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  1. This would be great, I've signed the petition and I'll post on The GTA Place to give it more exposure. Thanks for bringing this to my attention ;)

    EDIT: Ok it's on the website, hope we get lots of responses :)

    Thanks for the support Chris. 49 signatures in one day and counting!

    Support so far comes from http://gtamp.com - GTA2 Game Hunter, http://gtads.blogspot.com/ - GTADS, http://www.thegtaplace.com, and http://www.gtajunkies.com/ (Hasn’t been added to main page yet).

    Forum postings showing support can be found at –





    Emails were also sent to http://www.gtagaming.com and http://planetgrandtheftauto.gamespy.com/ encouraging them to add it to their news pages.

  2. http://www.petitiononline.com/opengta/petition.html

    To: Rockstar Games

    This petition is asking that Rockstar games open source to their long since abandonware GTA1 and GTA2. Rockstar games has released these games for free in recent years, however I believe it would benefit the modding community and topdown GTA ethusiasts if the source were released. Creating enhancements such as improving gameplay physics, weapons, and netcode could be a start and would show the GTA community contributing back and showing their support for old favorites.

    If this could be posted as news on http://www.thegtaplace.com/ as news that would be great. There has been nothing but positive feedback from the gta community so all fans are encouraged to help spread the word.