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  1. Noting your fav GTA is 'Three'  I am actually hoping Ned Luke [Michael De Santa] might live stream himself playing GTA3 but I kinda doubt he has it, he recently bought two PS5s! hahaha I told him to say Hi to you whenever he could, I commented on a stream hours after the event. Name dropped The GTAPlace in there!


    1. BlackListedB


      looks like translation required... bots, oh, and Down With Putin!!

  2. Google advises WARNING, Phishing attempts from TGTAP forums!!! Be aware of unknown links

  3. Going to be repairing Sony Vita shortly it seems, learning the tricks

  4. local Savers has PC and laptops cheap!! COOL

  5. Watched some MTV today to get an idea of what they program, can I relate in any way.... Answer; NO, DEF NOT!! haha

  6. Where and What... happened to the thriving community?!?

  7. picked up and repaired a dell Studio 1555 this week!

  8. Going to cave in and get a GTA5 Brady Guide... can you blame me, though??

  9. Saw Mad Max on HBO, up for 10 awards of something!?!!

    1. BlackListedB


      or, typo... instead of OF. Saw it on a news 'crawl'

  10. Forgot Scott Weiland of STP and Velvet Revolver also died last month, in MN sadly

  11. Star Wars movie set to break ALL TIME GROSS!!

  12. GTA SIX!! Anyone? Red Dead 3! haha

  13. Fear the Walking Dead... Walking Dead on AMC!! heck yeah

  14. TMS' Ed Trunk interviews UFO's Paul Chapman, check it out on Youtube!!

  15. PCguytech appears to be back on GTAForums but his postings are horrible! Mike, come on, dude!!

  16. Microsoft Windows 10 still not registered on my machine, but need to try Smartglass XB360!

  17. Got a Samsung Prevail 2 smartphone and new number, just so you know! haha

  18. My dad salvaged an iPhone 5C for me to tackle next!

  19. Paypal Moneypak Cash issue makin' me mad!

  20. Hewlett Packard HPE H8 found for free in the trash, EXCELLENT, AMD x6!

    1. Huckleberry Pie

      Huckleberry Pie

      You hit the jackpot dude!

    2. BlackListedB


      Just set up the H8 HPE with Win7 HP 64bit, the system is running but the HD6670 card was removed, I have to use a HD2400 Pro for now


  22. Hot weekend, now Midwest cooldown bringing snow to N Dakota!!

  23. On YouTube, VH1C, Michael Schenker and Kirk Hammett jam!!!

  24. Free episode segments on YouTube for the new That Metal Show season on VH1 Classic!!!

  25. Apple Watch is a waste without an iPhone data companion, I believe

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