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  1. The Interview, comedy - satire Sony Pictures Cyber hacking supposedly brought about from promotion of the above film, much of Sony's electronic data was breached again, this time no word on PSN being targeted, but this angers me in the same way, hackers are supposedly Korean but no direct ties to the North Korean leader who was the 'target' of the film's plot. Now it's not like this wasn't done before, hello fans of South Park? Bigger, Longer, Uncut.?!?! Does World Police ring any bells? It was puppets instead of live action, could that be why it was taken for what it was? https://ph.celebrity.yahoo.com/photos/matt-stone-trey-parker-attend-los-angeles-premiere-photo-224305138.html;_ylt=A0LEV71wjZNUFk4AVUsPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTByODJtaWUzBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMwRjb2xvA2JmMQR2dGlkAw-- Anyway, The word out earlier was that New York were taking the most precaution for theatrical showing threats, but Sony is reportedly pulling the plug on any showing and 'erasing' records of the film, overstepping the cautious line where it appears they are caving in COMPLETELY to terroristic demands by this Cyber-criminal hacking group. The fact remains Terrorists of any stripe should NEVER win the day! I'm a movie, game, music fan, for years and years, and this just angers me completely. Sony isn't really an American company if you recall it's Japanese origins, but Hollywood in the USA is highly effected by such decisions. It seems to me in a geopolitical sense, this is about the politics between China, Korea, and Japan. The USA policy would be to heighten security around theaters as known the showing of the film would be the target, and people around those areas under the threat made. Also, Sony won't allow online viewing of the film, say via Netflix or other streaming services. http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/entertainment/news/stars-attack-kim-film-withdrawal-30846548.html

  3. Now you've heard of the marching in mass through Times Square of Liberty City, er, New York City... hampering travel in NYC as well as Chicago and other key cities, nothing repeating here, at least in the same area or getting news, but the NYC incident of an unarmed black man being killed from sustained injury or rough handling by police means protesters will still continue to gather as is suspected for tomorrow to keep their message alive, Those interviewed the other day suggest that to them, this is the tipping point, people, the African American community in particular taking part feel enough is enough, and we only hear one side from Police and Authorities at present, however, I tend to feel enough people care that change is necessary, on the same token, NEVER compromising safety of officers OR the public, a more precise balance of that is required, with finesse I believe, so as not to be upsetting, but hopefully agreeable to those who are spearheading such movements. Those hot headed, Kneejerk reactionaries should NOT be given that credence however, they don't serve the greater good. If you're provoking police, SHAME ON YOU, not them, you're asking for the confrontation, not a passive or retreating force being granted. Shame on their parents too for not raising their kids properly. Respect and cool heads, and temper are required. Many people go through life without much issue with law enforcement, and I think it's because they don't feel entitled to have complete freedom to do whatever. Lawless Old West days are DONE. It's fact. Society has evolved,.... some might see traces of a breakdown, but I think we're strong enough as a collective group (World Wide citizens) to do the right thing ultimately
  4. My LG 47 inch is now up and operational, and my ordered remote came in. Sorry for the double posting, but this is to report that the LG HDTV for computer graphics and gaming is a worthy experience to report on for those interested in it's performance, and the use of large screen television for gaming via PC or console. This LG is reported via Everest to be made in January of 2009, A bit old, but one can't complain. Cost me less then $200 to repair, and could have cost me around $100 if I'd had the patience from the outset of the project. Anyway, Component for Xbox works great, PC via DVI to HDMI and the TV's various inputs show that there's no user direct control of resolution modes, other then widescreen framing. The imaging of GTA IV, the earliest generation of HD gaming from Rockstar gives you an idea of imaging resolution based on each console and connection type. My YouTube channel will highlight some recordings of the findings, it might be somewhat hard to tell, the best I can shoot video in is 720P The '47LG50' model TV I took in and repaired may not allow resolution setting via menu, but the inputs can be informed what resolution to present at via their source, what I was getting at above, so as not to be confusing, resolution is set from your console's menu, the inputs AUTO DETECT sources connection and will retain memory of the setting you chose, so that's the plus side, the TV side allows audio and video advance adjustment of hue into it's various RGB components and more, however, sometimes the presets with slight alteration offer a great experience as is without major adjustment options. In the Advanced menu you have color temps and AUTO custom modes, though I remain unimpressed, the original TV's list was $1365 according to online sales data. Having spent about 2 weeks now with it, at least a solid week, using cable and terrestrial/local sources, I can tell you I'm not disappointed in LG at present. Still I would favor 1080P as advertised on the set's bezel, be allowed from the set menu. I'll see about still photos as well, and I'd like feedback on your experience with big screen gaming, have you, for instance, suffered a case of 'burn in'??
