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    Your Future with XP OS

    Lets get right to the meat and potatoes in this thread, with MS support ending in days, XP will be wholly updated by third party companies, if used ONLINE, or with any new hardware or software you're bound to have issues. For established software and hardware basis, I believe, like Windows 9x, there will be uses still available for decades to come, though increasingly archaic I'm sure! Vintage game software, MAME emulation for example, and old titles will still need things like MS DOS and Windows 95 and 98 to run, if not in Emulation mode aka Compatibility mode of Windows itself. How do you see yourself comping with the newly released from corporate ownership XP? I just mentioned playing around with miniXP booting from a live source, no power, no more OS, but it's like Damn Tiny Linux as well! To have a gluten free OS you can't rely on the modern coded Operating Systems, they take up nearly 20GB of your HDD space! I should know, I ran into this exact issue!! http://www.technobuffalo.com/2012/02/20/microsoft-extends-support-for-windows-xp-and-vista/
  2. Wow, I just happened on a Metallica concert and story intertwined on BluRay just as I was b-day shopping for my birthday on August 8, as a used disc, it was $16 in price, but includes a bonus BD-DVD as well as actual 3D (available via HDMI only) concert on disc 1 Metallica's iMAX filmed concert video is not new, hence my used disc purchase, but I had forgotten about it! hahah In addition to that Bluray to add to my collection the original RED was also available (Retired. Extremely Dangerous) Helen Mirren kicks some serious booty in both RED films! hahaha Well, also to point out, I was offline on my birthday and making a trip to my folk's cabin as my mom had to be with her sister undergoing cancer treatment and it's not looking optimistic for her, sad to say
  3. My dad salvaged an iPhone 5C for me to tackle next!

  4. BlackListedB

    What exactly happened?

    The straight up hard fact as I see it, it's really almost NOTHING to do with the users who joined GTAForums that make it intolerable and cruel, there are mean spirited users every now and again, but all my stuff was light hearted fun, and never mean spirited or really holding a grudge.... Life's just too short for that non-sense. The problem that still exists is that staff by and large are egotistical snobbish, elitists, and it's just not right what they've done to usher people out of the GTA gaming community. I've been playing REAL video games longer then most all of them have been on the Earth... so it remains a great injustice that someone like me who's not there to rock the boat gets a ban for life, but they won't budge even now.... so the ban still stands. Most just like the fact without me there, they don't have to deal with me whether that's arguing a post or even merely READING one!!! Absolute insanity if you ask me, and BTW, when I joined here it was marginally more active, but no where near GTAF's activity level. They have a worst case of Internet monopoly. That also being said, Thanks to Chris I think problems here have been taken care of with calm heads prevailing and the intent of community above all... held to high standard, as it should be!
  5. BlackListedB

    GTA 3 in the Current Press

    What I applaud is the work of two or three people who with US resident assist work on the plotting for Rockstar's current crop of games, Dan Houser in particular as mentioned, he has a love of writing and story telling that in time, we'll see might give new ideas to video gaming over written work in books or other... and movies, the original inspirational sources
  6. BlackListedB

    Now 20 YEARS of Modern Computing

    I'd disagree with your tongue in cheek assessment in all seriousness, partly correct to some degree. Digital Photography is literally HALF the picture, if not one third, considering the birth of David Paul Gregg's optical disc medium (RIP), The optical disc was analog until the 5 inch shrink ushered in PCM digital Red Book aka 16bit CD audio we use even today to a lesser degree then Mpeg audio. (includes Mpeg2 and 3 and 4, By the way) Digital photography had less controversy in it's growth period then digital video I'd say, partly held back by Copy protection interests, others felt the early efforts showed off glaring problems with pixelation, and this is true of both still and moving video and picture varieties. With the advent of acceptance now being 4K Ultra High Definition, we enter an era where DIGITAL FACSIMILE is more vibrant then the analog capturing of the same, to a degree where it's VERY hard to tell the difference! Two key points where digital video fails and falls on it's face, DARK shades of gray, moving fast frames at times, and most glaringly, STROBE light effects, staging concerts for example, concert lighting can wreak havok with digital HD and SD. So don't discard analog hardware completely. It's evolution only to one extent or another is kind of sad, but also offers particular high end professional and consumer devices that show it's strengths at the best it can be! Hats off to the bodies of industry who have worked as the JOINT pictures group, what Mpeg and Jpeg are, Joint Pictures Experts Group and Motion Picture Experts Group, industry experts looking for approval for standards that can be shared and NON PROPRIETARY
  7. BlackListedB

    GTA 3 in the Current Press

    For PC, the early GTAs have the benefit of easy install and WIDE wide machine coverage (type and specs) I still need to attempt finish of GTA 3, I did finish Vice City 2 or 3 times. San An was easy as well, but I do appreciate the bigger games in size and scope, the capability of player control and in ways, different methods per mission that allows an easier game completion. One thing about Uncharted I didn't like was the puzzle complexity became much harder based on feedback from the first game, which was fair to level, but I think they ramped up the difficulty too far, there was an Expose The Answer option, but that's like cheating isn't it?!? hahaha
  8. Paypal Moneypak Cash issue makin' me mad!

