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  1. Jace

    Portal 2

    I am disappoint.. No challenge rooms.. and the puzzels we're not all that challenging. Though I have to admit I had a few 'what now' moments, it usually was cause I didn't understand a certain game mechanic. I did like Portal 2, don't get me wrong. Just... felt like it could have done better. and too much questions regarding the story are left unanswered. It's more of an afterthought though.. I enjoyed playing through it the first time. Sort of did it over again (well, half at least), but it's not that much fun doing it again.. unlike Portal 1, that gave you the possibilities to do things over again on a different way.
  2. Jace

    GTA 5 Screens?

    Exactly what Chris said. If you're going through all the trouble to leak screens, then surely you'd at least leak a good one. Als looks a bit like that photoshop effect 16 year old girls like to use for their FB. Or at least Dutch girls tend to like it. On top of that the guy couldn't keep his hand still. I go for fake. And the first one looks a bit too Vice City'ish. I would prefer VC to another LC GTA. Even better would be a net GTA set in in San Andreas, I loved that game..
  3. Jace

    The Unofficial TGTAP Steam Thread

    Added a group list and added some names. Couldn't find your account Ivan. Could you supply a link? Still, does anyone know why I've got a different account ID, display name and log in ID? Seems rather weird to me. I understand the display name part, but why a different account and log in ID..
  4. Jace

    Big Community Thread

    Major bump! Come on, every forum needs an active community thread. So noticed that I had my 5 year TGTAP anniversary a few days ago. Hooray! On a bit more serious note, I had my last school exam today. Will be getting my finals starting 16'th of May. I'm actually not all to sure about making it.. I'm a beta guy, but I follow Latin too, but is seriously impacting my aggregate. Without it everything actually would be fine.. but hey.. If any of you are sort of interested in literature, I'd recommend reading Ovid's Metamorphoses. Now it may be a 2000 year old book, but I'm really enjoying reading it. It requires a little bit of background knowledge of the classical period (of Greece) though, but not as much as you'd imagine. Just know the names of the Gods and who they were and just remember that homosexuality was seen as true love. And perhaps note that Augustus (the ruler at the time) didn't like Ovid that much, cause he basically preached that you have to go out with as many women as possible. Ovid wrote a book about picking up women by the way and it's surprisingly up to date for a 200 year old book. It's called Ars Amatoria, if any of you guys are interested. Which means: The Art of Love. Pretty self explanatory. This was a time that August wanted people to all settle down and have a huge family (to make the nation strong), instead of men just fucking around a bit, so naturally August hated Ovid. Or at least, there are indications in his book. There are some very generous compliments regarding August in the metamorphoses, but they seem to be slightly sarcastic. Anyway, just read it if you're interested. I sure liked it. I also thought of coming with an "I'm back!" statement, but then who knows for how long.. Only time will tell. Trying my best to stir op some activity.
  5. Jace

    The Unofficial TGTAP Steam Thread

    TUN3R, I couldn't find your Steam page. Could you just give a link to your profile? Same for Chris by the way.. Anyone know what you should add? My steam page is Jace_ts. I sign in with JacePK, but I'm only search-able under Jace. Decided to just give the links to the account pages, since that always ought to work. Made a table by the way. If enough people state which games they play or want to play with others, then I'll make a sort of 'game request table' or something.
  6. Jace

    Translating TGTAP - Help Needed

    Could possibly translate some Dutch stuff.. Anyway, here goes: It's a sort of boring translation though.. Truth is that in Dutch we use a lot of English words when it comes to these type of things. Hope you're satisfied with it Chris. And the other one: Alternatively you could use "Als chatten niet jouw ding is, kan je eens proberen je PC versie van GTA te modificeren. Je kan terecht bij onze mod database om te kijken wat we aan modificaties hebben." as last sentence. Doesn't make a difference. Edit: By the way, Dutch people usually hate Dutch on the Internet is seems. Don't think many will use it, haha. At least not the people who are interested in modding and stuff.
  7. We need to know this.
  8. Jace

    TGTAP Shake-Up

    I just meant groups with their subforum. Nothing with MTA and all. And then now and then, every 3 to 4 months, we could try organizing Multiplayer games. GTA IV would be most easy to do, but that's just as bonus. Just a little question. Quite some time back we had these 'test gangwars'. System seemed to be working back then. What's changed in the mean time? Forum upgrade? Perhaps it's just my ignorance, but I'd imagine it being not that hard to port existing code. Curious, that's all.
  9. Jace

    TGTAP Shake-Up

    Don't know if many others would like the idea, but as someone else suggested, perhaps just reboot it. I believe TGTAP's unique 'gang' environment caused a lot of people to join and participate. Quite some of those are still active. I'd like to make friends here again and these 'gangs' are a nice way of forming your own little 'friend-group'. We'd needs some more initial activity here though.. Don't know how it's been the past few months, but the past few days that I've checked there hasn't been a lot of people posting around here. Anyone else share the idea of rebooting the system?
  10. Jace

