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  1. I've been off RDR MP mostly due to getting all the way level upped, and many friends in Online left it appears. It was fun seeing them all the time, day after day, joining familiar posses, as it stands, and some of the fun we had showed up on YouTube. Anyway, I still plan to go back, regardless of how bad or boring it might be deemed, after all, if you want true MP poker, only recourse is still Red Dead Red
  2. Since I'd been back at GTAForums, I tried engaging discussion on the Off Topic section, mainly the Walking Dead topic, and express just my thoughts about it, but Otter, a moderator or Led By there, who often clashed with me in the past, he opted to just delete every reply I posted while he was on, posting Anonymously by the way, but his name showed up in posted replies. He even deleted a harmless posted thread about Farrah Abraham and MTV's Sixteen and Pregnant. Like that doesn't fit the topic section, even though it garnered reply as well. You just can't win. My typed posting completely lost, even though I edited it several times beforehand, I found this article to back up some of what I was expressing, Ihttp://matthewpaulturner.com/2013/11/12/why-hershel-might-be-the-most-important-christian-on-tv-walkingdead/ You can read down the page, the reference Hershal makes about the dead risen, yet not seen in this case as an act of God, or the coming of Christ and Salvation. We got into a semi-argument about the reference of Zombie in the actual show, my posted and deleted comment regarded why this might be the case, I still stick by my assumptions but was called out by supposed comments by series creator based more of the graphic novels, which I've not seen or read, so I didn't have a refence there, so sue me, really. An OK discussion point as any if you ask me, supposedly I'm outta line though?!? Here's something of a spoiler to get you amped just the same... http://www.ibtimes.com/walking-dead-season-4-spoilers-episode-15-synopsis-leaked-online-video-photos-us-1562950
  3. Seems Rockstar's neglecting RDR Online multiplayer from what I'd been reading, sounds like a cesspool of cheaters taking over, and trouble even getting into sessions. HELL in MP basically, I hope this is not something still effecting the games. Haven't used game editing, or even been on my consoles in over a month, but I would email Rockstar via their support address, don't use Mouthoff, and have some faith, they should still help all users when they get to your query
  4. We also lost comedian David Brenner, I didn't realize he was still performing, as of late last year!?! They've been playing a lot of Philip Seymour Hoffman films on cable lately, I was really surprised to see him appear in the film When a Man Loves A Woman with Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia. I think the movie title kept me away from it, but I found it highly emotional actually, good film. I was using Wiki as a movie index the past month or so and found lacking in this web posting, the Skipper Bob Hale Jr is also deceased. Sad when you think of all the talent now gone from our World... http://wonderfulwonderblog.blogspot.com/2014_01_01_archive.html
  5. Local news is saying we should be celebrating 25 years of the WWW, The REAL Internet dates back to the 1960s used in Government, but along with Windows, Apple's advances in Telecommunication circa 1984, Mosiac, and other little Bits and Bytes... You could say the Internet as we use and know it spawns from WWW's earliest days in the Inter-connected computer terminals becoming a World Wide connection Network at the glorious speeds of 56K!
  6. Let's try this ever popular favorite from GTAForums again... It's gotten lost in the pages past, so I prefer to reboot it fresh, if you guys can be enticed to take advantage when you're here, and bored, perhaps.... Love Music? Prove it and join in the fun of this thread idea. Try and be open minded as possible, and expound on your reasoning Ratings are 0-1 to 10 as best quality, any contributing musical factors and if you prefer, as I do, go with inbetween numbers at the half way point (4.5 or 6.5 out of 10, for example) To start with, The Three Dog Night...
  7. Ok, this is really titled to mesh both Walking and Talking Dead AMC shows into one thread Missed the first Mid Season return, and at this point, about to come to another finale....so.... Wanna hear from YOU guys about how you think the series is going thus far? During the groups extended stay at the farm, people complained there wasn't enough action, Over the course of the move to the prison.... During that Mid-Season break, the Wiki reads several months are compressed into that gap, there's supposed to be a period of peace and tranquility for the people living in confined safety that the prison afforded, then a normal flu knocks people off. I missed all this, sounds like a helluva lot to get into just one episode, I feel I musta missed more then one, don't know how though. http://www.amctv.com/shows/the-walking-dead/episodes/season-4/30-days-without-an-accident
  8. She was mentioned during the Oscars tribute, but I honestly don't remember Ed Lauter mentioned, travesty. Didn't they neglect honoring Farrah Fawcett when she passed as well? I think it was a timing thing perhaps, in that case, but they made up for it later, or after the fact, when it resulted in something of a backlash.
