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  1. I personally believe the Bo Berghdal prisoner exchange, though it happens often, as Government reps explained, made Obama gun shy about acting too promptly in haste, and wants all his ducks in a row beforehand. However, I tend to believe what John McCain has been saying, this threat should be taken as seriously as possible, and every effort made to stem their effectiveness to do any harm
  2. Sadly, Joan did not come out of her Coma, or if she had, it was short lived. She was a Comic legend without equal. Her voice alone will be missed, silenced forever. http://tv.msn.com/tv/article.aspx?news=887390&ocid=tvhfpS1L To give more retrospective; http://www.boston.com/entertainment/celebrity/2014/09/04/joan-rivers-through-the-years/VDSFWZnjeufj7Iszfk8xhM/pictures.html Hate hearing bad news like this, was pulling for her recovery
  3. Not trying to be too glib, or glum, but the news of the new Islam State terror faction declaring a sort of war against the United States has raised a VERY serious discussion on USA Media about how the US Government will counter US citizen's deaths abroad. I'd like to hear from you guys as well since the USA Versus or War On Terror doesn't just concern us and a bunch of narrow minded thugs but Nuclear Wannabe Super Powers like North Korea or further conflict coming from Russia in the Ukraine and the seriousness of how this could lead to all out conflict, Dare I suggest WWIII?!? I've always wondered how the signs of the World's last days may present themselves, whether from a space meteor or man's inhumanity to man. It's disturbing no matter WHAT age you are!
  4. Rockstar always takes a look at fan tributes and honorees so I wouldn't be too surprised, it gives people who obsess over GTA a way to commune with one another and connect, whether it be through Rockstar's own fan site or other Social Media. YouTube obviously as big a connecting place as Facebook or Twitter, Me thinks,... Bigger! Amazing work he did of course, though I can't say I knew him well at all, We do take our hats off for a moment of silence, Died far too young.
  5. I found info I actually probably missed due to my self imposed gaming exile after all that GTAO cheating broke out at the first of the year, but paying for XBL ever since. http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/03/05/uncharted-ps4-writer-amy-hennig-leaves-naughty-dog Would have posted news bulletins at GTAChronicles, but the site is not renewing ownership this month, I think either a cash emergency sprung up or some payment SNAFU happened, as I stated I wasn't paying for the site upkeep, but both Me, Mike (PCGuyTech-2005 of GTAForums), and Trip Mills, also of GTAF, we began the GTAC site odyssey over 3 years ago, I'd hoped to keep the site online longer then GTAForums if need be, or at least prove all the skeptics wrong, but the site was not taking off after numerous crashing and I think people were just wanting something with constant activity, but you can't always get what you want... Even me. http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/04/03/uncharted-4-director-amy-hennig-joins-viscerals-star-wars-project What this relates to Last Of Us is, not directly, but not long ago an interview with Amy appeared in Game Pro magazine Stateside, we find out if not familiar, she has a long career in modern gaming's history and I'm sure the Naughty Dog staff appreciated working with her and she became the spokeswoman for Uncharted many times. I think the driving creative spark will continue wherever she goes, but it is still a shock that she left Naughty Dog, perhaps the prospect of STAR WARS was too great to pass up?!?
  6. If you've had the chance to have an early and played out version of GTA V for comparison, what do you think of the replay factor in such cases? I bought another Xbox in particular, having someone else's games on it's HDD, I took over their gameplay of GTA5, to see how different the game experience would be. I actually wound up with several base system 20Gig HDDs for Xbox360, and started GTA over for Playstation 3, one of the interesting factors in this is download updated and patches, fixes that Rockstar did for the SP version, Single player offline mode as well as the constant GTAO updates and changes. I wonder if you guys who've done some retro GTA games in regard to something similar, do you ever pine for that old Xbox blade GUI?! haha I took video when I did get the chance to own one, but like my PSP before, I updated with each new game as required, then lamented the fact I couldn't use the older firmware system as others had found neat exploits for that were no longer possible. One way in which this effected PS3 owners was original capability to dual boot a PS3 using Linux Redhat!
  7. Does it seem that embellishment by way of more and more GTAO additions is cluttering the playing field and map for the game? Do you feel it's too congested in locations more central to the game? What are your current mid-014 thoughts about how GTAO should morph and change, Rockstar's current additions, Anything rub you the wrong way?