  5. Have to forgive me posting here on the hottest TV thread without any other viewers in attendance, just here to recap that the Mid-Season wait is upon us for about 3 months. What I feel was a big ending, some think was anti-climactic. I thought it rather unexpected, but those online as well as off got SPOILERS they should have already anticipated by way of AMC's site, those on the USA's West Coast in a different time zone. Anyway, Here's the link about how well the series ended up for this latest season..... http://www.oregonlive.com/movies/index.ssf/2014/12/the_walking_dead_midseason_fin.html
  6. Well, it's the seasonal USA holidays again, 2014, to all those who do celebrate such things..... Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you got to see NBC TVs all Turkey Day themed SNL 40th anniversary show this past evening, even if not, hope you are reunited with as many family members as possible, it's always a nice event in our lives (speaking for myself) when everyone tried to get together in one place.
  7. The scary scene in Minneapolis the other day, a car driving over protesters appeared to be a deadly incident, I live only about a block away from where this happened, and it's been on nearly EVERY US news service I've seen, Inside Edition most recently this evening covered the riots and again mentioned MPLS, however, depending on where you hear this news, the info will vary, They excluded the portion about the car stopping several blocks down the street and the driver cooperating with police, the incident under investigation at present. One person on camera said that the driver felt it MORE important to get home for dinner then to stop and allow for the proper time and detour to safely avoid them. When I went to the store for beverage, police had already blocked off the intersection (the crowd gathered outside the police station and then went North to march along the freeway running from MPLS to St Paul, Minnesota, at that time the street was blocked but empty outside of police patrols. As to the issue, it's rather cloudy because people protesting weren't there, I'm inclined to even side with the parents of such youth if and really, only if, they practice a loving environment at home with proper knowledge of what their kids are doing on a daily basis, The police officer in question has said he was in fear for his life, believing Michael Brown would take his gun in a second attempt, however, even first reports I heard of this was that he was running away and then turned and again approached the officer, already having provoked some physical confrontation within his cruiser, where the initial incident cited took place, in very close quarters. The events that happened at that exact time and beforehand are still a mystery. People protesting forget what that means, they forget what lacking facts means, they forget that rioting, looting, and wanton destruction is hurting THEIR OWN community, it's not sending any helpful, positive message, it's pure acting in anger and thinking anything is then acceptable for you to act out aggression in any manner you see fit. They burned and destroyed their own community in effect, this has no reflection on the police force, only back on their own bad behavior as a response mechanism. Shame on those instigators. Plenty of people did peacefully demonstrate, and I heard quite a few intelligent remarks in light of everything, even store owners who had to endure great personal loss, and face the idea that they may rebuild yet again in that SAME community, that's some real strong hope, and I'd have to wonder if I'd ever feel safe in a town so violated by it's own inhabitants. (some were outsiders who saw a chance to stir the sh*t, it has to be said, but irregardless, they perpetuate this stereotype you mention, and we all know)
  8. Addendum; http://www.atomicbooks.com/index.php/rebel-ink-magazine.html A link to what I saw at my local store, if you can't find it and it has your interest ^
  9. With renewed ads giving new spin to a familiar game for last gen consoles. For the new consoles, one would expect an approximate 8 to 10 years. What do you think should be Rockstar's timetable between new franchises and GTAs? I'm putting this in the GTA 5 section because although it's generally GTA related in franchise, GTA 5 has heralded in the most advanced GTA in history so far, including GTAOnline as part of that endeavor with the franchise. I believe it's held back the actual advancement of PS Vita games from Rockstar as well as Red Dead Redemption, and other series have really taken a backburner in light of the complexity and growing nature of Grand Theft 5. While it's not likely to see much more, I do hope to hear from you guys n' girls. You MUST have an opinion on how