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    The Easiest Decade to Live in

    I Must be easy to avoid the worst recession since the 1930s!!! I was nearly homeless on the streets, the 1990s to 2007 were rather good, but growing up with my family in large part the best times I think, in most anyone's life... the regret is I'm not older to enjoy the 60s music sooner!! After seeing Ryan's mega bump of a pre-07~08 recession thread, I feel the timing for such a question is 10 years too early! hahaha leading right up to 2006, things were still pretty good, the housing market where I worked was on a decline and bad banking and loans made the whole friggin' market fall, then you had the US Automakers needing bailouts along with Fanny May and Freddie Mac... who the hell are those peeps!??! The last decade is near utter shite really I like the guy commenting on James Bond now in HD on cable! hahaha HD-DVD failed because only Toshiba and three others backed it, and Microsoft's previous fail with WebTV seemed to follow their standalone Xbox add on, but it's the easiest way to add HD-DVD to your home environment!!
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    GTA IV low memory + loading texture issues

    Misleading most everyone is memory spec, it's not merely enough to have gobs of memory installed, something else can be your system bottleneck, and I think it's your spec for Core i5 being a low voltage Netbook or Ultrabook version [u designation for Intel is NEVER used for fast clocking or unlocked central processors] Also Windows 10 is seen as a better evolution of Windows thus far, but for all the machines it can run on, it's pretty early to know how and which games will run best, your GPU must be of high standard for all Rockstar games, though processing chores can fall on either side at times. Also within Windows is virtual memory management and USB turboboost memory add ins, and HDD temp use as storage while the system is 'crunching data'
  3. TMS' Ed Trunk interviews UFO's Paul Chapman, check it out on Youtube!!

  4. BlackListedB

    GTA: Capitol City

    I understand not everyone is privy to how up to date a forum or within....threads are being preserved, or too busy to take the time, but imagine a school or library not taking the time to update accuracy of it's information database, besides looking bad, and unprofessional, it serves as unjustly informing it's user base' and anyone hoping to be well informed, which is the heart of the Web, interconnected computers not only for interchange as telecommunication but archival information on all the World's topics, and believe you me, it's the number one go-to source, so it should be maintained in that manner, as best as possible. Take the time, someone...being the goal of a good Webmaster In regard to the cop cars, I'm not drawing a comparison there, I'm saying keep in mind what we do know about Rockstar's rather secretive game design and build steps, and what drives that and the results based on that workload direction and design. For example, if you go in to work at Rockstar building that dream game, your favorite idea maybe shot down in a meeting with the producers, Sam Houser made his own clear examples in previous magazine interviews [if not online] In his prime case he had suggested filling car tanks with petrol that would run low with the car in use. He was shot down by overwhelming vote or something like that. That idea might still come to pass in the evolution of GTA...but is not seen as an important one, for me, more interiors, caves, and underground locations or similar make the non mission aspect of GTA that much more fun...and need immediate address STILL As far as cop car design, one fact we do know is the color and any NYPD similarity was changed in light of the events of 9/11/01 That's rather well known in GTA-lore, and the series started as Race N' Chase ... with a simple cops and robbers theme, you as the good guy was changed to an anti-hero criminal on the rise... and thusly the infamous GTA was born! Also key to the game is the late 90s turn to Sam and Dan Houser... DMA leading GTA would def have a different outcome in the game we know today
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    A little survey

    ^ In regard to the above, I just got a Smartphone in hopes of a more affordable plan or to do with the support program I'm on.... the quote-unquote OBAMAPHONE ... Samsung Prevail 2 using Jellybean OS Android, my main use has been based on PC to miniSD card types of data presently offline, and portable aka mobile I only once so far got on a WiFi Hotspot to do updates, but that worked, so once I feel safe about logging into a mobile device wireless, I'd be more inclined to do so, but the Smartphone, even with 2 to 4 core processing, will never eclipse laptop or PC use for power with little compromise, most people now embrace the smallscreen, all my life, been trying to get away from it!! On topic note though, I'm interested in what my Prevail2 [Ring] model with Snapdragon Qualcomm processor and Jellybean 4.2 can do.... if I remember the stats right.
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    GTA: Capitol City