  8. GTAC aka Chronicles website looks to be under construction, billing just elapsed

  9. Uncharted 4 was not talked about in depth at the time I was looking into it, be it dated as it maybe. That's what I imply, I've not been on top of recent gaming news because I'm involved with computers and laptops offline the past number of months. Doing refurb projects, not to mention I took in for repair THREE large screen TVs!
  10. Uncharted 4 is to be geared again to exploit PS4 exclusively, I use rumor because it's not talked about in depth, I feel keeping the game specifics off the table help maintain a full enjoyment once you get the game in hand. We never want to know too much about GTA before it's coming to market, but sometimes can't help it. The funny thing in Naughty Dog's PS3 focus, is that even though they work closely with Sony to make the games, they came out and said that the reasons THEY thought Uncharted couldn't work on Xbox was lack of BluRay. GTA and Rockstar kept pushing the thought of capabilities, makes one wonder at least. I'm not too happy that Xbox does manage 1080P better then any PS3 game, given it's HDMI and BD long before Microsoft came to their senses! haha
  11. So, so sad and shocking, a legend in our time, and not just my opinion on that account, actor, comedian, and genuinely affable guy, Robin Williams took his life by suffocation due to depression, no details I know about the cause of such, but he'd made serious attempts to clean up from drinking and any other addictions he may have taken part of. I'd just found out about 2 hours ago, and it's news you just don't wanna hear. Too many people, celebs who do touch our lives, but ordinary people suffer from the same, and again dialog opens up about these diseases and how to help with indications or signs that could help make people aware, those close enough that they should know, we hope!
  12. Naughty Dog fanatics, I join your ranks with Last Of Us, but still no Vita and portable version of Uncharted, rumored a PS4 version of Uncharted is deff in the works. I got Last Of Us as a B-day gift I picked out myself, and I do plan to play it soon, here, but I got plenty of updates for both consoles to do. I bought a black, late 2009 model Xbox360 for $15 from the local pawnshop almost a week back, came with a disappointing 20GB HDD again, of which I already have four taken from my previous RRoD units! HAHAHA This one had GTA 5 started on, Saints Row and other sporting games, nothing too notable, ton of Rap and Hip Hop music I deleted to make more room, however, I'm always playing with the idea to use the HDDs for laptops instead. Last Of Us is sci-fy horror based on a real scenario as I understand it, the science in it being possible, but unlikely, zombies and mutants being a future threat is the last of my worries, in actuality. This game only recently started showing up 'used' here, though often at auction or elsewhere online, it's never been marked down or on sale other then $10 off at Target stores Stateside that I know of. Lets' get some current and past opinions on how this game fares from beginning to living with it for some time. Again, seems more GTA 5 copies out in the used market, as well as other specific console titles then this one has been.
  13. My Birthday was August 8th, kiddies, I turned 48 YRS OLD!!!!

  14. I turn damn near 50 this year, not yet, but that means half a century on this planet already under my belt! Everyone here forget or something? I got congratulatory notices via Facebook from peeps I don't really know, I'm surprised the GTA community didn't miss me. So Sad No cake or presents from my immediate family, other then B-day cash from my folks. What I bought was a Goodwill find of brand new Hi8 tapes never used, just over a buck each! NICE, and a used copy of PS3 exclusive The Last Of Us, Been looking for this game used since it came out, finally scored it for about $33 USD
  15. Come over to GTAChronicles and say HI, we want to get some input from gamers, been so dang quiet

  16. The AMC TV series that fills in for lack of The Walking Dead... Halt And Catch Fire seemed a fictional account of Compaq's portable PC, but takes place in what Wiki says is the Prairie Silicon Valley. Texas is the REAL tech locale for Texas Instruments and Dell So, are you keeping up with it? It ends this weekend, the short 1st season it's presumed, shorter then a usual season. My thoughts are that the human relations of any series on TV can be in any setting, I think, so the early computer revolution story is rather lacking and for me, often times is what interests me most, whereas without the melodrama of characters clashing over personality differences and ethics, you'd have your wider audience lose interest or bored. HOWEVER, a lot of cable shows focus on factual stories that do concern human input, REAL human involvement in their conception and evolution so I think there's vitality and importance there. Here's the real story behind the title for the show; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halt_and_Catch_Fire I did feel it had another meaning more directly in relation to the show's characteristics, that the desire to move forward in uncharted territory is what drives the pioneers, and this is a look behind that drive of the people involved, if you were to halt, or stop in your decisions to 'research and development' with an endgame in mind.... you'd catch fire (or halt) Still an idea that I feel has some merit, though not voiced in anything anyone else is saying about the show
