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    On a little more on topic note: Hi guys. It's been a long time (GlaDOS voice). I too have gone to uni and can only dream of all the free time I used to have. I think I left around the time pretty much most of the active members left. Having long lost any real interest in GTA -apart from it just being a nice game- I kept coming here for the community. As the community started to fall apart (sort of), so did my reason to stay I suppose.

    I actually blame Facebook and the likes. I'd much rather join a forum with people with the same interest who have constructive -and sometimes less constructive- discussions, than get active on the self-glorifying place that is Facebook that, to me, serves no real purpose. Sure, it has it pro's, but as far as my use goes that's all in closed groups, which isn't exactly the main attraction of social media as far as I know.

    It has all long come and is probably here to stay. I seriously doubt if forums will ever be as important as they used to be. It's had it's heyday, I'm afraid.. A forum requires an investment. People obviously aren't willing to do that anymore. Blogging is 'old', microblogging is what most people do. Same goes for forums I suppose.

    Another thing is that forums used to be every so slightly 'underground'. With gaming now completely open to everyone, the need to look for a specific place to share your enthusiasm for a product with has (probably) disappeared.

    Hope I'm wrong though. I'd love people to realize the joy that can be had on forums with a good community.

    By the way, sending an email to everyone seems like a reasonable idea. Or at least to everybody with 500+ posts or something. TGTAP isn't some regular SPAM sender, so probably nobody would mind.

  2. Hey, TM! I remember having had a sort of forum fight with you. I also remember Silberio making a thread in the warzone about me. Though sort of expected with the announcement of GTA V, it's quite amusing to see that we're all suddenly coming back.

    Weren't you TGTAP staff at some point TM? For some reason I do recall that you were, but I might just be mistaken.

    Edit: Has anyone actually seen Slayer in like.. the past 2 years? Or Ghost?

  3. Febo, really? Haha, that's quite funny. I tend to just go to a some place that serves burgers (Burger King or McDonalds, even though I actually don't like everything they serve). My dad likes Febo quite a lot though for some reason. If you ever happen to come to the Netherlands again, just PM or email me (probably best to email me I think). Some for all the others by the way.

    I don't live in Amsterdam, but I do like the place quite a lot. People for some reason just seem much friendlier over there than in the rest of the country. Might be because of all fumes of marijuana that constantly are in the air there, haha.

    If you're doing German, then you would be able to learn Dutch in no time. Not that it would be worth your time though..

  4. I still have my DS sig and avatar on my old computer I think. Together with a whole bunch of other crap. Like graphics for my lottery thing in the forum stalls. *with GLaDOS voice* That was fun.

    *Remembers LCF and DS rivalry*.

    By the way, we once had a gangsystem which seemed to work. I participated in the trial test. Everything seemed to work fine. I forgot what the reason was that it was stopped anyway. Was it a mod on some other mod that didn't get support anymore? Was it broken with the updates to IPB or was the mod itself flawed?

  5. I don't know.. I don't really like dubstep. I don't 'hate' it or something. I can bare listening to it, but more in the way that I'm able to listen to a dishwasher as opposed to hearing a vacuumcleaner. To me it's usually just a frequency with a high amplitude. I can't see much more in it then that. There are a few exeptions though. Some that are quite nice. But in general I don't really think anything at all about dubstep and I can't understand why everybody suddenly does like it.

    It could have been worse though, haha.

  6. I'd like multiple cities. I spent most of my time in de Desert, the countryside and LV. Just coming back to LS now and then for something in my imaginary storyline. It's still the only game I've ever did that in. Having that vast world gave nearly endless possibilities. GTA IV feeling somewhat confined in my opinion and in the end I found it to be rather disappointing. Just didn't give me the same kicks as Vice City and San Andreas did (GTA III was before my time I guess.. at least before I was able to buy games myself).

    I doubt that Rockstar is going to do it, but I do sincerely hope that they put in some other city. Or at least some little other towns like the country side had. Just thinking of driving through the countryside from town to town with K-Rose on makes me happy. Same for doing stuff with the Hydra over the desert and area whatever (probably 69, knowing Rockstar) with K-DST. Rockstar is extremely skilled in recreating time periods. I don't understand why they're suddenly making their GTA games in the present. They just aren't as good at that if you ask me.

  7. Sky! I haven't seen a post from you in ages! I seriously saw you as some extremely awesome big brother like five years back and now you're married.. Time flies man. I hope you're enjoying life and everything.