  9. BlackListedB

    Another TEN YEAR milestone, though dubious

    The book Jacked shed the most light, and astonishingly, Hot Coffee leads to and indicative of even more secretive nature Rockstar North followed with the public and industry back-lash. I remember from my experience, the outrage over killing hookers to get back cash spent on 'favors', this sparked the US violence concerns when Vice City GTA was the latest, we heard game pundits say you as game player are open to what game activity, in this regard, you under-take, not mandated by game plot, and there really was no nudity or cursing, this all followed in the wake of the outcry, Rockstar deciding they were coming under fire anyway, but they did under-estimate the USA legal matters and game industry, but with admiration for adult action USA Hollywood, including TV of course, Miami Vice the most obvious example.... Scarface was readily hinted at within Vice City as well. I feel they should have at least worked more openly with the USA games industry, but they seemed to this day closed off from that avenue, in large part at least.
  10. BlackListedB

    Which Internet Browser do you prefer?

    If you're like me, you kept installers you took the trouble to download for years and years of computing.... at least since 2000. I have various revisions just kept to archive, and Google Chrome is probably the most recent, whereas Firefox and Opera date back further I believe. Now, it's best to find the last revision for compatible OS of course, but targetting by hackers is likely only to be at it's peak on the most popular platform, leaving Windows 95 browsing back in safe anonymity! hahahaha BTW, Opera is used on some portable devices and as browser on some SMART TV Wifi capable HD-TV sets!
  11. BlackListedB

    Modding GTA V PC.... and review

    Found what if memory serves is PC Gamer for Sept 2015, saying August 2015 issue gave GTA 5 for PC a 92% review, oddly low perhaps, BUT.... the main thrust of the back page articles currently in the long standing PC only gamer magazine revolve around their favorite user mods thus far..... and we had figured Rockstar would be closing down GTA and it's other games (RDR) to user mods, fearing cheating mostly invading it's hard built online communities... cheating and various other attempts to corrupt the normal gameplay and not offer other players a shared experience. Worth noting if you're in the shopping mood near a news-stand
  12. This is worth sharing, Good news and some bad... as a new standard on top of HDef as we know it, a new player and RECORDER?!?!? Is required for UltraHD playback of movies and that means a spendy deck and possible media available to take advantage of it. The UHD sets aren't terribly expensive given the cost of original DVD and flat screen sets. HDTVs and scalers for example. I remember it well, being a home theater nut with no cash to invest. Prices for HDTV started at $6000USD and went up from there!! Scalers were required for getting content input looking good on the TVs from a myriad of sources. Anyway, the upshot is it's backwards compatible. But I wonder if this means an attaching BD Ultra drive for Xbox One?! (I bought two HD-DVD externals just to get a power adapter I needed, and both of them worked as it turned out! haha) http://www.techpowerup.com/212500/blu-ray-disc-association-completes-ultra-hd-blu-ray-specification.html
  13. BlackListedB

    Which Internet Browser do you prefer?

    Google Chrome is part of a subset of Google software applications including OS so I'd say it's safest in some sense, built around the ability to 'sandbox' online means only the browser might be prone to attack, but emails are much more dangerous I believe, where unsuspectingly you can allow malware to infiltrate your computer unwittingly Never do that without serious thought about what it could be you're downloading, I worry about downloads from browser links too, but as long as you keep one or more AVS. I do keep at times two browsers per system, if not including Internet Exporer. Remember that Microsoft's own innocious browser and OS had to change with the perilious times with public pressure as well as it's wide consumer base being business use and non-techies. This meant that threats in the Cyber world we see perhaps now increasing more in 2015.... had to be addressed. When I bought my PC in 2001, or thereabouts, I was averse to Anti Virus fees so I opted out, I didn't think there was any free AV available at that time. Defender for Microsoft became a needed free addendum and of course MS's OS Firewall. Not to spend too long on virus and malware, it's part of what I think makes the ultimate selection for browser choice, use, and where it's used... say home network of course, more safe, Wifi Hotspot, much less so. The other key features I like most are zoom capability, tabs, link database to recall instantly and being able to customize browser window views. At times I still use Opera which offers versions for mobile devices, and one might think with it's not so obvious option to surf the same web, it falls much less under the malware gun by targetting of cyber hackers-criminals. They'll most likely try for the most used browsers and computer systems. Or if we could figure out what they're doing, we could say for sure they're targetting obvious loopholes that are known, whichever system or browser that is. I'd often wondered if you're safer now to go online with Windows 98 or ME then the latest computer because of the transition away from older tech. Did you know the US Military rely on HUGE old school floppy disks to store sensitive data on? I saw this on a TV special report.... They do this in the defence network so the data is on a medium that's obsolete but still works! hahaha Oh, and besides Chrome, Firefox and IE, ...and Opera (closing some of it's features I hear, due to cost or the lack of users perhaps, sad but true.... you also have Apple's Safari. If we all used Apple online or offline computer wise, the cyber hackers would target them, it's just a sad fact that people tend to think of as Apple Macs must be much safer then Windows PCs, but it's just a matter of popularity
  14. BlackListedB

