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  1. Two weeks into the pre-season, so I figured I'd start this thread. Two things I have to say... I hope Michael Vick gets good again through this year, (yeah I know, the dog fighting was retarded, but still, I hope he can get back to his old form) and !!!GO COWBOYS!!!

  2. Didn't see this topic here, so decided to make it.

    I think 2 or 3 weeks ago I saw on TSN. Now I haven't heard anything else about this since then, so the idea could still be up, or turned down. But anyways, I saw that golf might be added to the Olympics for 2016. I don't think that would be right, since they don't even have baseball, or football in it yet. And anyways golf is boring, I don't think it should be part of the Olympics.

  3. I started this thread yesterday I think, what happened to it??

    And the way it works is you grant the persons wish, but with a catch. Like...

    I wish my arm wasn't broken

    Granted, But now your legs are broken.

    Kinda like that, so here's my wish.

    I wish I could eat something

  4. I saw this thread on another site, and it did pretty good. There's over 1,000 pages on it, and it gave me some pretty good laughs, so that's why I'm starting one here. And the picture don't have to be exactly demotivational, just kinda in the the same format.

    I didn't make these ones...



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