    I'm studying physics now at uni. Don't know what to call it in English, but I joined a sort of fraternity, but then with girls. Not many though, it's dominated by males. I think a little under 30% must be female. I don't know how these things are in other countries, but for Dutch standards it's quite an old fashioned type of thing with loads of rules and the like. I'm quite happy with joining though. Sure the first few weeks really aren't fun, but after that everything is pretty cool. In the end the thing I'm doing most there is just drinking though..

    Apart from that.. uhm, not much to say, but I'm quite happy with the way things are going.

    If there's meetup in England (or Europe) then I'd be able to come. I can't afford going to Florida, haha.

  8. Vista x86 on my desktop. Used to be quite a darn beefy system, but that's 3 years ago..

    Win 7 x64 on my laptop. I mainly use my desktop and I was quite happy with Vista, but Win 7 feels quite snappy and I'm happy with it. It's a powerful laptop (workstation with i7 and quadro GPU), so I don't know for sure if it works so fast because of the specs or because of the OS..

    Can't be bothered to buy another license for my PC now. I'll do that when I upgrade all the hardware (somewhere next year). By the way, I ran de Windows 8 Developer Preview. Now I know it's just a preview, but my impressions weren't grate. In fact, I thought of it to be incredibly shitty. You can't turn off that stupid tablet menu and the desktop has been reduced to the functioning of an application. There's a reason I don't like OSX devices and that I stick with Windows. Why is Microsoft going the Apple way by suddenly forcing all their preferences onto their users ):

  9. You sure about that? I had considered it myself, but concluded that after playing Fallout 3 and NV, Oblivion might feel very outdated and be a quite painful/archaic experience. Unless it has aged well (like Half Life for example), but there aren't many games that still feel right after all those years.

    I'm quite open for it, just not sure if it would be the right thing to do.

  10. I've never played Oblivion to be honest.. I've never played any real traditional RPG (with magic et cetera). I've played Fallout 3 and New Vegas though. Fallout 3 was.. well.. oke. Took some getting used to. Couldn't get over the fact that it actually isn't a shooter, so as far as gameplay goes, I just experienced it as the worst shooter ever. Then for New Vegas I finally had that rpg feel and I loved it.

    Is the Elder Scrolls very much different gameplaywise? Would I enjoy Skyrim if I liked New Vegas a lot?

  11. Don't know where to put it, so I will just post it here.

    Maybe a leak, maybe a fake. Who knows..


    The black around the map might indicate that some other regions haven't yet been unlocked, thus making SF and LV still an option.

    And then a big quote:

    1: The game world is absolutely massive and will push both xbox and PS3 to the very limit in terms of what it has accomplished. Yes, the main city is simply Los Santos however is it AT LEAST 4 times bigger than Liberty City in GTA 4 and that is just Los Santos. The surrounding country side, beaches, etc are massive. For instance, we saw the main character ( an African/American, early 30′s) travel by car from the center of Los Santos into the wilderness and it took over 15 minutes. The views were incredible from farmhouses with cattle, huge wind farms, an oil refinery which appeared to be living and breathing with nearly 100 NPCs working on machinery, operating vehicles, lifting and loaded, etc, unlike the gas works in GTA 4 which seemed to only house a few NPC at a time. The forests are more beautiful than those in RDR and featured people camping, young NPC drinking and dancing around campfires, people riding dirt bikes and jumping over logs, streams, etc. The water effects, forna, plants, trees all looked beautiful.

    2: The shooting mechanics have been greatly improved with animations for diving, climbing, rolling and crawling all added for better realism. The re-loading animations for new ammo also look cooler, less static.

    3: There is much more climbable elements in the world such as ladders, overhand climbing, etc.

    4: There are animals in the game from dogs to cattle but at this time it is not confirmed if you will be able to harm the animals. Rockstar were able to get away with it in RDR as it was a true depiction of the world in which the game was set. Allowing dogs/cattle to die in a game sent in current times may cause headaches with PETA. Its unclear if Rockstar were joking here.

    5: There are planes to pilot and they can be crashed into buildings if you choose to do so….

    6: Rockstar have included many, many more interior locations such as a shopping mall, college campus, police station, a huge hospital and there is also a vast underground sewer network which one mission later in the game involves a jet ski chase that culminates in a Fugitive-esque waterfall jump ( there are nods to the ridiculous but awesome Ballad Of Gay Tony missions)

    7: The city is full of NPCs jogging, weight-lifting, hitting on women, being chased on foot by cops, shopping, washing cars, fixing fences, moving home, filling up their cars, etc.


