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  1. Nah, with the update of 2.7 I think Rockstar got a bit of a Bo*l*k*n, TBH I reckon that 3.0 will be out by then anyways because of the eyetoy and GPS, wonder whether any accessories for the psp will have any functions within GTA??

    :D well i had a look at a chart by SCEE and it shows two more updates coming before 2007 i saw one coming around november and the other december :D so im looking foward to that.

    Rock on R*! This is just awesome and now I'm defintely not regretting buying my PSP (V1.50 BTW, so eat your hearts out! )

    i dont think it wil run on 1.50,

    I also own a v2.01 so I can also play 2.00+ games!

    i also doubt that it will run on 2.00 most probaly 2.60 or 2.70 as all new psp games need the new firmware to play them. B)

  2. yes my m8 alex has the game and now ive played it i raly want the game but i ant got no money yet lol its class i love pushing people off bridges its well funny and taking over businesses is class

    all in all the best game made by EA ever!

  3. well i leave the psp comunity form because of all the flamming you get and then i come to this form with is with my favourite site and all i get streight away is FLAMMING!!!

    its not fare!

    o.. by the way thats the store and why do i have 75 dollers?

  4. yes i downloaded that but some mods seem to crash my game ive e-mailed the creator of the easy installer.

    also how do install mods such as buildings skins and maps?

    and also dose every version of gta san andreas on p.c have that hot chocolate ?? (what exactly is it?)