long might be TOO long, when you pit games up against the console lifecycle. In IGN's article on Naughty Dog as a company details all the making of choices as they developed into the studio they are now, including change in staff and leadership. You never get that detailed candid side from Rockstar under the Houser brothers, and it's been well known for a number of years. So, can we even make an educated guess at this point? I honestly wonder about it, but I'd like you guys to just post here what you consider a timeline you'd like to see Rockstar follow, can their various divisions be hard at work on secret games will only know about as they come to final fruition? Naughty Dog considered 3 years a very lengthy time for a game, but each one became a bigger challenge then before, but their own studio also grew and shifted in terms of losing and gaining new members and they have to unite in the common goal of a game already in production! The article also stated that Master Folder notes for the Uncharted series were compiled from the very outset, as tech advanced in gaming, they referred right back to that Master Folder to see what might work at this point. It's very interesting if others like Rockstar maybe approaching the hardware side in the same way
  10. Jenna Jameson of adult film fame, who starred as Candy Suxxx made the news in a magazine out now in the States, I didn't get full details to talk more about it, but it's Grand Theft related and out now, new material related to the games we love, made the cover of this magazine I'm not familiar with. Article online I believe is related to what I saw, as it was my impression it's one dedicated to body art, not just Tattoos primarily http://y-kant-fergus-read.tumblr.com/post/101996412359/recent-photo-of-jenna-jameson-as-candy-suxxx-who
  11. I've never been a real fan of LG, which is in previous decades known as the same company Goldstar. Goldstar in the gaming world made their own version of the 3DO, Panasonic's expensive $600 console, Goldstar offered a different take on the same hardware, and I thought it a better version, but wound up selling mine. LG these days is in every consumer electronic market, just by chance, and likely because of that fact, I took in two disposed units in the past year, one I mentioned last winter, a 47inch HDTV, took me nearly a year to get the Mainboard that's a correct match, and prior had bought two power boards at $40 each, so that and a wrong mainboard put the repair cost ultimately at $165, still well under most 45 to 50 inch used flatscreens. Just want to pass along, these internal boards are rather easy to obtain online, the GLASS TFT panel used on the front, once cracked or broken in anyway, it's near to impossible once above 20 inches, screens 32" and larger just don't have a resource for surplus screens. You're REAL lucky if you can find one and the price that's reasonable, My research has turned up one seller, their supply is namely 42in HDTV front panels, they run up to $350. In some cases, close to $400 USD, once you're able to find a screen at that price, you're already in the range of used sets on the market. You have to weight the idea that you can replace your screen and save the rest of the set, which should work just fine. My second found big screen, HiSense has all working internal parts, so my problem is whether to part out these internals or wait for a 50 inch panel to show up. This is aggrevating because so far I've gotten no good references from other parts sellers. Most say they'd trash such a set, which is what consumers tend to do, throw $500 out the window because the screen was cracked and thus, the image is altered in a major way. The other LG I took in was a DVD RW combo VCR which can do dubbing from inputs, or DVD to VHS, and VHS to DVD. Been working on that for a week now, extensive testing with what I had on hand, a DVD RW SATA drive which did not work as hoped, it was a close mate, but because of the circuit requirements, it won't mate. I believe the combo's larger circuits accounting for simplified disc authoring, where no software or OS is required, is the main reason you can't easily swap the same brand but different drives. I did find a parts seller offering the laser mechanism for only $40 USD, this is rather reasonable given the expense of typical recorder drives. I shot plenty of videos, often too many, during the testing and repair project, but thought to pass the info along to you geek types here, since the proliferation of these devices on the used market, where once DVDs found in the Goodwill were a luxury, now are very much common place (Goodwill Easterseals may not exist where you are, but it's a thrift store helping people with disabilities get back on their feet and find work.)
