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  1. rockstarrem

    Hidden Hints

    I think it was probably R* doing it, the would do something like that I think.
  2. Yeah, that's what I was thinking.
  3. Yeah, seasons would be great. Maybe if you didn't wear a jacket all the time you'd get a cold or something .
  4. rockstarrem

    Favorite Radio Station(s)

    K-DST for me. I like classic rock the most.
  5. rockstarrem


    I've gotta go with the NRG. It's the fastest one and I think it looks nice.
  6. rockstarrem

    Vice City?

    There could be more than one place but I think it's going to be ALL of New York, every part of it. How would they put Vice City and San Andreas in one, there no where near each other.
  7. rockstarrem

    Races as Missions?

    I am unbiased with GTA racing. I think the checkpoint system is great, but it could use some new features, can't really tell what.
  8. rockstarrem

    ideas for a gta4 based on boston

    I live in the Boston area and there is the Charles River... there aren't big waterfalls in it, but Rockstar could use their imagination. The Grand Canyon is stupid in my oppinion... wtf? This is Boston dude.
  9. rockstarrem

    LCS on PC

    Which tells us absolutely nothing except and advertisement for your site..... How, exactly, does GTA IV effect LCS or VCS in the least? The f*** dude? Um no? Why wouldn't it not come out for the PS2? It's being released this month. The PS3 won't be released for another year. Anyway, you will still be able to play PS2 games on the PS3. Personally, I do see a point of bringing LCS out on PC. A lot of people don't have PS2's or PSP's. I think they should make these games for all formats. It cost more money, but they'd keep a lot more customers very happy. Actually, genius, the PS3 is out already now((like what, a month after you posted this?))... And a lot of people don't have PCs.... Or PCs capable of running many games. So they have to release LCS and VCS for Xbox, too. But wait! Not everyone has one of those, either! So I guess they must release them for GameCube, the DS, and the Wii.... WAIT. Not everyone has one of those, either!!! So I guess they better release the game in a Plug-In-Play format for the TV. Then everyone will be happy, right? Waitwaitwaitwaitwait..... People are getting backwards here. How would it DEFINITELY be possible on PS3 but NOT PC? Have we forgotten that consoles are nothing but smaller PCs? And wow, everyone thinks that the PS3 is some super-machine or something. It's just a console, people.... Probably not, some of them might not have TV's .
  10. rockstarrem

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    I made a few wishes on my forum... FIRST: Rockstar Games has announced episodic content download for the PS3 and Xbox 360 recently where you will be able to download add-ons (missions, vehicles, etc) for the game. What if there was a map editor similar to Multi Theft Auto: SA, where you place the object and it spawns. Well, there should be that in GTA IV so we all can make a map and play it for ourselves online and upload them for other people to download. This wouldn't include like replacing the GTA IV map, but that would be cool anyway. It would "add-on" to the map to make it a more customized experience. The map would be saved on the Xbox 360/PS3 hard drive and resources would be read off of it. Since it is "copying" IDs from the game data itself, the map should be no more than 2 MB max in file size. Imaging that as a customized city. If a modding team can do it I'm sure it's extremely possible for Rockstar Games, at least for the map editor part. I can understand if they don't include the upload feature, but that's just a wish... SECOND: How about the casino games (like Poker) could be played with a bunch of people. Like the AI part. They all sit around the table and play with you, not just that asshole in black. That would also be a idea for multiplayer that they should consider, imagine how cool that would be online... THIRD: How about awesome weather effects? For example, some rain storms are bigger than others depending on the wind or area. Or with snow it could just be flakes or a full out State of Emergency. There would be plows going along the streets and all that... wouldn't that be nice? Maybe in the desert there would be sand storms or locust attacks (tongue.gif). Well, I have many more ideas but I'll tell those later on tonight! (people probably already though of this...) FOURTH: Someone on this forum thought of a really good idea and I added on to it. He said that maybe the character could have a MP3 player and play songs wherever he wants. Here is what I think about this idea: What if the character has a MP3 player that connects to your Xbox 360/PS3/PC Hard Drive (extremely possible, they have done it in all GTA's), but you'd get to actually have the MP3 player design. You would need to go to a store and pick up a MP3 player there, I think it should be like the whole iPod thing. Maybe one model could be * amount of Gigabytes and another one a * amount of gigabytes. I also think it would be cool if they had the less expensive ones had real shitty quality when the higher-end ones were outstanding and could be heard through your uber 5.1 Surround Sound System. Then you would need to buy headphones. I currently have Bose TriPort headphones, and no I am not a snob. But I also think the quality should depend on that also. Another idea would be syncing it like a regular computer, you'd need to press "Sync tracks" (similar to Scan User Tracks in PC versions except you'd need to pick the songs you want because of the * amount of gigabytes it can hold). Also, something like the iHome. The iHome in real life is a dock to play your songs off of your iPod.
  11. rockstarrem

    Big Map Or Small Map

    I agree. Getting lost is fun in a map. But yeah, bigger map than graphics. Heh it is taking crack from a crackhead isn't it?
  12. rockstarrem

    [Help Needed]Cant pass some mission

    You need to do the flight school missions. Once you get the hang of the flying controls, you'll be accidentally be doing tricks with them. If you want, I could do it for you to. Just send me your save in a PM. As for the Z mission, its just skill. I can do that to if you want... but the trick is is flying it. You should definetly try the flying school first then go back to it.
  13. rockstarrem

    hole in LS. WTF?!

    I know you don't have multiplayer but there is some sort of corrupt file there. Try installing it to a completely different directory.
  14. rockstarrem

    GTASA Multiplayer sucks..................well I think so

    Nah, they are hackers. There is a mod called "s0beit", I tried it with my friend once, it's pretty f***ed up though. People in servers hack and piss me off. I would never hack in a online game with people in it. I like screwing with commands in a local server though, its pretty funny what you can do lol. Hackers CAN go to hell. All of them, the ones that go into public servers anyway.
  15. rockstarrem

    hole in LS. WTF?!

    Definetly a mod thing. In all the multiplayer mods they have this hole in it so no one can enter the interior. You need to re-install the game to a completely different directory. I also suggest you try running CCleaner after you uninstall it. When you reinstall REMEMBER to create a new, clean directory. If you don't know, a directory is a folder. Don't even put it inside Rockstar Games.
  16. rockstarrem

    Make A Gang For GTA IV

    Isn't this for GTA IV? If so, why would we be using the San Andreas map at all?
  17. rockstarrem


    Forgot all about that vehicle! Now I know where to get it .
  18. rockstarrem

    Whats you favourite town in SA

    The desert and the country-side equally for me.
  19. rockstarrem

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    That actually sounds like a good idea. Similar to Saint's Row where you can press start and choose a track, maybe you could by a MP3 player in the game somewhere. You could maybe bind it like a Car Radio station and a menu would pop up with all the audio tracks in your media section of the 360/PS3. Good idea!
  20. rockstarrem


    Or they could take the approach like they did with VCS, like the Empire Building system. Choose what kind of building (apartment, office, w/e) and pick a design. That would be much better than actually constructing it in my opinion.
  21. rockstarrem

    Rooftop Run

    Its ok. I think if you started it on the rooftop instead of Grove Street it would of been better. But still, I liked it.
  22. rockstarrem

    Map Layout

    I think the 6 cities (Los Santos) Would be cool. Los Santos wasn't really big but it was big. I guess that would be my pref.