    1: Cars can be upgraded/repaired and it has been considered to have a car have fuel forcing the player to fill her up.

    2: The dating aspect of the game is gone. You still have a cell-phone but only people you will meet in the game will call you to ask you to do a mission or to ask you to do something else before the mission.

    3: Weapons include the usual arsenal you’d aspect but the flamethrowers, remote mines, laxer trip mines and claymores are included. It is possible now to pick up random objects in a street/buidling to use as a weapon. There is also a museum where it is possible to steal old age swords, axes, etc.

    4: it is possible to rupture a fuel line and if you shot at the trail of gasoline it will lead straight back to the car blowing it up.

    5: mini games such as bowling, darts, etc have all gone. You can play basketball, weight train, arm wrestle, gamble and cage fight, enter triatholons, water races, cannoing, ab-saling, rock climbing, base jumping, ski diving. More to be confirmed.

    6: Character customization is back but only in terms of clothing, body weight, etc. The player you start off which, much like CJ, can’t be altered by race, age, height, etc.

    7: Rockstar said burglary missions may return but only as part of missions and not on neighborhood houses.

    8: No children NPC at all. Ever.

    9: There is now an ability to grab people and use as shields or in “hostage” situations.

    10: The cops are much, much, much more realistic. If you kill somebody when you know there are no cops around you will not run the risk of a one star as often as you would in GTA4. The cops will use smoke and tear gas, dogs, riot gear and rams to knock down the doors of buildings you are hiding in.

    11: You can enter some buildings and lock doors, push objects in the way to barricade.

    12: You become better at things as the game progresses. If you only ride motorbikes then you will increase your skills, same as individual weapons.

    13: Certain weapons can be customizable and some even home-made.

    14: One mission involves breaking out a very familiar GTA icon from a previous game…

    15: Torrential rain fall and sunshine and even tremors will appear in the game.

    Sounds quite nice.

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  12. Eh, what? I don't understand. Am I the only one who felt a little.. I don't know, hollow when finishing the game?

    Sure the space ending was cool and yeah the voice acting was superb. But I didn't have the feeling I had defeated anybody really special. I just got some rid of an absolute idiot. If anything I felt a little sad for him.

    So who is Chell? We know that she's a daughter of some employee (her name is at that bring your daughter to work day stand). So what's happened to her parents? Killed by GLaDOS? Perhaps her parents are Caroline and Cave. Who do not know.. And why does Aperture go from making shower curtains to making a portal gun en all those gels. And above all, what went so disastrously wrong that the old Aperture facility had to be shut down? For something set in the Half Life world I'd expect a bit more of a back story. Seeing as portal 3 is not an option, this left me a little empty.

    So once again: it's a very good game with very high production values and I'd certainly recommend it to everyone. It just isn't the best game ever and actually is even a step down on some fronts compared to the original. The challenge rooms of the original actually were what the name suggested: a real challenge. Portal 2 basically just makes you walk a predetermined path while listening to the lines of Wheatley and GLaDOS while now and then popping a portal here and there.

    It isn't as grim as I may make it sound, but I had a bit higher expectations.. On the other hand, it's hard to 'wow' once again when having to live up to something as fresh as Portal 1 was.

  13. Here in Holland you're allowed to play 16+ when you're whatever age. AO games are also allowed, but if you're going to buy it your guardian should agree. There's only a rule against selling. Same for weed I think. You may not buy it under 18, but you may smoke.

    Anyway, under 18. Was 8 or 9 when I played GTA for the first time. Must have been 12 when I finally owned it. The violence is nothings special and it's sexual content is nothing worse than that kids discuss on the playground in my opinion.

  14. I am disappoint.. No challenge rooms.. and the puzzels we're not all that challenging. Though I have to admit I had a few 'what now' moments, it usually was cause I didn't understand a certain game mechanic.

    Best example might be the chamber in which you had to get the repulsion gel onto the turrents. An easy task as soon as you know that that's the whole clue, but I hadn't expected it to have that effect (turrents bouncing off). The puzzels also felt very, very linear, especially compared to Portal, where you could solve a chamber in multiple ways.

    I did like Portal 2, don't get me wrong. Just... felt like it could have done better.

    Wheatley must be the worst antagonist ever

    and too much questions regarding the story are left unanswered. It's more of an afterthought though.. I enjoyed playing through it the first time. Sort of did it over again (well, half at least), but it's not that much fun doing it again.. unlike Portal 1, that gave you the possibilities to do things over again on a different way.

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