  12. San Andreas didn't have the character, that I'm aware of, I bought the PS2 version after some time, pining for dual analogs, but with the projects of PS3 and 360 (XB) repairs, I spent more time with the newer gen games. I'd look for it if you have an idea of where in the game it is, one thing you can do for something of a spoiler is look up mission titles in as close an order as the plot can be assigned (Since there are mission branches and open play options) One such source is the famous Brady guide, put together with Rockstar's input
  13. Those riots that play a big part in the final chapter of 10 year old GTA San Andreas were the real results of the Rodney King beating officers getting off the hook in the legal system, and it's seen as unjust punishment for black communities seen as targetted by white (predominently) police forces in various pockets of the Country. A news report online says that the World is watching the fall out of the Ferguson MO police shooting, Michael Brown the victim, is reported the aggressor putting the police officer in question as risk, it's seen that way, that there was reasonable fear for his life. This caused outbreaks of protests across North America, in which only a block from where I live now, a hit and run incident occured where a car blocked by the protests outside a police station resulted in that car trying to drive through the street packed with protesters just starting a night-time march through the streets, starting around rush hour only added to the difficulty they imposed. ALL traffic was re-routed for several hours, harrowing news footage aired of the most chaotic incident shot live from the air. I was only aware of the increased traffic outside my window, and having to go do some shopping, I saw the demonstrations still taking place. Sound off on this issue in this thread, what do you make of the incident of last August and the way people have been going about dealing with it, and what should happen to fix again, another systemic breakdown as it appears, within our systems of Goverment and control. There's a real fear of having not enough protection and justice, Or of it being too heavy handed and militaristic. People want, genuinely, the peace keeping forces to be in touch with the community in which they patrol and protect. Which sounds the most reasonable wy to start conversations in a Peaceful manner. If you think about the BIG picture, in a society where violence were curtailed to a good extent, if not completely, could people use computer / video games to deal with their anger and frustration? Their built up tensions that should be released some how? Is it enough? I wonder myself if that would be enough of a cathartic release. I feel demonstrations have their place, but now you have Social Media and website outlets, that in general, get your message out much further and effectively then a street protest hoping for attention and coverage. http://www.businessinsider.com/al-sharpton-on-ferguson-protests
  14. Protests in MPLS over Ferguson verdict turn near deadly with a Hit and Run incident!

  15. I'm sure they're waiting for the right time to promote them, as the main series are still only promoted after an episode airs if not a half week till the next airing. The interesting thing I think has been the graphic novel / comic book series inspiring The Walking Dead and the Writer's Room episode that also appeared on AMC shedding some light on how that was seen to coincide with the TV series.... and the original idea behind both as espoused by Robert Kirkman, series creator, who was guest The thing about that is most people might not have seen the comics, and the relation between them has some effects unseen by viewers or readers of just one version. But they might never know, much like watching The Talking Dead and your own interpretations, I don't always concur with their findings, but it's still found to be insightful
  16. I saw the TV ad air during the lead up to the last TWO episodes of THE WALKING DEAD via AMC cable network. I've been trying to coax conversations about the best cable shows, at least that I have access to. A key to that now is being able to watch cable, for many years I didn't have the luxury, With option to budget cable for music channels, and getting movie access as well, it's effectively dug into my gaming online and offline time, so that's kinda sad, but there's always SOMETHING worthy on cable, whether entertainment or educational, and On Demand makes it that much easier. My plan is to get the PC version of GTA V first, since it's likely to trump both new consoles in best POWER options. This is something everyone should give thought to, if you're unable to buy more copies then one additional. I paid a premium to get my own PS3 version, and here's PS4, there's a lot that comes with that, besides the game, I'd been reading IGN's Naughty Dog 16 page online article detailing their history, it's so engrossing and informing, you see just what happened with PS3, transition from PS1 and 2 and now to 4, it's all detailed from the interviews of Naughty Dog, augment that with Rockstar's own detailed problems with GTA to PS3! (Rockstar required Sony technicians they joked about had come in wearing white lab coats!! ....to address the complicated development for GTA4 