    Image hosting needs updating if a posting forum article does rely rather heavily upon them, most Webmasters and participants need to keep that in mind, since it can wreaK HAVOK on an active site, me thinks I got online in 2001 or thereabouts, and I WAS LATE getting connected! WOW, 2006, the birth of dual core processing, basically
  7. I'm going to add this find with some additional info, forgive my appending double post, hopefully, as always, not offending..... This death is tragic, despite some mean comments posted before he died here, one person thinks it's a number of health issues and not just drinking, but could certainly have given him liver disease. One site reports he was in the care of a doctor at the time of his passing.... http://www.mylespaul.com/forums/backstage/260431-gary-richrath-wtf-happened.html
  8. Passed away on Sunday, details not mentioned at the time, but it looks like from videos over a year ago, posted on YouTube, he was in poor health from the thin guy we knew in the band of the 80s, but still performing REO hits as noted in those videos you can find there. I believe part of the problem was just obesity <sp?> ...which is considered something of an epidemic in the USA, he seemed in worse shape then Foreigner's Lou Gramm, who was also close to death at one point, but still with us! http://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/15/arts/music/gary-richrath-guitarist-and-songwriter-for-reo-speedwagon-dies-at-65.html?_r=0
  9. PCguytech appears to be back on GTAForums but his postings are horrible! Mike, come on, dude!!

  10. I paid a trip to the local based Microcenter store last night, checking their extensive magazine rack, among the three magazines worth your time is PC GAMER's look and play back of GTA 3 for PC in all it's former glory The review is somewhat short, and as you expect, the bases are covered but the reviewer says the game itself has not aged while and nearly discourages others replaying it, well, we know that's poppycock, really. We're always feeling a bit introspective about GTA and Rockstar's rise to glory. The article also touches on the key plot points related to game mechanics and how the genre setting 3D GTA3 set a precident for moving forward with the franchise, and some of the blame and most of the inventive styling, not the least of which was opting to license REAL music, something Sam Houser suggested and I feel their BMG Interactive connections and experience played a key. He doesn't deny at the time, it was ultra spendy to license big name artists, and still is, but in the context of the age of their company and output, it was a way to really enhance areas that lacked, and you'll find that holds up while re-visiting the games.... all with varied soundtracks. The author mentioned 8-ball's 'Guru' but not his passing. He mentioned the other big name voice talent hired for the game as well... but the article is the extent of 2 pages, but suggests it's a pre-cursor to a more in-depth GTAV on PC article I'd expect next month. ============== The other two magazines might be akin to Off-Topic here, but really are of interest to serious gamers. GAMEStm magazine's cover story is Can Nate Drake Save Next Gen?!? That's a mighty big proposal, but I wouldn't doubt the continued inventive and attractive Naughty Dog's Uncharted and Sony's hand at kicking it all off. Retro Gaming magazine, one worth your time, but VERY hard to locate, their COVER STORY as well centers on Lemmings this time, and of course, that is DMA's major success story pre-Rockstar Games, but not to be relagated to forgetting... Lemmings key inventions led to the whole idea of an Open World game construct with as many things on screen at one time as possible, This was what the book Jacked points out in the evolution to GTA and the similarity mentioned before... State of Emergency also coming just prior has similarities I think shared with GTA3, and Vice City in appearance, and also PSP's The Warriors which also takes inventive ideas to expound on, one of which is AI that allows characters in game to join you, but are not actual people. This AI ability comes into large play with GTA San Andreas and gang recruiting, which was still flawed but very interesting in it's plot effectiveness
  11. BlackListedB

