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  1. Prime example of confusion you place blame on my shoulders, when I'm talking about the spamming of GTA related boards, not by you, Good Sir, but what we see evidenced periodically and certainly as of late, again. I can't even trust new members as real ones these days, since they act like Spam Bots! It's massively infuriating
  2. Most of you guys will also remember the actor Eli Wallach from The Good, The Bad, The Ugly I suppose, I assumed he was a Mexican actor without being too heavy into Westerns myself, I am a big fan of Clint Eastwood though. http://news.msn.com/pop-culture/prolific-us-character-actor-eli-wallach-dies-at-98-nyt
  3. Don't post the same stuff in multiple sections, even if it's a different link, cheating is not admirable by my game playing standards. Also, edit a post when you're making it to include all different sources and links. Again, not one thing per post, per section that all can go in one post, it's just spam otherwise
  4. Really, how about all the online posted spams not posted by me? Chris has to manage all that as I do at GTAC, I think GTAChronicles does alright with just my own postings, no one's complained at all about being Off Topic and misplaced under their headings. I'm happy things run that way, it's smooth sailing, and ultimately headache free
  5. Please don't Post blatant spammy adverts for cheating that frankly ruins the game by providing impossibly unfair advantages, old and new players should ALL enjoy GTAO, and cheating should be reserved to SP me thinks, it also should involve penalties, as it did in the past by effecting any saved games, but still allowing sanctioning
  6. My original goal was to try and build a G73 Republic of Gamer laptop for a budget set at $300, I'm not able to do that because of the ATI graphics card originally used, an ATI Radeon HD5870, which fits the original mobo only. I recently bought a HSF, Heatsinkfan unit sans card for my G73J model, which is only lacking the main speakers, keyboard, hinge cover and left side jack boards thus far, though I did manage to kill a battery I bought used during testing, that was $35 down the drain, give or take. Anyway, the minor boards and ribbon cables have cost me less then $10 USD, whereas big plastic parts for the chassis cost nearly $30 on average, and up to $50USD in some cases. The screens being HD ready and 17 inch are really affordable considering, and for around $75 USD one can be had assembled and ready to screw in place with webcam. http://www.pcworld.com/article/194691/asus_G73Jh_A2.html Great Review on this model, many more informative articles on this class Asus exist as well ^ This model is still in existance today encompassing the much beefier nVidia MXM cards for graphics and Haswell processors. They sell for $1000 on the market currently, and the originals as I mention with my budget, about $300 to $400 used. These use first gen Nehalem Intel Core i7 CPUs. 3 or 4 DDR3 Ram slots and two SATA HDD spaces in the chassis along with USB 3.0 added via one port on Sandy and Ivy bridge G73s. My graphics card was the best bargain of the lot, the Sandy / Ivy iteration GTX460m nVidia with heatsink but no fan... Now with the original HSF I recently got at auction from of all places; the Ukraine!! I now have both the newer GPU and older motherboard (mobo) running as one unit. Likely due to the mis-match, it only turns on and doesn't properly shut down again, so the power must be cut off at the source, but all the parts thus far are working, If and when we see GTA V for PC, it will be tested on my new platform and I'll post back results, and of course, GTA IV should work fine on it. With my mobo came the Core i7 at 1.73Ghz per core, but supports HyperThreading and Turbo Boost from what I recall, so for now, good enough until I upgrade to the newer gen looking for Ivy Bridge preferrably
  7. I had another payment for XBL come out of my auto account deductions, such a shame I've been tuned out of GTAOnline and XBL for months now, but part of it is fear over some of my exotics I bought and stored in my garage during the great money laundering cheats of January 2014! hahaha I'm afraid the Rockstar IRS will come a-knockin' but either way, I am paying for use of the online and I should now do all these upgrades enmasse (sp?!) AMC's Pacer was one of the worst cars ever, but they almost,.... ALMOST make it cool, and no, Wayne's World still failed to make them cool! hahaha
  8. Lost another true legend who's VOICE will ALWAYS live on..... http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/radio-legend-casey-kasem-dead-at-82-20140615
  9. Boycott! hahaha Stand up for yourself, NEVER Cow Tow to people who don't know right from wrong, that's what happened in Nazi Germany after all. People were intimidated or just didn't know how to react to the greater wrong. Either way, I stand for what's right, whenever possible. And, I'm also a nice guy, TRUST me! haha Oh, and CC, don't let other people's opinion influence who YOU ARE, it never works out for you ultimately if you try to appease others, know in your heart of hearts to do what's right in your own life, ON OR OFF line, that's key advice. Even though I have 5 or more HDDs for Xbox, more then enough because of RRoD, I did tests with the USB supporting drives and they work good. I use an extension that swivels in addition so things don't stick straight out
  10. I believe anyway, New competition for Intel...getting tapped to supply the key graphic muscle for the new consoles is leading to the new CPUs for mobile devices, in essence, the APU to compete with Core Intel technology and allowing the main 'brain' of the computer to handle some former Southbridge, Northbridge and GPU functions under one hood... The new CPU/APUs reported here in Forbes article actually suggest a change in ATI's own admission about 2 years ago that they would relent their normal chase to compete with Intel who by this article's proof, have continually dominated the computer market for supremecy. I told my folks this while computer shopping this spring, my mom wound up with a Core i3 Ivy Bridge rather then Haswell, but these new CPUs do play into the new tech rollout over the next year, 6 to 12 months expect your current rig to become the next to be obsolete eventually!! http://www.forbes.com/sites/greatspeculations/2014/06/06/amds-new-mobile-pc-processors-intended-to-challenge-intels-dominance/
  11. Really? Were you on GTAForums with a different name? I was there for nearly 10 years, but clashed with staff until they banned me, hence my user name here, the staff there make life intolerable, I'm surprised the users don't mount an insurrection, they put up with the strictest rules that make no sense to me. Anyway, try my suggestion and save your game loading content to USB or even a CF card via USB will work to supply external drive space
  12. Seriously, All We're Saying is Give Peace A Chance! AMEN

