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  1. Dudes! I took the game! I've finally bought it!!!

    I'll play a little through it and let u all know about impressions.

    I'm a little drunk now, so I can't talk much.

    I really miss this forum, BTW. But I'm back! And I'm here to stay!

  2. It's more than unlikely for Leo to be in the game. Who on earth would like a person who is known that he later dies to be a main character?

    Its interesting how Rockstar leave many opportunities for there to be more GTA games. Wouldn't the game be set in the seventies, there are on many occasions when the seventies are mentioned in San Andreas

    Yeah, I'd like to see that.

  3. People, with this matrix of ideas about the main character of the next Grand Theft Auto game on PSP, we now only need to wait until the time comes for our ears to hear the magic name.

    So, will it be...

    -Tommy Vercetti?

    -Lance Vance?

    -Ricardo Diaz?

    -Umberto Robina?


    -A whole new character?

    Only time will tell... Or, to be exact, Rockstar will tell..

  4. To tell the truth, at first I hated the OST of San Andreas. I then discovered Radio X... Man, this station is just awesome! Awesome 90s alternative metal! But you have to be.. in this kinda stuff to like this station; u know... The DJ there is female has suchhh a hot voice, though! Her name's Sage.

  5. If I'm not mistaken, you're probably talking about the mission called "The Made Man" when JD gets killed.

    Dude, what you have to do after driving Mickey to his house, is to check the map to see a nearby spot where see is located. From where you are, if I remember right, you have to go reverse and then turn to the left. The see whould be further in front of you. Keep gaining speed and when you're near the edge, press the triangle button to bail out of the car, which should then drop into the water, thus making this mission passed.

    Sorry if the above confuses you; it's kinda late and my mind's not working properly. If you can't still get it, I recommend you see a FAQ/walkthrough at GameFAQs. Good luck, buddy!

  6. Nintendo are the least popular of consoles, especially when Sony and Microsoft made their consoles better than Nintendo. They always make a machine that isn't as powerful as the rest. For example, the PS3 will be 15 times more powerful than the new Nintendo Revolution, that's right, FIFTEEN!

    You mean Wii...

    Despite of the above fact, I will never cease to love Nintendo, for this company made the first qualitive games in the history of gaming. Super Mario... DK... Zelda... And don't flame me about these games telling me how childish they are. Yeah; childish. But addictive... And AWESOME.

  7. Well guys, my theory, as illogical as it might seem, is that Rockstar is going to punch Claude in, once more and this time, he's gonna be talking.

    Think about it; we are constantly thinking an thinking about secondary characters of Vice City, characters which we'd like to know more about... But the truth is one: we, as well, don't know anything about Claude, the "GTA3 Guy", who hasn't opened his mouth even once. Some of us are pissed off about his muteness. Well, probably no more, because Rockstar may have actually thought about this and wanted to unveil something about this character's past.

    We only see him in 2002, at GTA3, the only GTA game which is so chronologically advanced, in comparison with the other games. This would be a good chance indeed to learn about this character and hence, to hear him say something.

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