    The First Job

    For the record, my first job was delivering papers in my neighborhood...yes, the tried and true paperboy route... This in the late 70s or early 80s. By 84 I was working for the 'Tree Trust' that's still around in some form or other, I worked doing labor around the local ice arena
  12. BlackListedB

    Your Favorite Actor/ Actress/Musician

    Let me add a thought I had watching a porn star in a music video, one reason I admire Traci Lords... aka Norma Kudsma, IIRC, she got into the adult film industry at a rather siminal time and caused a major problem for that Industry, but leaving that and going legit is something VERY few have done, and I have to say, I have respect for her as a woman to be able to overcome such overwhelming odds to stay true to your vision of success, and not let others drag you down. Since she lied to get into adult and also caused major problems for the adult industry, there was a rumor that a death threat existed against her at one point (I think this was a Penthouse story I read) but despite all that, she's still in Entertainment today and one of the most known woman in adult film history! Kudos! haha
  13. Watching some classic films as of late, films I felt even if they weren't of particular interest, I should see for their historical significance, last of which was 1965's Repulsion... stark black and white Hitchcockian physicological thriller. Did I spell that right? Before I was born, it would have REALLY scared me as a kid! That's for sure. The other being The Grapes of Wrath, 1940 classic with a young Henry Fonda. This before the World was engulfed in the second World War and telling the TRUE story of America's terrible Dust Bowl effects, which helped to instigate the troubles in Germany since the US supported Germany partly after WW1. I encourage all to see it. I wouldn't say they're my all time favorites but for you guys in this thread, probably a LOT younger then me, what actors do you appreciate from the past 50 years? Your most favorite list? I'd put Harrison Ford in mine, I was seeing a promo about his cameo in Anchorman 2, which I've yet to see. Obviously just recovering from his fateful plane crash, and lucky to be alive! As for music, I like the combo choice I made some time ago; Pink Floyd and UFO, who of all their recorded efforts, nary a bad song among them! Desert Island stuff!
  14. Microsoft Windows 10 still not registered on my machine, but need to try Smartglass XB360!

  15. BlackListedB

    GTA: Capitol City

    When your old, trusty Image host ain't workin' no more, it's time to update... I hate that ppl are so lax they don't keep up with the changing, fluid state of the Interwebs, just makes the thread look bad! The cop car idea would never fly, the main issue Rockstar STILL face is based on building a map for the game, then placing the story into that map, it never fails to fall short of using the map fully, even with online additions, and some of that is now aiding single player, but GTA 6 should not revisit old map ideas, but still use the USA, I say up near Canada with more snow elements! Great Lakes region for bordering
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    Uncharted set for 2016

    I might need to use ALL my Xmas money for the PS4, and this Uncharted might break some new records for picking up Sony's sales, and with over a year and no major migration away from 10 year old consoles that I know of.... The time transitioning from PS2 to 3 and Xbox360 High Definition era coincided with a few major paradigm shift factors and that was the future of digital AV television in our homes!
  17. BlackListedB