    No Water Mod

    Is it safe? haha I ask that of all downloads and dental patients. There was one of the most amazing glitches in GTA V where if you fell off into the water at times (only in multiplayer that I remember) you would sink to the ocean floor and never drown. You could walk back out of the water and sound would return IIRC, but you could also walk to the very depths of the 'ocean floor' which I nearly did, but it seemed as massive a gaming mountain as those on land! (it appears like real underwater mountains in many locations around the landmass. While using scuba gear exploring, the same thing basically, the shark showed up and attacked. I was able to avoid the shark in one instance where I swam away at speed and then up and down as fast as possible, changing depth, this seems to avoid a line of sight for the shark Tips you can use. If anyone knows more about the water glitch, reply in GTAV section prefered. For GTA III, the water is the worst graphical element of the game, but at this time, Rockstar North had JUST formed from the ashes (to put it one way, not literally) of DMA. The team was not experienced at 3D improved graphics and by now with GTA5, they're just coming into their own (compared to other studios who were jumping on 3D before Rockstar/DMA were
  15. Hewlett Packard HPE H8 found for free in the trash, EXCELLENT, AMD x6!

    1. Huckleberry Pie

      Huckleberry Pie

      You hit the jackpot dude!

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      Just set up the H8 HPE with Win7 HP 64bit, the system is running but the HD6670 card was removed, I have to use a HD2400 Pro for now

  16. BlackListedB

    Starting All Over Again... GTAV edition!

    Well, yes, I have to admit, I started over again mainly as a result of playing offline with tons of XBOX repair units, I have something like 6 20GB XB HDD units, I've been trying to sell, but also before completing GTA V I've gone into different profiles for each system (I was buying used Xboxes AND Playstation 3 units, and I'll likely take in a used Xbox1 or PS4) I don't know exactly what prompts doing it over so early into the 100 or so mission story line, but part of the reason is my main game play .. I explore nearly endlessly, and as you know, that means UNDERWATER as it does on every mountain and hill. Getting to know the geography in hopes it's like the back of my hand at some point. But I also feel the plot and cut scenes do account for the most action in the game, more buildings being closed off and far less chaotic action then in past GTAs (improved AI to blame) Anyway, yet to get the PC version, it's likely to continue for me... and I took a long long break from GTAOnline and have to delve back in with both feet!! hahaha
  17. BlackListedB

    What exactly happened?

