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  1. Sony has a long history of trying to break new ground as Apple does, create in their hopes a paradigm shift in consumer's favorite electronic brand devices. While it would seem PS4 is doing really well up against Xbox One, PS Vita is languishing. Software reports along with any new news is fleeting, yet they remain rather high priced in the used market, and the evolution since 2005 has been a good one but I feel it's come up short and the main area is no Rockstar announcement of support yet. Along with your input regarding the handheld market, which I'd like to see posting about, how is your game systems in use holding up? Any Yellow or Red light of death or E74 like errors plaguing anyone in the past year or so??
  2. Star Wars movie set to break ALL TIME GROSS!!

  3. Is anyone modding the old games still?? And I have to wonder about all these self-promotion posts when not long ago, an invasion of Spambots were attacking gaming forums. I'd say separate yourself from the no personality Spambots and don't just use the site as a billboard promotion tool, take part and add some personal perspective postings.
  4. Motorhead founder, the legendary Lemmy or Lem for short has died this week, pretty much ending the musical legacy with yet another original (or prime lineup member) passing away, not long ago I mentioned and posted Philthy Animal Taylor passed away.... Lemmy joins him and guitarist Wurzel with his son surviving him and any family we don't know about (See VH1's LEMMY documentary for details) I was moved by the comments on YouTube and added my own, to a recent, one of the last, interviews with Lemmy about the Paris terrorist attacks, having just played there in the months prior. You could tell Lemmy Kilmister was suffering from something effecting his health, it was dreaded cancer again. A recent USA PBS special about the race for a Cancer cure does shed some hope that is just not here yet, but appears close on an effective solution for many suffering through chemo
  5. A rebuttel since I'd been on a bit of hiatus, the reason I accuse GTAForums of any wrong doing is solely on their staff's conduct, not so much the users, though I was treated bad by a few of them as well, without any similar conduct on my side of things, I was accused falsely of things I didn't do and being something I'm not... Until that becomes rectified by their actions, I hold on to the grudge against them, the ball is clearly in their court. I'm not the only one banned on a semi annual or lifetime basis as they say, either, so I'm not alone, but I'll bet you dollars to donuts, someone will always remember me in their annual poll... Most missed member of GTAForums. I was there for 9 years, and just about 10 in all! I can't pretend my tenure there accounts for nothing and the past doesn't matter. The future looks bleak to me in more then just gaming forums, but life in general. The best times I've had are in my past. that being said, I hope not, since that would be another dreary 30 odd years to look forward to!! I just demand the truth be known, if all you hear is their side (being banned kinda does that by default), you don't get it. About Xbone... I see what you mean now, it wasn't obvious to me for some reason, I use the shorthand XB360, but use the long form for Xbox One, or you could just type Xb1, XB1, or XBOX1
  6. Coming back to my second if not first favorite Rockstar franchise.... We know there's a strong fan base like me, who want more of the franchise, but would love just some news on any progress and what of RDR and GTA on Sony PS-Vita. My question is a current one though, what are you guys doing with Red Dead Red? Do you revisit the game at present? I did to see my saved games stored progress, for Undead Nightmare and RDR, and I found one USB dongle of saved games in two profiles... nearly a year apart.... early 2015 to this past month, wow! Still, I did take nearly a year off from GTAOnline as well due to the incessant cheating that was going on last year (over this same Holiday period) Well, I still think the Red Dead universe is unequaled in many ways, for it's majestic blend of nature and AI, it's large open expanse that plays in the rural feel of new America, and that it looks damn good for last generation in HiDef!! One of the things that I often reflect on is my experience with RDR Online and the idea that Rockstar want to keep at improving and polishing existing Online for GTA, their biggest endeavor as such which during it's release made sense, but over a lifetime of gaming will become something completely different over time. What of old RDR Online as an experience from it's inception through to it's old hat feel... Been There, Done That. I got into it about 5 months into it's debut, people were only just starting to attack anyone and everyone and things did get worse before getting better. Not to keep going over the same ground, but one thing that did prompt this new thread is to ask about the dedicated site at one time for RDR here or LA Noire? I think there was one, and I recall GTAForums did the same for RDR
  7. I come back from a night at work and hear about the very tragic day of terror in San Bernadino California, WTH?!!? People need to check themselves before they wreck themselves....and others. Any ideas why anger is boiling over into deadly violence more then ever? What upside is I don't see video games coming under attack as a scapegoat, as they once did. BTW, Trevor, I'm sure we can agree on a number of things, if you find what I'm saying at most times is based on facts of life learned after nearly 50 years on the planet, buddy! I didn't just fall off the turnip truck and think I know it all... When you're adding two cents via online, you're likely not fact checking all you say, you can be wrong at any given time.... Anywho, want to say Obama's move has always been to try and get US Forces back home, several US media outlets just the past two days or so talked well on the subject of how you combat foreign sectarian tribal forces in a land geography they know better then we do, where the politics of a system by the people for the people is highly flawed if it even exists at all, by fighting a clear enemy force, the area in question then becomes a vacuum filled back in with something just as bad, in some sense or another, democracy across the World cannot realistically exist it also would seem, but something the US always expresses favoritism towards. I think the USA would find it easier to deal with Countries in other areas of the World if they were under a Democratic rule. It's been said some of the forces trained but unwilling to fight ISIL-ISIS saw them as a lesser of two evils, but I encourage anyone to see CNN's special report that's been put out on the ISIS threat, it was amazingly well done and explains better the events that shaped their success in the vacuum after the last wars. It's also worth noting any new raised generation can make a concerted effort to turn the tide toward Peace. I do believe borders need more checking safe guards then ever before, but to not refuse helping those in real need, it's why we have troops staged in various parts of the World, for average people who are under oppression or worse!