    Uncharted set for 2016

    Saw some of the HQ or HD demoes over the weekend for Uncharted's return to new consoles, It's looking that backward support for PS3 won't happen, but some demos appear rather lackluster, I'm thinking they could manage graphics that were somewhat watered down, shall we say.!?!? I'd like to ask what you think of the long demos shown thus far and the rather long wait until next year for the next game? I love to see the returning cast, must say. Though I hold my breath about how long key lead characters can be reprised. I think they hit a home run from the get go, and introducing new characters and keeping old favorites is fantastic, however the long demoes I felt were too much spoiler so I tempered my viewing!
  18. Of course if you've used YouTube you know it started modestly then Google took over HALF the Internet and as such, messed around with YouTube as well, with Google+ posting updating trying to get people away from Facebook I imagine. Well, I found out with two video uploads most recently that I got a warning about the last one violating a user's rights to the content. From what I recall of the full clip, it was made with camcorder at the TV showing the music streaming service of my own cable, and was between song selections, but irregardless. I got a strike, warning, probation for 6 months or so, and a 'Copyright violation school' course True or False cartoon There's a joke posting about this cartoon as well, I noted after the fact. The first time I used YouTube it was with my original account, I re-registered because it was more or less trial and error. I got a second chance with eBay as well, and that's almost required in my case, I catch on slow since it's not entirely obvious why things might be in violation. Because YouTube-Google had to relent to a mass of public music and video uploads, as fitting with the format. Plenty of people overwhelmed however many rights police are on hand and some have figured ways to sidestep the software, like pitch adjustments during uploads. I ask you though.... Why is it they come down on ME for this latest video in which I clearly filmed with a camera and talked narrative over the music which was already fading out and transitioning between programmed songs... The idea I followed was that of instructional and informative video, not plainly sharing a video or audio clip from some consumer product. I like to explain findings of mine, in my videos, and I just consider them vBlogs, or Video Blogging for those unaware of the term. I don't know how I got singled out this time with all the other full album and movie uploads still on YouTube, BUT it makes me worry that if you find something still on YT you want to see or hear, better NOT wait to do so, it may come down at ANY time, so it would seem! Oh, and after completing 'Copyright School' I sent a posted comment with a clipboarded screen image (as is allowed within the YT pages) to notify YouTube of my intention with the clip, but I do confess using the uploader, I may have forgot Copyright Reserved wording and disclaimers I assumed are mostly automatically generated
  19. Got a Samsung Prevail 2 smartphone and new number, just so you know! haha

  20. BlackListedB

    Rock and Roll is on life support

    Actually Hard Rock and Heavy Metal are at their lowest ebb, not sure what media sources tell you otherwise. It's the saddest state in RnR history that I've known and loved the music. There's too little appreciation for just great songs in general. Trust me, after nearly 50 years loving music, I know I'm right, I can concur with almost all the YouTube comments I've seen and fellow rock music lovers I follow on Facebook. The other reality if you added 20 years prior to mid 60s, you'd still be privy to the best music on Earth. This is just truth. I've thought about it for ages....since I listen to my collected music almost constantly. Nothing in the past 15 years or so has surpassed the prior 30-40 years of artistry. I read back a page, I also don't know where your stream of consciousness was going, but it was a bit far from the topic header! hahaha AND I get accused of such things at GTAForums!! I grew up tethered to my dad's Pioneer stereo, listening to the coming and going of different FM rock radio, and no bigger brother or sister or musical parent to shape my love of music and ROCK N' ROLL in particular, it all came from media exposure, so it's fundamentally important to keep those channels open, whether it's SAT radio or online music sources or TV as I stated
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    Motley's Crew

    HahaHA Well, as it happens, I'm watching Viacom's offshoot of MTV and VH1 called Palladia and they're airing Carnival of Sins MOTLEY CRUE live in HD Not a big fan, but you do know, MC the band, they're calling it quits for their musical career, and that David Gilmour says Pink Floyd is also over with. If you missed your chance to see these classic rock acts live, I feel bad for you... if you can. try and get out to some classic artist concerts. Seems a trend of late that most are actually retiring!! SAY IT AIN'T SO!
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    Pay to Play personal story