    1. BlackListedB


      EDIT, I had two updates not even consolidated, but suffice to say, War in Iraq is what I'm talking about

  13. Worried about Iraq civil war?? Hell Yeah, PEACE MOFOS!!!!

  14. I'm figuring on any brush ups being time-sensitive, as I pointed out, development overall has slowed to about two MAIN AAA titles per generation, even with expected new console shelf life based on the long running Sony Playstation's status of 10 years, In recent years, when someone from Sony or MS commented on development, they said they'd try and keep a timetable much closer to the competition then the PS3 and Xbox360 worked out, a year apart! It was deemed too long a gestation period, but allowed MS to hype it's first HiDef console, while PS3 brought with it BluRay and HDMI out of the gate. Oh, and to comment opinion about last, current, next gen.... It's too soon to talk Next Gen console for the BIG TWO (Microsoft is MS BTW ...and Sony) beyond what's been released, as Techspot pointed out, so far, less then a year. PS4 and Xbox One are still Next Gen for a while because their life span won't be much shorter then the above modern consoles, even older 16bit systems had a pretty good run.
  15. What an interesting find.... me thinks http://ultimateclassicrock.com/zz-top-new-single-based-on-90s-rap-song/ Heard the song a few times (mainly via the promo video, however, the rap song based off the cover, could be something you'd hear in a GTA game for sure. I think the '99 Seville reference dating the song likely inspired Billy Gibbons to some degree, he's a pure Cadillac fanatic, along with collecting guitars
  16. Hiya I seem to recall a CCRogers from GTAForums, no relation to you? If you are, we know each other from PSN/XBL Been some months since I did the online console thang though. If you bought a limited HDD capacity Xbox, My first step remedy is to use an 8GB or higher USB to store additional things on, I use one myself and so far, smooth sailing, but my Xboxes are all old ones, replaced with slightly newer revisions (HDMI first year models I believe)
  17. Got another laptop via eBay, the right mobo but a defective Surface Mount chip or IC is damaged UGH!!!

  18. For not having Rockstar take part in the normal Industry events, I feel they've gotten a bit swollen headed ego in the kindest sense of the word, as I mentioned reading about their history and the book Jacked, you get that impression repeatedly, now they can rest somewhat on their successes, and in taking their time, they do just that, in one way or another, since we don't know what they're at work on, but Agent was a serious investment in a concept that I feel would most resemble the cable series The Americans, and a cross with James Bond elements, and I feel in replicating a prior era that's not really exploited, taking the project to conclusion can still pay off, since it's not contingent on being current. Same with RDR of course, they're re-inviting us to a historical period in time to step into a time machine in effect, and Much more so then the 80s of Vice City, or GTA III 90s. The thing that bothers me most is so much concentration on GTA Online, while it's admiral for pioneering new ideas for Online, Perhaps in my mind, the idea that David Jones had for MMO GTA by way of All Points Bulletin is still not what we see with GTAO, but it's a worthy push of the yard stick in gaming forward, I just see their LC map getting too clogged up with various activity icons those official and those set up by user created content. I think taking Online further might just require some new maps, which can be a whole 'nother can of worms in regard to problems that entails. However, it also gives entirely new life to that prospect of similar gaming. Oh, and Someone did a HORRID job translating or TRYING to speak English with this online find; http://n4g.com/news/1512280/rumor-are-rockstar-games-about-to-release-red-dead-redemption-2 BUT, if rumor had some weight now, I suspect he's saying there's a possible admittance that Red Dead or Redemption 2 'working title' might come to also be released at the end of the year, and even a blurb about a PC release! Man, won't that beat all!!??
  19. There was a lot of MAJOR MAJOR groundwork done to make GTA V, as such it's only a finale and entrance or gateway product for new and old consoles. I hasten to add a local TV news segment touched on a new console coming to market, but I only heard them compare Nintendo and Sony and the Wii U mentioned, there's no news there at all, and even one could argue, not factual either. Microsoft and Sony are deep in competition with Xbox and Playstation, Nintendo's demographic doesn't really impede either of those
  20. I'll be getting back into online GTA and RDR gaming forthwith. I had yet another automatic XBL payment for the month come out of my Paypal and I'm not even using the dang thing! Anyone up for some MP poker in RDR?!? hahaha I'll report on how I'm finding the updates and fixes at least par my own experiences.. Once I put some hours back in. Sorry for a bit OffTopic on this considering it's dated by now. The focus on portable gaming is somewhat admirable but flawed in that the PSVita gets very little love these days, it should be outperforming the PSP but that product brought with it a lot of Gee Whiz excitement factor, not to mention two great GTA titles! I would love if somewhat subtitled the RDR Mexican dialog in whole, somewhere transcripted
  21. Finally some nearly official PS4 news, but my verdict's still out. Don't trust E3 for GTA news! haha