  9. I've been UNBANNED from GTAForums, no reason given, but guess what, no longer Blacklisted!

  10. I'm going to add addendum here, I read there's some SERIOUS SERIOUS problems with Red Dead Redemption Online modes, both consoles effected. I've not looked into it personally, but it sounds like, from the fan response, that Rockstar have been neglecting an effected server and overrun cheating within the Online World there to assumedly focus their attention on GTAOnline. It's been awhile since upgrades were started and underway for GTAO, but even weeks if not months ago, I posted to Newswire that Rockstar not neglect the need to keep all Online versions of their games supported, or you wind up with a loss of investment like APB, David Jones hope for a GTA Online before Rockstar's GTAO....yet, it just failed repeatedly. Sad, sad thing to see and have to report, a future so far, uncertain.
  11. Lately Nugent's been making headlines with some inflammatory statements about Barack Obama and others who he targets in his soapbox wherever it maybe, Twitter and the like, came on CNN's Out Front to talk about his stance further, actually on as I submit this, to apologize for the words, and his anger on occasion has come to expletives aplenty. He's still railing against what he thinks destroys America in the current trend of things, or media or people in charge's abuses of power. Aaron Burnett he's committing to online for things he might do different, we'll see. I wonder, he's the Nugent, so.... Can he back away from some of the mud-slinging, he's his enigmatic character is still very electric, and amusing, "on CNN"! As he says with ferver. Normally I wouldn't have cable to enjoy segments like this, but Nugent is a genuine character, and more then someone pining for a better United States in which he lives, and we, I do, as well, he's a World force in music, and he just HAD to respond to the idiot statements in the past week calling him a "has been". Before this interview, I was driven to seek out CNN's segment on YouTube and leave a comment about that "Has been" statement as well, and how Ted's worship of roots rock is testament that he is not a racist. Something he cleared up on Out Front, but there was also some mis-understandings I believe didn't have time to be resolved, but in some ways, people in politics or media as a career might equate Ted Nugent's importance to that of Donald Trump being involved in politics, but there's some truth that they want a better America. One thing's true, the USA and World events are still so very precarious and at odds, things we hoped could be resolved upon elections and re-elections. Things that lack humor, but Grand Theft Auto is sure to pick up on some if not most of these things for further continuing satire.
  12. A landmark celebrity comic talent legend of modern comedy, his works numerous and all very funny, has passed away. Yet again, I think, far too soon, but he did give us a respectible body of work, so that's there to enjoy for countless years to come. RIP http://www.today.com/entertainment/harold-ramis-ghostbusters-star-dead-69-2D12156583
  13. Chris, ban this Spambot, M'kay, buddy?? As far as fan art, contributions, I'm actually rather sick of the fan's focus on Trevor, of all the characters, the most OUT THERE persona of current GTA protags, it's understandable to SOME degree about his popularity, but I just think it's too heavily focused on him. I prefer balance in a game that offers more then one protagonist for the first time
  14. Hi again, partners in Cyber GTA crime.... I'd like to hear from fellow online fanatics, how have the past few months been with regard to your experience with GTA's changes upon cheaters handing out free cash bags unsolicited, and many on Rockstars site cried out for a lenient policing hand to stand in and deal with accessive cheating. I've been paying for gaming online yet, also paying for cable TV now, been enjoying that after more then 5 years, and closer to 10 without any premium TV access (other then family) It's taken me on hiatus from gaming, but not before I indulged some of the windfall within XB Live. In PSN I was able to maintain my own cash flow without seeing the out of hand monetary cheating that seems to afflict both console versions. I heard from one GTAC friend so far, about his experience he believe Rockstar have stepped in and made some corrective changes. I'll be anxious to see what this means for my own gaming account, I bought some upgrades, tucked them away in my GTAO garage and left the game for an entire month! Don't know what will come of corrective changes with my gaming so far, but that's what I'd like to field responses from in this topic....