    World Cup 2010

    Netherlands played their first match today.. Didn't think is was all that great. Rather boring in fact, but who knows... they surprised me last time, two years back, when they beat Italy and France. A bit weird though.. every single time they scored today, I wasn't looking. Either staring at my foot, getting myself something to drink or just not paying attention. Oh well..
  11. Jace

    TGTAP Shake-Up

    Seems a lot have things have changed here since I was active.. So Spaz in never on these days? It's a shame. TGTAP used to really be a sort of home for me like 3 years back. I seriously loved this place. Every now and then I'd check back and see a few of my 'friends' from that time, still active here. Spaz being one of them, now they seem to have all moved on.. Just judging by the active members list of the past 5 minutes, is TGTAP in decline? Or at least a lot less active than 3 years back. I've been wanting to get active or at least log in for a long time, but as Spaz said: busy, not much time. But hi guys (: Hope you're all doing great. By the way, can the gang system be found anywhere? I forgot the DS password and I'd actually like to read a few things of the past. Edit: Damn.. Just checked my profile. Haven't been active for years and my average posts per day count is at a staggering 4,99. Sorry for the off-topicness guys.. thought I'd just bump that in into this post as well.
  12. About two weeks I think. Though I'm usually doing it like every alternate day, haha. Life's boring isn't it. Funny though, three days ago me and a few buddies are participating in "The Challenge". Basically means no fapping for four weeks. If you fail, you have pay for some frenchfries at a local junk food joint for the still participating challengers. It so happens that most of us are pretty darn greedy with our money. Haven't had a month stop for a long, long time. Probably going to blast my friends house down when it's over (as I'll be living there at the time).
  13. Jace

    Hey man

    I know. I rarely come online lately. But it's nice to *see* you again. How are things going whre you are?

  14. Damn long time ago. 11 years I think.

  15. Jace

    A little survey

    Just don't force it. I hate going to a site and being redirected to the mobile version. I'd like most to stay the same. Perhaps just a slight different lay-out. But don't sacrifice features for it.
  16. Born in England. Live in the Netherlands.

    Speak mainly English though.. But I only write in Dutch. Quite funny really..

  17. Jace

    TGTAP UK Meet-up?

    What's... an oyster card? Something to be able to use public transport for an unlimited amount of times for a day or something?
  18. Jace

    Political Beliefs

    I'll make longer post tomorrow, but just to keep things short now: I'm pretty right-wing. I'd say conservative, but I'm quite liberal too in a sense. At any rate, Obama of all was my least favourite during the US elections and if I could have voted, I'd have probably gone for Romney when he was still in. Otherwise McCain, though I never really liked him.. Don't support anything in my country as they all are shit. There just isn't any decent right-wing party here (and we've got like 15 parties here.. imagine that. Most are socialist ones..). My main grudge in the Netherlands being tax.. Soon we'll be paying 60% (52 now, but the government wants to raise that to 60.. Because they fuck up and can't just spend less on damn immigrants and other crap). Damn immigrants? Of course, not all. But this is the game: Come to holland and ask for money to 'intergrate'. Receive about 2500 EUR a month. Send money to home country, live 70% of the year in home country. After a year still can't speak a little bit of Dutch. Great. I'd like to us to have a bit more freedom over our own money. You know, like pension and stuff. Just let people sort that out themselves. Mess up? Bad luck. Of course, with exceptions. I'll clarify tomorrow...
  19. Jace

    75% off GTA IV PC (Steam)

    That's the one reason I dislike Steam.. a bit. There're somewhat forced to operate like this though.. Doesn't take away that it's annoying. Perhaps using another proxy/ip would help. Or have someone to give it as a gift (and you'll pay them back with Pay-Pall or something).
  20. Jace

    75% off GTA IV PC (Steam)

    Might want to add the price for Europe. 7,49. Surprise.. Valve doesn't think Euro makes a damn difference so we get effed once again. Anyway, still that's a very good price. I like these deals they have now and then 40,19 EUR for the R* complete collection by the way. Pretty damn good deal there.
  21. Jace

    TGTAP UK Meet-up?

    And they do make a fuss about buying some beer there? Like here they'll usually serve you. They do now and then refuse to server whisky and the like, but beer is all fine.
  22. Jace

    TGTAP UK Meet-up?

    I could maybe come. Just go with some friends, then I'll hang around with you guys for some time, then meet up with my group again in the evening. Something like that. Only could go during vacations though. Which is somewhere in February. But I'm interested, yeah. Edit: One can't drink under 18? Isn't it 16+ just like in Holland over there?
  23. GTA Girl? Awesome.

    So what brought you here?

    And no, I'm not some lifeless fucker trying to get you to cam, haha.