  22. Not familiar with any VC Ultimate version, there's compilation version boxed together, but for PC sounds like you may have downloaded an unauthorized copy. Most of us who legitimately use GTA and other games, we buy our own official licensed copies, either new or used, often even multiples. If you find this difficult consider it helps pay for future product development and keeps the studio's operational. As to what might cause a PC error that's similar, my guess comes down to faulty memory errors, typically a module failing can cause all manner of crashes and computer havoc, so first thing to always try is new memory sticks!
  23. Many feel that Rockstar and Take2's handling of Rockstar North won't relate at this point or points past with E3 or other big gaming expos. The fact they feel is the studio's landmark work thus far is so seminal that it doesn't need extra effort to promote any longer, Rockstar keep as secretive as ever and that's more so then any time prior, certainly in the days where they orchestrated controversy. What was mentioned prior was an announcement by next year, before Spring 2015, if this is just bringing about GTA V for Sony PS4, it doesn't look to offer a redux version, and likely for Xbox One as well considering already terminal wait for the game's gestation. In effect what I'm saying is judging on what's come up in discussions with this added, I believe we're looking at a true point to the rumor, or as I suspect originally, a new IP for the new systems, a PC successor in current tech gen, in essence a new followup to Red Dead Redemption for PC players as well, it's a long shot or my best hope for Rockstar moving forward, but we can still expect new product announcement after this year ends. Agent still as Vaporware we hope can see to through fruition
  24. Let's get your feedback on this classic cinema versus book stance, what is your opinion on The Shining film classic from the late Stanley Kubrick versus famed veteran Stephen King who penned such masterful, inspiring novels? My take is there's no one who can substitute King's writings, but he took a turn directing and starring in film and it came out less serious then perhaps imagined from other directors, but he also points out he doesn't like having a completely dark story, or characters that perhaps are too one-dimensional He also has said about his take on story telling that he likes to have normal, average people put in extra-ordinary situations, so not just horror for the sake of shock, etc. Not just a horror novelist either, but obviously leaning in that direction heavily. One of the all time best is director Rob 'Meathead' from All In the Family and Rockumentary pioneer Marty DiBergi Reiner.... Carl Reiner's son by the way.... 80s film "Stand By Me" In fact, Stephen King's love of classic rock music has infused his stories and his own movie. Getting AC/DC's own classic "Who Made Who" to come into existence. http://geektyrant.com/news/2013/9/20/stephen-king-explains-why-he-still-hates-stanley-kubricks-the-shining
  25. Is the next rampaging mass murder yet another act of someone ostracised by suiciety (a play on words a friend's band coined) This latest California shooting points to a young man who took to venting publically but not nearly well enough to be legally stopped. Let's here some thoughts and opinions on this latest case of violence in the Real World? http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/santa-barbara-killer-parents-raced-stop-receiving-emails-article-1.1805455 It relates to how in some long standing respects, GTA and gamers in general are thought to be desensitized and don't understand how to conduct themselves properly in the Real World. I'm afraid there's some truth even in what we don't wish to hear or acknowledge. My stance is to be a voice for what is right among the gaming community, rather then let the naysayers win in saying one form of entertainment or social distraction should be the scapegoat of blame. Hopefully you'll take that stand with me! Though no blame on this particular case points to video game addiction, it's always something one might think about in passing due to the blighted past of such things. Social outbursts of directing anger in the completely wrong way. Dealing with troubled individuals will continue to plague society so just putting people in jail or ignoring them won't solve the hard issues
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