  17. I tried to get some outside convo happening, but the most conversation I can get as of late is still via YouTube, just to add some related info to this thread though.... Cable channel I was watching, I think it was Sundance, I'll update this if I'm wrong, will be playing a MARATHON of Stephen King films to celebrate his up-coming Birthday, and by the way, MY OWN is next weekend, August 8th! The marathon does cover some films that are in seemingly constant rotation. From the ads, it seems the TV version of King's The Shining will be broadcast, I hope for The Stand, wanna see that again, it was trying to be epic like the book and failed, but it's still a fun ride
  18. Ah, missed the obvious then? It happens. As for what was removed from GTA, Hot Coffee as a found mod was actually what I thought to be programmers spicing up the game while under development, for their own amusement, this is not too far from what can actually happen with a game taking shape. San Andreas on PS2 last LAST gen HC was according to Jacked, the biography, an idea endorsed by Sam Houser to make some R rated (thought to align with Mature Game ratings) content for a more serious toned GTA then any previous iteration. The book details how constantly those efforts for a legit Sex game (sounds so dirty, but you know more like a mini-challenge among the rest of them) caused internal and external conflicts, and some left the studio, which to me was a revelation during the reading of Jacked because I remember them in the press for previous GTAs, people who were giving interviews about the game! Here's something factual to keep in mind, as I mention more then once, the Houser brothers had a passion for video games, but their experience within the actual industry was rudimentary, at best. They took over the DMA remains to create Rockstar Games, but they also weren't open about their development practices and business, so they butted heads with the USA ratings board for gaming as well as dealing with the crisis of controversy, which this all ties into, and goes as far back as GTA's original top down game. The controversy was manufactured then, but steamrolled and snowballed all on it's own. This was aided and abetted by GTA becoming a monolith, strength to strength, it perhaps could have fallen victim to the hype far outshining the game in actuality
  19. I noted the other day a local pawn shop selling the new PS4 controllers for 30 odd bucks I believe, I got my PS3 DS3 off eBay for around ten American dollars, the best bet still is eBay for getting a controller at the right price, but to do so don't engage in bidding wars, know what you want to spend and bid up to that and then move along to another auction. I haven't tried your setup, but I do have both systems and I believe there's software designed for PC gamers who chose controllers. Windows 7 should support Xbox accessories of course, but perhaps try their driver on an older OS, even XP can run on a Core2Duo system, If you lack that, then perhaps Vista and Win7 or 8 is still your best bet, However I just picked up an old ATI USB All in Wonder that lacks the newer OS support, so it gives me a main reason to keep using XP, not for online but offline software support on hardware I have. Try asking about the issue on the Windows 7 forums, and I believe there should be support for Xbox360 forum Q and A online as well. Mapping keys is easier for PC users who are gaming with keyboard and mouse interface, that seems to be true, but I'm more attuned to gaming consoles like a few of you are, but I still plan to use a PC with GTA V upcoming
  20. As I noted before from my particular interest in the original members of British band UFO, a band me and Eddie Trunk of VH1's That Metal Show feel is criminally under-rated, we still feel people are ignoring UFO's contributions in Hard Rock history, and should be also inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, they definitely played a role in the birth of what is Heavy Metal and Hard Rock Founding bassist Pete Way is struggling with Cancer compounded from years of drinking and drug abuse and hoping to get free and clear of all that, here's a status update on his health, and report that his next album will also be supported by live shows, wherever possible we hope! GET WELL PETE!!! KEEP ROCKIN' http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/former-ufo-bassist-pete-way-completes-radiotherapy-treatment-for-prostate-cancer/ Also in the news is the very sad finding that blues guitarist Johnny Winter has died. If his name is unfamiliar, it's because he didn't pursue commercial success, he pursued his musical career from passion alone. He is a legend as well in the music business of Rock Guitar R.I.P. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/blues-legend-johnny-winter-dies/ http://www.guitarworld.com/texas-blues-icon-johnny-winter-dead-70 More in-depth about Mr. Winter ^^ There is this cheery bit of good news to pass along as well, a message to all that breaking with convention and trends will pay dividends down the road.... http://fox40.com/2014/07/15/middle-school-metal-band-lands-1-7-million-record-deal/