on the Playstation 3, and the hold up for both consoles at that time) There's a historical lineage at work here. My attempts early on were getting both PS2 and PS3, and Xbox360 used, at a bargain, buying broken units with attempts to repair, I'd still do this practice, but don't enter into that blindly, I detailed the pitfalls and there are plenty of others doing the same. YouTube alone is a vast resource for do it yourselfers. (if you buy broken units, the main thing to go after is two units to mate, with different issues between them. That way you mate all the good parts, it's cost effective and straight forward. So I mention all that because just like before, the most powerful game machines that afford the complete libraries are the ones you'd want to own in theory, to cover your gaming desire bases. That's why I'm likely to go PS4 and then Xbox One, however, prices are STILL shifting at various outlets for new and slightly used (pawn shops) Keep up to breast on that via the gaming news sites. I'd seen one I can't recall right now, but detailed the pricing objectives for the two competing consoles in the past year for Sony and Microsoft. What I hope TGTAP members can do is shed some light with hands-on reports from both console camps.
  17. American Movie Classic cable network, Their original series have proved very well received, and the promise has been that Hell On Wheels current season, extended to one final episode as of this writing, will, in their words "All Hell Breaks Loose!"... Season 5, like the current season of Madman will be the last, and sadly, all too soon, The Walking Dead reaches mid-Season finale. I'm enjoying all new episodes, but perhaps the branching off series will be announced, or Halt and Catch Fire will return after it's first season. There was talk that The Walking Dead would return in an offshoot in another part of the post-Walker-apocalypse and that a new cast of survivors would face different challenges as a result, at least that was my impression, but I think it seems short now because of the amount of work required to do Walking Dead special effects and action per episode. The challenges would be multiplied with a spin off of the same caliber. Hell On Wheels didn't initially interest me, but once you start watching, you find you're often drawn to the particular characters and setting. The return of Westerns as well to AMC has bolstered the period piece appeal. Just a heads up that the series will be concluding it seems, so you may want to see about marathon viewing of the series as AMC plans to do with Madmen. http://www.hitfix.com/the-fien-print/amc-renews-hell-on-wheels-for-a-fifth-and-final-season
  18. Well, not everyone plays games the same, that's to be expected, but believe me, I know because I was in Online mode and talked with fellow players, They enjoyed the 'wildlife' aspect, and it seems a bit missing from GTA, but we hope we're seeing signs of that picking up with the new console capabilities
  19. Addendum, found another current article link worth a look; http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2014/11/push_rewind_call_of_duty_advanced_warfare_grand_theft_auto_v_uncharted_4
  20. Do the players really stand on their feet to play RDR or GTA online? I doubt it, seriously. RDR's active environment and it's music ARE soothing, if you really get engrossed in it's miniature reality, and that's what Rockstar are after in creating these inhabitable universes in a Game. It means they've succeeded! One thing that makes this easier to understand is after an intense mission of battle, or confrontation, which can be Multiplayer or Singleplayer, things can die down to near absolute quiet in seconds, this is true of my experiences, and that overwhelming quiet can envelope you easily! There are times when I feel it's a bit artificial, speaking of RDR more in particular, but it can also happen in GTA and other games. In Uncharted as soon as you've defeated your last 'bad guy' and things will change to a state of peace and quiet, you're met with a soaring musical cue in their fabulous soundtrack. My experience, not only my opinion but people I've actually played with and conversed with online tend to agree and we noted the same things. Yes, there are people who were playing for hours on end, but that's not a new problem with online gaming in particular! haha
  21. I'm an age old console controller guy, and even the Apple had it's third party joystick offerings, and from my experience, these were MUST OWN gaming tools! Microsoft makers of both Xbox, it's software, Surface tablet Pros, and Windows OS have been steadily hoping to integrate Cross-Platform, but still don't really go on much about the gaming side of things, I think they should, but since Vista, the Xbox360 controller via it's USB has been capable of running sans driver. MS offers on the Xbox site a driver for XP compatibility, and IIRC, should even work with other older PC OS from MS. Win9x? I'm not sure off hand, but Windows 2000 should work with it. PS4 is much more PC friendly then PS3's controller for PC gaming, but I invested into the PS2 to PC adapters long ago. I'm eager to see how GTA V for PC and it's own variation of GTAOnline will work. If you're playing Freeroam or competitions along with console version players.
