepiece

    So you want all of your mods deleted, including the ones for previous GTA games such as SA and GTA III?