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  1. So, at first, I was using San Andreas (with a no CD patch) and all of my user tracks would play correctly. They're all shortcuts to MP3 files, and they all work fine in game. Well, that is, until I downloaded and installed one of the 1.01 patches from http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/c36-gta-san-andreas-patches Of course, in order to patch the game, I had to uninstall it and reinstall it (because I didn't have the original gta_sa.exe on account of the no CD patch). So I did that, installed the patch, then put the no CD patch back over the gta_sa.exe and started the game up. I scanned for user tracks (all of which were still in the User Tracks folder), and none of them would play, it was just advertisements over and over again. So I deleted all the shortcuts in the User Tracks folder, and re-pasted them from a backup folder. Started the game up, scanned for tracks, still hearing advertisements only. I don't see what the problem is... I become fed up enough after trying so much to just revert back to the original game without the patch, and the songs work fine again... Has anyone else had this problem?