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  1. 4.On the mission Los desperados(when you have to free astecas teritories) there is undestroyable car (I think its name is glendale).You also can´t move it.Stil,you can shot in it with sawn-of shotgun and get it to garage in verdant blufs.The dors will be open and it will stil be undestroyable!

    5.The only way to get car Phoenix without cheats is mission Home in hills when you have to kill Vagos in Mad dog`s mansion.At the end of the mission Big pappa is driving it!

    6.On the mission OG loc I have got undestroyable motorbike.Freddy is driving it.

    7.On the north of bone country at place that on map looks like beach there is car named Sadler that is always damaged.

    It is over now,I can´t move this topic anywhere.

  2. Ok... :erm: I can almost comprehend why you posted 3 random points that are bound to have been repeated before somewhere in this forum but pray do tell: What the heck is the title "Press Here!" all about?

    I haven`t read this things anywhere and I didn`t knew how to name this :D

  3. I just wanted to tell some things that I found.

    1.How to get Milie`s card easier:

    First,get her on a date.Then just kill her.Some man will call you and tell you that you have to go to her house to get card.So,you don`t need to date her.

    2.On the mission for airstrip when you have to plant explosive in plane on the begining you have to get on bike and drive in plane.But,you can get minigun and destroy the plane and it will stop.Still,you can get in plane with bike and continue the mission normaly.

    3.Get in amunation and plant the explosive on men who is selling weapon.Than activate it and the man will start to shot you :weird: But,for few seconds even if you don`t shot him he will die :weird:

    Hope you didn`t know this!

  4. My favourite island is third island(there are LV and desert) and my favourite city is Las venturas.I love casinos and the airstrip near LV.Now,at me there are gangs in LV.First there were Vagos and Astecas and now there are Grove street and Astecas.You can get vagos teritories but not astecas teritories.

  5. just press print screen (next to f12 and scroll lock), open paint, paste and voila.

    hope i helped you enough

    Thank you! Peace! :thumbsup:

    If you need something better that PrintScreen, you can capture screens with Fraps or similar program.

    Thank you (fala)!

  6. What`s up? How can I picture CJ in every situation for example in some vehicle so you can see my energy,money and map?Do I need some special program and if I do where can I download it?

    Peace yo, Ice32!

  7. Imo, you've never actually needed help in any GTA. Yes, you have to do it all by yourself, but that's even better than having a retarded fool always killing himself and failing the mission.

    Heads up! Remember those irritating missions from VC where you ussually had to transport someone somewhere, and that retarded someone woul always do his best to kill himself and fail the mission that way.

    In the mission los desperados (where you have to help cesar to free Astecas teritories) at the begining of the second part) a guy with rocket launcher always kills one of the ˝astecas OG´s˝.Then it says :mission failed.Some time I couldnt pass that mission becouse of that.Then I started to hit(but not kill) guy with rocket launcher so he does´t have time to fire with rocket launcher and so I passed that mission.I was so angry on him! :pissedred: Also,missions in Vice city were SO EASY! :D

  8. I think that the hardest mission in Los santos is mission OG loc.But,on that mission I have got the undestroyable bike(you can´t destroy it with weapons).I killed OG loc,than it said:Mission failed;than freddy has got off the bike and I have got it! :yup: There is also undestroyable car in the mission Los Desperadsos where you have to take back teritories for Aztecas. Peace yo, Ice32!

  9. how do you win the mission robbing uncle sam ryder is an idiot i rather do the shooting i have 2 submachine guns! and the forklift is bullet proof! :bashhead:

    I also hate that mission.And they call ryder some gang member :rofl2: Every grove street member on streets is shooting better than him.That is what I don´t like at San andreas:You must do everything by yourself :pissedred:

  10. On the mision just busines(last misiom for Big smoke) when you have to escape with bike (Big smoke is rideing) the Big smoke just stops with bike always at same place(at commerce). And so I can´t pass that mission.Does somebody maby know how to fix this or what is causing this? Keep playing GTA! Peace,Ice32!