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  1. Hey Rockstarrem,


    I am not aware of any game files that were uncovered. However, I found a way that might lead us to this "secret island" 

    The video does not show any traces of the sea and it only shows what looks like the person did the "Blue Hell" trick. This basically leads you to the interiors of the game and you eventually fall into an area of complete darkness and if you walk around a bit you do see items such as guns just randomly there. It can be possible that further research might lead us to this island. 


    This is how you do the trickGo to the GYM in Los Santos, Activate the Jet pack cheat and then go to the First Left Corner and fly up, Blue hell is just basically the Interiors of the game.


    Good Luck!

    See if any of these look like they could include the secret island. I'm guessing it would be in the same interior as the Ganton Gym (ID 5) so I'll see if I can have a look around there.




    GTA V is leagues above Saints Row IV. It would have been a different story if SR was actually fun like it used to be. SR2 was the best one.

    I have watched a longplay of the first Saints Row game on YouTube. It looks like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on Prozac.



    I love this definition.


    I liked SR3, but I can't get into SR4. Way too different. I'll keep trying though, I mean why not. We don't have much comparable at the moment that hasn't been overplayed.

  3. PDFs are elitist because you have to read them on Adobe's fancy reader (which comes with Google Chrome but not with Internet Explorer). In order for a PDF to have any legal bearing in the world, you have to print them out with that expensive ink (that you have to pay for instead of the company/law firm/police station/courtroom).


    If it wasn't for e-mail, my community (and every other community in Canada) would still have door-to-door mail delivery service and people will still be paying less than $1.50 for a postage stamp. Thanks a lot, Shiva Ayyadurai, for inventing e-mail back in 1979. Because of your smart-ass Paki intelligence, e-mail and the Internet is destroying our established business infrastructure and is putting people out of work.

    Are you serious? Does Adobe even own the patent for PDF's? You don't need to use Adobe's tool at all for PDF's (http://lmgtfy.com/?q=open+source+pdf). Adobe's "fancy reader" doesn't come with Firefox, so I don't know where you heard that. Don't know what Google uses. Firefox uses PDF.js to read PDF's.


    Are you blaming the inventor of email for your governments inability to provide mail service or just throwing out an overexaggeration?


    I'm honestly not completely sure if you're trolling or not with the things you post, but if you are +1.

  4. I don't know much about GTA IV on PC, but it's obviously the mod that's doing it. If you really want to use that mod, try disabling all the other mods you have enabled and see if the zombie one works. It's really hard to diagnose this stuff though. My next step after that would be to talk to the mod's creator.

  5. I'll have to check out Look Me In The Eye, that sounds interesting. The other titles do as well.


    I've been reading the Lincoln Rhyme series of novels by Jeffrey Deaver. You may or may not have heard of or seen the movie "The Bone Collector" (www.imdb.com/title/tt0145681/) with Denzel Washington, but that film was based off of the first book in this series with the same title. They're kind of cheesy, but I really like the suspense.


    Before I got into this series I had finished The Tommyknockers by Stephen King, a pretty underrated book by him in my opinion.


    Somewhere in between I had finished Bird Box (http://www.amazon.com/Bird-Box-Novel-Josh-Malerman/dp/0062259652) which is a short yet very interesting read.