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  1. Thank you, STAFF, for deleting the spam we had earlier today, I was here but not logged on that computer, so I couldn't notify you guys. Appreciate your cleaning things up!

    1. Chris


      It was insane. I wasn't on for a period of about 48 hours. Started flagging manually as normal until I realised over 3000 posts had been made by about 300 accounts. Not sure how so many got through in such a short time, perhaps anti-spam service was down. Either way, I simply restored a backup from 2 days prior since there'd been little to no legit posts in that time, thanks to our inactivity!

    2. BlackListedB


      Likely due to GTAC being down for the count still, we had a flood of Russian based members, so it appeared. My friend and webmaster Mike swept them all out, and it worked!

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