  15. Xfinity cable I have offers FREE On Demand as part of my service, that's what I've been enjoying Music and Movies!!

  16. Hi Sorry about Mr. Spambot offering more useless posting garbage, Damn those trolls. I have bought my own USED copy of GTA IV but haven't installed it just yet, I do plan to do that ASAP now I am getting TWO gaming laptops up and running in the past month (upcoming as well) I don't do much online gaming other then PSN and XBL console though, so I suspect Social Club tied into GTA IV is part of your concern. I mentioned the key thing is sharing stats cross-platform, whether running the game or not you can use Rock's SC to keep up with all GTA gamers too
  17. Well, I got my Xmas money, for real, and went on an eBay parts auction shopping spree, so even though I got billed the other day for Xbox Live (it's now automated since I initiated a payment electronically via Xbox dashboard last year) I've been off the system to play PS3, and not the old 360 or GTAOnline What that means is I've pretty much been taking a hiatus from gaming on PS3 and Xbox, but I successfully assembled two PS3 systems completely which both suffered from needed new optical drives, and couldn't be happier about that, spent no more then $75 on each and they work like new! My other projects were gaming laptops for the new generation of PC games, still behind current tech, but getting some decent hardware for sure! I agree that this is better then Beach Bum, but it could also point to the truth that Rockstar haven't been resting on their laurels .... They promised new and exciting additions in 2014, and the year has JUST begun, folks! It takes time to build quality....anything!
  18. Beatles Annivesary celebration! 50 years of the British Invasion

  19. To avoid the same confusion as before, in the GTA4 topic, you're referring to Hot Coffee as originally appeared within San Andreas as an adult mini-game? According to Jacked, it was Sam Houser's idea and/or intent to have Hot Coffee come out without regard of the ratings board in the USA, and of course, the ratings effect games and other media differently World wide. The book Jacked is somewhat unsubstantiated because all non bias negative press against Rockstar was ignored and a lot of what fans even pose in question to Rockstar Games directly will remain unanswered. They're more guarded of their 'empire' then perhaps, ever before. The reason is as I stated previously, Rockstar are the 'black sheep' in video gaming. They've been outsiders since the company revamped from DMA origins. (Direct Mind Access) As I understand it, I think Sam had been open to offering two versions perhaps, and catering to an unrated and MATURE version, even though M or Mature qualifies most games in the USA for adult purchase. They obviously denied any connection since it was attempted to be hidden once SA came out officially
  20. Found a nice interview giving insight to UFO upon release of their last Seven Deadly successful album. This was some time ago, in September of 2013, reports from several sites said Pete Way of UFO had Prostate Cancer, which he's battling with kind words from fans, last report from January 4th of this year. He says a new album is in mixing stages for release later this year, Walking On The Edge. http://hardrockhaven.net/online/2012/02/andy-parker-of-ufo/
  21. Music streamed to TV via HDMI off laptop, works nice!

  22. I have the PC version, but it demanded more PC resources then GTA IV PC version. I imagine you're referring to Social Club software linking local installs with the online. You don't need to actually engage Social Club to play a localized game (offline most times), the main reason to have SC software included is for Multiplayer when available and to share the stats with other SC members
  23. Not only did Philip Seymour Hoffman succumb and relapse to a former hard drug addiction that ended his life earlier today... but we lost living legend Hollywood veteran Maximilian Schell. Oddly, not long ago I was watching End of the Game in which he directed, early in the 1970s and featuring a young Jon Voight. Maybe you remember The Black Hole film as a kid. As Star Wars did what it set out to do and inspired more big screen sci fi films
  24. Last bit of news I saw said he got released and allowed back in the USA, not extradited back to Canada, where he belongs....but some of his celeb fans think he better get some help, we just lost two more Hollywood legends, not to suggest he's in their league, he's a YouTube phenom, not much more! hahaha
  25. How is grammatically correct even important? It's subjective, I type as I would speak (my thoughts) Not writing a book or college thesis. The OP as in Original Poster needs his chance to expound on why and what he's posting, don't bother trying to defend your argument since I explained myself and there's simply no need to go on with this. Consider the matter settled. Trying to pick apart all of my posting is creating an air of inhospitality. That's something I'm not trying to solicit, but it seems you certainly have it in your head to do so, from the postings you made rather then admitting my comments about modding as it stands in reality are correct as well. Hot Coffee is a Rockstar mini sex game hidden within GTA San An. That is again, FACT. I'm right about the facts surrounding it. Patrick Wildenberg's mod software reverses the revised editions I believe or unlocked the original, I'm a little unclear on that historically, but if you're a long time fan of GTA, you'll remember store shelves becoming devoid of San Andreas as Rockstar was forced to pull retail copies as they originally shipped. What was written to unlock the second edition is also referred to as a mod. The way I see it and still do, unless you think a better term applies
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