    Not really a general comment on this game or Rockstar, but I have to inform anyone interested.... I had a family matter detaining me from online and dealing with Paypal's dissolution of marriage from eBay Not only was THAT an issue, but add also the untimely switch over from scratch cards for Moneypak (Greendot) allowing easy money conversion to Paypal account online billing. I finally got things more organized but just as easily could have had serious problems because Paypal's ownership for working out direct issues with it's customers and it's organization is a shambles if you ask me, they like a lot of companies want everything automated online without human hands on crisis management. While computers are good because they don't need real sleep or food to live ...ie, function, there's simply no substitute for humans interfacing directly. That said the email help I got was greatly effective, and changing to a text capable Smartphone (with less minutes but 'unlimited data'?!?) allows more automation on that end. I was delayed paying for Xbox Live and as such, GTAOnline service for two months!! I got on the horn with Paypal and told them to make sure my bank to PP balance addition be used to pay those two months, and after two business days the deed was done, No penalty as I was half expecting but hoping not to see... Good news there. I have to say, tying your bank account to Paypal has a side benefit, no more fees to transfer cash as is the case with Moneypak cards. Those switched to Visa/Mastercard Debit by the way, The scratch off numbers on the cards were deemed compromised by way of fraud techniques that would target gullible people Typically the older set who are less tech savvy. I personally think this requires user diligence over far reaching policy changes like abandoning scratch off cards, I think people just being aware of scams and what to expect in those cases could avoid being taken to the cleaners in the first place.
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    Favorite police chase song

    Based on the game licensed trax or your own additions, or headphone simulcast? I'd recommend Megadeth's 502 Can't stop loving Def Leppard's On Thru The Night, a master classic off High and Dry, but based on the first album title
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    Another TEN YEAR milestone, though dubious

    I've been lax on a few fronts, and I mentioned Decades TV a local CBS terrestrial digital channel new in operation the past year or so, documenting historical events like Wikipedia does on their landing page, a rather interesting formula given that it's archival programming from CBS and new and old features shown in 6 hour blocks. The 10 year anniversary for Hot Coffee was a segment more or less on video game violence, originally aired on CBS I believe. Since I had issues replicating the broadcast, I filmed a DVD recorded playback and put it on my YouTube freshly uploaded tonight. Another article on the channel talked about girls and gaming, tech, computers and their overall feeling of 'boring' in relation to the contrast of male interest, that was also interesting given how long ago it originally broadcast. To this day I think Rockstar lost genuine talent who left after the HC fallout mess. It could have been avoided but in one capacity or another, GTA has always matured in it's content as it evolves, distinctly from chief competitor Saints Row which is not thought to be competition these days because Rockstar showed how adept they REALLY were at HiDef gaming
  25. Sam and Dan Houser's new way of running Rockstar studio, dubbed Rockstar North primarily, an outsider from World and USA game maker politics found out the hard way, your own way doesn't always work best..... HOT COFFEE as a hidden mini-sex game unearthed July 20th 2005 this month in history caused the most angst and difficulty for the somewhat fledglinged company in all of it's history. It didn't help that Rockstar even as DMA with GTA's first introduction...pre-introduction of it's top down classic... courted Controvesy that was rather contrived at the time, due to connections and an idea that word of mouth rumor could aid the game growth outside of the normal avenue of advertisment. I was reminded of what Hot Coffee represented and it's now 10 year discovery thanks to a new USA Terrestrial DTV broadcasting channel part of our local CBS channel expanding (for the first time) to TWO channels on digital broadcast (former restructuring of analog UHF and VHF TV airwaves to digital convention) That channel is called 'Decades' and took some time getting going, for more then a month it had no sound and offered VERY old black and white programming, much of what it still does, but with main host Bill Curtis, hosts and hour dedicated to World events that happened on 'this day in history'. The HC report they had was condensed with not as much on Rockstar and the Housers or the real story of Hot Coffee but how it effected video games evolution over all. As I started this article, I mention the origins of Rockstar and DMA don't take into account video ratings as they stood for years prior. Their main mission was moving video game evolution beyond where it had even been, but didn't do themselves ANY favors by staying 'clothed mouthed' and secretive, in fact the backlash against GTA putting them as 'deer in the headlights' made them more secretive then ever, and that sadly continues to this very day!! I was there watching Rockstar evolve prior to San Andreas even coming out, and I remember flat denial that Hot Coffee was there, this was confused by what we, even as outside fans knew, and the idea of user mods, and Patrick who found the hidden code, basically accused of creating a mod, rather then finding one the studio created, this was the perception without his input, which put the spotlight back on Rockstar and exactly what was Hot Coffee embedded within GTA SA