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  1. Hey guys.

    I'm kinda new to all this modding etc. I have downloaded loads of vehical mods for GTA:SA and once installed they are ok, but i installed many more yesterday and it crashes the game, I know it can't be my game as it used to work fine, but it must be one of the mods i installed.

    It crashed when i went to the garage in CJ's gararge in SF (Spelling) I am using a 100% game save which i downloaded from here, but the mods i think i am using are from another site.

    I have uninstalled GTA:SA and am currently installing it now.

    I shall not install any mods yet but will go to where the game crashed and see what car it is and what mod replaces that car.

    Is there anyother reason for it crashing? p.s: I think i have the United States version of the game, I'm unsure.

  2. This is what i do.

    The SAMP short cut always crashes my PC. So, i go to c:/Program files>Rockstar games> GTA sa> SAMP debug

    I run that and GTA SA multiplayer comes up, then i start off in vine wood, no weapons, cars or anything.

    I remember a GTA sa multiplayer i had before, every time you entered a game it would show the player on the side and a help section.