  21. My nearby (USA) neighbors are already starting to bother me this evening with fireworks and other un-natural sounds that make it appear they're in my apartment with me! UGH, thing I hate worst about this particular holiday, but one things for sure, We Love to Blow Shite Up!! Oh, and When do the REAL Fireworks begin!??! hahahaha That line's directed at in-game GTA V mayhem, oh, and I will be gettin' back to the business of GTAO VERY soon, still find myself busy enjoying cable and computer projects offline
  22. Your HDD options aren't limited to actual mechanical or Solid State drives? You can also have a CF or Compact Flash vintage memory storage device emulate an ATA drive, in fact, there's a SATA adapter allowing mounting of TWO CF cards of any size where they could combine for the total size you require. Also prices on 128GB flash are VERY affordable now. There is also the option of microSATA adapting PCI Express capable SSD type drives, these mount just like mSATA Wireless cards, and look like them, as do various versions of tuner cards using the mSATA connectors. There are a few companies offering mSATA SSD drives to mount to a standard SATA adapter for laptops and even desktops, one of their great advantages is capability to mount in a notebook or desktop PC. In recent years a lot of these mating capabilities come by way of Chinese made electronic adapters, a logic board and circuit mated to connectors allowing two differing devices to connect where they couldn't before!
  23. Please, as I noted before, don't duplicate spam like postings, even if you're serious. I prefer people for one thing, DON'T post SPOILERS, also, don't post the same thing over and over, you won't find massive member response as you would at GTAForums, it's just that way in the past number of years, so if you prefer fast response, better check in at GTAForums for your answer, bug them with spam all you want, they seem to thrive on it! hahahaha
  24. The famous Assassination that started WW1 happened in history this past Saturday. I was just looking up historic photos which are in somewhat short supply online, even now, but to me a trip to the library is never as far as your computer! It can be a very enlightening experience. Not long ago we celebrated, if you will, 100 years since the infamous Titanic sank and of course, had been looking at James Cameron's personal journey to accurately explore the real legend that inspired his film. History from our own lifetime is something we may have slept through in school, but there's more information coming to light in recent years that add to the learning experience, and it just keeps your attention I feel.. http://rarehistoricalphotos.com/archduke-franz-ferdinand-wife-day-assassinated-gavrilo-princip-28-june-1914/ http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php?ModuleId=10007427 Another site I just happened upon exploring WWII build up and causes
  25. The point is Next Gen really straddles a line at one point, that time is past for the moment, because as I pointed out, 10 years was Sony's console projection based on the success of PS1 AND PS2, PS3 took a hit straight away upon it's rollout, but it obviously made up ground later on, in the long run, I think Sony's projection realistically is transposed onto Microsoft's strengths upon release of Xbox360 and that basis of users constitutes how Xbox One is judged in reality upon it's rollout success. In simple terms, what we're seeing is shy of 10 years projected console lifespan, that falls more in line to 7 years or so, where we're at presently for the time being. Console games as we've seen with AAA titles coincides with the complexity and quality we want and tend to get on the systems. GTA 2 and half releases in one life span per gen, but we'll see how things pan out later on in the future, but to me it's slowing, quality DEMANDS more time and effort, and that means fewer games in succession We can't say how well the Xbox One might fare had there been no real successful watermark standard for Xbox and Xbox360. I think we all tend to see the success or proliferation of Xbox Kinect and Xbox Live as significant factors. Sony's belief in Home didn't come to the great end it had envisioned, but PSN is still allowing online players their piece of the pie. I tend to think PC's challenge rests along side that of consoles, so I think there's a minor connection although not nearly as evident when we talk next gen tech for PC and that of the consoles, for example; all the electronic evolutionary development feeds basic manufacture of those same components. Trickle Down theory at work, and how ATI and nVidia are really the sole players in GPU development. Remember, kiddies, AMD owns ATI now, but nVidia being an independent player basically accounts for them not concentrating on the consoles this time around, I think though not publicly addressed, this is how things played out this time around.
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