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    Wii Fit injury made her a sex addict.

    LOL. This was a great article. I can feel her pain... wait..
  2. rockstarrem

    How long can you last without fapping

    Sounds disgusting having to need the other person pay for the food. You should have a rule be they get to pick what food they get you, which will be whip cream, mayonnaise, and milk.
  3. rockstarrem

    Did you drive a train?

    You guys are dicks. But yeah I drive a train every day to work.
  4. rockstarrem

    Is oral sex 'safe'?

    Probably not a good idea. Just saying.
  5. rockstarrem


    You don't need credits to talk to us. We're that cool.
  6. Yep, it's true. Rockstar Games has just announced that they are releasing the expansion packs for PS3 and PC. Source: Rockstar Newswire
  7. rockstarrem

    First EFLC PC Screenshots

    Those look beautiful. Wish I had an awesome PC.
  8. rockstarrem

    Post your mugshots v3!

    This picture accurately depicts my outer beauty. And yes, you should feel special - I took it for this topic.
  9. rockstarrem

    please help me

    Excellent solution. Locked.
  10. rockstarrem


    Lulzy? Dude, we caught Gerard watching straight porn :/. Anyway yeah add me: rockstarrem
  11. rockstarrem

    Cucumber in rear was 'failed suicide bid'

    I took pills and came back from the dead, man! I should of stuck a cucumber up my ass.
  12. rockstarrem

    Is oral sex 'safe'?

    LOL. Wow. What did I just read? That's probably the greatest theory I've read, ever. If they put a little more thought into explaining it I might have put a little more thought into the actual subject. Shaking hands is no longer safe. What the fuck was this ladies point? I kind of need more facts than this. Who are these "medical experts"? Get back in the kitchen and stop journaling.
  13. rockstarrem

    A little survey

    I actually would really benefit from this. Can't wait to see the outcome.
  14. rockstarrem

    Draw Distance

  15. rockstarrem

    Happy Birthday WRX!

    LOL Aviators. Sorry dude I fucking hate those because of someone I know that wears them .

  17. rockstarrem

    Gta newsletter for Thegtaplace

    I was thinking about this idea and theres still lots of modding going on in the community... a newsletter could possibly bring more attention to the site, or it could do nothing at all. I don't think it would really hurt if we found someone to write one and keep up with it.
  18. rockstarrem

    Happy Birthday WRX!

    Happy birthday dude .
  19. rockstarrem

    Videos are blacklisted by my computer

    I really don't recommend IE but I'm not gonna be a tool and say OMG SWITCH TO FF lol... but yeah OMG SWITCH TO FF
  20. rockstarrem

    Windows God Mode (vista32 and win7 only)

    How could this help? Just wondering.