  22. This is always one of the most burning questions for us, ardent GTA fans, why and when can Grand Theft beat all other comers to the table, this news here doesn't bode well.... http://hexus.net/gaming/news/industry/76837-call-duty-named-best-games-franchise-2015-guinness-book/ I was out shopping foodstuffs today and those Redbox rental kiosks were advertising Call of Duty, again Pepsi put out it's special flavor Game Fuel sodas, marketed SQUARELY at Call of Duty Activision franchise and FPS fans, that's not the crux be all, end all of gaming and WE KNOW IT, now with an inventive-Reinventive take on making GTA a first Person Shooter type of game, can it have what's missing to take on Call of Duty in it's long run at the top? I have to say, credit to other game makers, they are harnessing the new graphics and processing powers well enough to make some seriously engrossing games. However, I still think Naughty Dog and Rockstar have the best third person games I've ever played. There are plenty of games I've just scoured over versus playing, but I still can tell when they appear to be missing something that makes you decide to bite the bullet and buy a game you've never played before. GTA has such a great appeal as a wide open map for plenty of events and challenges, and story telling. What you get from that is exactly represented in GTAOnline, though I hate to flower them with accolades on something not everyone can enjoy, the idea is they can augment GTAOnline infinitely in reality, with all manner of custom touches and additions, but at some point it has to evolve fundamentally, and for me, that means a new map, new characters, and with it, new AI and graphics one would hope.
  23. Just looking at RockstarGames' GTA landing page example, I can tell texture in tree trunks, added substance like foliage and more animals. the problem with GTA V's animals as it stands, there's no contest in comparison to the alive feeling of Red Dead Redemption... You feel everything around you is animated with it's own advanced AI, and it's as impressive as all Hell. Plenty of times I spent in Multiplayer, people would enter the Freeroam and wind up falling asleep, leaving their character in the game, because it had such a soothing effect at times. I loved that as well, and I look forward to the same type of game design involved with GTA and I think it's why ending RDR after two games wouldn't make any real sense when it's growing by leaps and bounds!
  24. Just looking at Rockstar Games' Landing Page; http://www.rockstargames.com/ You can tell just studying their artwork comparison side by side, the changes can be dramatic, but can they be consistently so? Also, I was imagining this example carried over to a new revision, or carrying on from the Red Dead Revolver/Redemption franchise, as most of us hope comes to fruition. The same graphics spit and polish could do simply amazing things for RDR continuing into the future. I also am thinking my own future will hopefully include an Ultra High Definition set, as I see they can be obtained for less then $1000, though most sell nearer to 10,000! USD. You can imagine just how good any 720 or 1080P upgrade in Hi Def gaming will look once it's effectively doubled in UHD!
  25. http://hereisthecity.com/en-gb/2014/10/22/gta-san-andreas-is-coming-to-xbox-360-according-to-new-leaks/ Apparently we passed the actual release in 2004, anywho, it's one of the major GTA releases, though some still love Vice City best, San Andreas for most showed what the ageing consoles it was released upon could do with a grand canyon sized map layout and story stretching across different, varied regions, My hope had always been once they'd perfected the GTA game on that hardware (Renderware), it could branch out to new maps and stories on the same hardware while avoiding the learning curve of new console hardware. Next thing we know, Sam Houser is touting the planned ground up for PS3, and people were thinking, Xbox360 must have GTA, and of course, the war was just heating up upon that as well
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