    I actually made filming (camcorder) references to GTAforums that were intended to express my opinion squarily and get uploaded to YouTube where fair rebuttel can happen in an online context where everyone can express themselves in the fairest way possible, but largely I never did upload those. I was always hoping someone could reverse the harsh decision against me there, and the main hope still resides in the annual pole where 20 people (a tie) voted for me as most missed member. I'll take the time here to say, THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT guys-gals! It does mean the World to me. I may never meet you in person, but a friend is a REAL person just the same, someone who values your input! BTW, Scott...welcome back, I joined only after much malignment at GTAForums, 9 plus years accounting for nothing to some of those a**hats! Anyway, The people with a REAL chip on their shoulder are staff with ban hammers and a bad attitude, I found NONE of that here, though there has been some judgemental replies... I warrant that perhaps to youth.. but I'm more then twice your age, nearing 50, I can tell you honestly, I would never forsake the fun of video games as they evolved for some other past-time, like golf or fishing, F-that! You're never too old to have fun, and I grew up in the age of video games REALLY evolving from expensive coin op to home computer versions, and as far back as the late 70s with the first APPLE II PLUS machines I was keenly interested in what they brought to the table
  18. Tommy Vercetti most famously voiced by Ray Liotta left me thinking like a lot of fans to Rockstar's decision for famous voice acting AND real musical artist licensing to breath a giant breath of fresh air into the GTA franchise, but like many of you, it's not only interactive video gaming entertainment that moves me, it's also music and film. I was already a slight or casual fan of Ray Liotta's intense characterizations, but like a few actors, he's not the only or first to do something and then move on, never to take a personal moment to look back on their work, some are even made very uncomfortable by watching themselves in such a manner, however, with a cartoon or animated film, or as in this case, a game is much the same case where only your voice and it's myriad of inflection influence the character as such. http://www.gtagaming.com/news/comments.php?i=1777 I'm posting this blast from the past to express that I still hope the test of time for video games and the body of work might coax a retro-active response from Ray Liotta and others about their work, and get a chance to look back on the impact. Let's keep hope alive. I'm all for actors and artists getting revered for their life in the arts, Lifetime achievement awards and anything similar, preferably of course.... BEFORE they pass on. That way they can share in the celebration. David Letterman's talk show host career ending was much like this type of event, though may never happen for someone like Ray who's something of a character actor, he has been cast as the leading role plenty of times, and I like to think GTA; VICE CITY is in that caliber exactly!
  19. Well, I have to post this because it's almost synonymous in all of gaming with Rockstar's landmark San An, last hurrah on Playstation 2 and original Xbox!! San Andreas is a new action film opening VERY SOON, and though there's actually no connection to the game, it's related, still....ain't it?!?!? hahahaha Dwayne Johnson fans will be sure to see this one, aka The ROCK! I think if you love action cinema, this summer's Mad Max and San An should fill the bill... until STAR WARS!?
  20. USA audiences, like me, stayed up to watch our own version of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, that was David Letterman starting on NBC, running for 11 years, and then in 1993 thereabouts, going to CBS to add to his legacy of thousands of shows, and memorable moments, for a glorious total of 33 years. The gap tooth Prince of Late Night as he was known early on, is stepping down to concentrate on life with his son and wife, spending more quality time at home, HOWEVER, he joked that this may not be the last we hear from him. I tend to think that to be the case. I remember him joining the late Bob Hope for one of his specials in the 1980s, and though his schtick was the same, he felt well removed from the confines of his show, yet it was just a sampling of comedic genius, which is, quite frankly... NEVER ENOUGH!! God Bless you, David Letterman, you've impacted all of pop culture more then mere words can say! [image] http://www.tvweek.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/late-show-with-david-letterman-title.jpg[/image]

  22. BlackListedB

    BluRay for all.... Next Gen viewing!

    It was no joke for Sony who lost 100 American greenbacks per unit as they started implementing BluRay without compromise (for a lesser SKU as suggested in the press and by consumers) It was in reality, the right move to counter the lesser contingent supporting HD-DVD, however, HD-DVD I can tell you from personal experience in use, it's no worse for wear as far as HD films go, it's just that BluRay has proven more effective at doing more then movies! haha As an aside, if you love quality audio as well as video, help find and support what's out there in the catalogs for Super Audio CD from Sony and the DVD Audio format, if you buy a Panasonic brand player, you're likely to get DVD Audio decoding, if you buy Sony surround equipment, you should be able to decode SACD, both stereo and surround. DVD-A or DVD Audio is the better choice like BluRay however, as it simply does more then SACD can! They both sound fantastic for pure HQ digital audio though. The sad fact is the public went ape for streaming portable MP3 codec music, while it's severely handicapped by compression. SACD and DVD-A look to do away with that and offer the highest digital quality possible that I know of. Then there's DTS alongside Dolby Digital. DTS started in theater surround as a sync'd disc along with the motion picture film projection, but it became adopted standard for DVD as well, so you'll see it used for high quality film on disc as well as plain DTS audio CDs, they do not play any other audio tracks however, DTS takes up ALL the available space!
  23. Hot weekend, now Midwest cooldown bringing snow to N Dakota!!

  24. BlackListedB

    BluRay for all.... Next Gen viewing!

    You're right about the time line in regards with Sony's commitment to BluRay via Playstation 3, setting a precedent for optical disc introduction via PS2 and 3, Blu Ray was the major cost, costing Sony $100 USD per unit because they couldn't get a sell through price consumers were up for as Panasonic learned some years before with the original 3DO (Goldstar, now LG, made their own version of 3DO hardware) $599 I believe was the original SKU retail price. Nearly a year after Microsoft Xbox360 with plain-jane DVD-ROM What locale are you in where there's no HD retail? Did you have access to HD-DVD prior? (Xbox expansion drives were oddly supporting non-gaming only) I'm most happy that BluRay can be used for HD expansion based on it's size I suppose. With PC's graphics cards offering capability for the new format, I imagine, should be somewhat easier for PC home theater users then those who want stand alone
  25. BlackListedB

    Do you act "in-character"?

    I didn't see this was so dated a thread, but I try and do my online character as close to myself as possible, since I'd like to envision an alter-ego if you will, impose yourself into the virtual game environment, that said, however, I still do everything I would refrain from in the actual World. As for how characters behave, most of their characteristics I assume you've gleened from the plot cut-scenes, since they could have any number of modus operandi that appearance belies