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  1. Sorry super mod, but it realy gets annoying when you try to help people and they are horrible!
  2. Well sorry i don't come on here much for this reason t***s like you.
  3. I don't use ImageShack, to annoying. I use PhotoBucket. The point is, some people can't be bothered to resize their images or don't know how to. So all they do is post there image they want resized and i can do it in seconds, providing the image isn't realy big and they want it resized to a smaller size because it would come out weird. All i am doing is offering my services, you don't like it, upto you.
  4. adzpsp

    Petition: VCS Online

    Sounds good!
  5. adzpsp

    S.W.A.T tank

    OK, well when i'm down my grandma's i will do that. Is there any other S.W.A.T. based vehicals?
  6. adzpsp

    Petition: VCS Online

    Its not yet been anounced, doubt it will
  7. adzpsp

    Boxart Revealed....

    That box art sucks, the XBOX 360 box looks better!
  8. adzpsp

    Fake GTA4 Maps

    I want a grand theft auto with Los Angeles, New york and some other cool cites on one game, with a 10 mile bridge to connect them The best gta a SA but the Los Angele's on that sucks, although they got the police cars right it still sucked.
  9. adzpsp

    Pedo Test!

    I guessed 13 of 19 correctly (%68.4). Your grade: C
  10. adzpsp


    That total sucks, everyone yawns! Its natural!
  11. adzpsp

    Petition: VCS Online

    I realy want Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories to be online, how fun!
  12. adzpsp

    Something Awful's GTA4 Preview

    Is that all real?
  13. Heard about it early yesterday morning! Hours before this site
  14. adzpsp

    New VCS Preview from PSM USA

    Looks cool, now i have posted in the right one
  15. adzpsp

    VCS Details from Screen Fun

    oh my bad mate, well ill try harder next time Oh crap, i have posted comment in wrong area! Dam! Sorry chris
  16. adzpsp

    VCS Details from Screen Fun

    Hey chris, next time wait 10 more seconds before i can give you the update before neil! lol
  17. adzpsp

    So I bought a PSP

    http://www.yourpsp.co.uk for all stuff about psp (its the SCEE psp site) or if you want to join the SCEE forum http://community.yourpsp.com
  18. adzpsp

    Rockstar Vienna - Closed by Take Two

    i was just testing them honistly i think along the lines before they got closed they should have made one. (max payne for psp)
  19. adzpsp

    Rockstar Vienna - Closed by Take Two

    : well i want a max payne on psp i mean it would be well cool max payne would be just right for the psp
  20. i doubt that it will be a character from vice city (ps2) as LCS (psp) didnt have anyone from gta3 only salvatory (w/e his name is)
  21. adzpsp

    Rockstar Vienna - Closed by Take Two

    do you think they will bring out a max payne for psp?
  22. adzpsp

    Rockstar Vienna - Closed by Take Two

    as long as i get the gta games im ok
  23. adzpsp

    Rockstar Vienna - Closed by Take Two

    thats just strange.
  24. well i had a look at a chart by SCEE and it shows two more updates coming before 2007 i saw one coming around november and the other december so im looking foward to that. i dont think it wil run on 1.50, i also doubt that it will run on 2.00 most probaly 2.60 or 2.70 as all new psp games need the new firmware to play them.
  25. when do you think they will realise more info and pics? also what year is it based in? (if you know)