  8. What is it with you guys/gals and 'Xbone' slang usage? I never use other people's cute attempts to invent new words, as far as I'm concerned, it's more confusing then not. Anything for the Xbox could be coined with some arbitrary name, and at any time, so I'd have no idea to what you refer, just as example. I'd seen that word used in Xbox Live messaging from someone in my list of friends..... Just as an aside though,.... related to XBL and adding Friends. via PSN as well.... I ran into some trouble a long while ago, I was not able to add a certain number of gaming friends because there appeared to be a cap on that amount, other times some people who I'd friended canceled their association so that on my end, their contact dropped off the XBL menu system as a contact, Never know the intent of the person in doing so, but it seems the only way to reach them at that point is again criss-crossing them in an associated online game. I have other instances where people I played with briefly in GTA or RDR are in my friends group when I get back online, but we never associate in any common frequent fashion.... I'm still REALLY puzzled by that and why it happens from the other person's perspective, and I'd like to known what you guys think about account assocation management, in other words Friending fellow gamers for future online play events, presumably, or even the odd contact with them using PSN or XBL.? Also, as an additional aside, what do you think of terrorists using gaming accounts to plan terrorist attacks and staying 'off the radar' of police, FBI, or other failsafes against crime? The report I saw suggest that fellow gamers should report things like this they see or hear that raised red flags, but would they take it upon themselves to do so??
  9. I'll get a PS4 first for it's killer app Uncharted 4, when the recession began, no one new how long or how bad, I spent my last work check on the PS3, and since then I think I owned 3 of those and countless RROD and semi-working Xbox360s, Just one ONE would be nice, but I hear both are non-backward compatible. Shame that. As for GTAForums, I really don't bother lurking or thinking too much about the lost stature, Demarest also remains banned, so don't feel too bad, he was probably the most notable banned member because when I joined, he was very much active and in demand. He's one of the first people I PM'd at GTAF! BTW, Nate, I'm not wrong at all about how I was treated by GTAForums staff, I remember the times all too well, my friend, believe me, they DO NOT CARE about you as a lowly member, the power as admin and staff they have goes straight to their heads, and that's unjust by any standard... not childish, my friend, but a word from the wise... a few words actually
  10. What kind of a God or Religion practices intolerance and cruelty? I know some of you are Atheists, but still with no proof you can provide against having Faith or that there is no Divinity.... I boil it down to Good Evil or Love and Hate. Their Hatred to Christianity and everything else is poison of the human soul.. I pray for healing for those all effected and to those diseffected who empathize with twisted ideology, you're wrong. COMPLETELY wrong. As I see it and always have, something resides outside the realm of man, as humans, men and woman, you YES YOU..... cannot determine what, who, or how that is meant to be served other then good is the way to strive for. Build up, do not tear down. It's much easier a path to hate and destroy it would appear. To do so is NOT RELIGION in any way, shape, or form, and it's certainly not aspiring to all that's good in man... (I speak of all humans, and what they SHOULD endeavor to do) World Peace maybe impossible, but everyone can make their own effort towards that goal to try and make it seem possible!! The idea that ISIS - ISIL is moving terrorists aka religious zealots between countries with refugees is morally repugnant. I don't want to disrespect any of the mass victims in the most recent assualt or prior ones, but I do believe one cannot be passive to their threat.
  11. So so sad to hear of another fallen soldier of Metal, drummer of the seminal MOTORHEAD.... Filthy Phil Taylor..... http://pbs.twimg.com/media/CTpJlfTWsAAP_NS.jpg http://www.extremethedojo.com/news/data/upfile/539-1.jpg A true Heavy Metal Legend, man, no one can fill Filthy's shoes. He will be missed for sure!! Lemmy's still with us, but earlier lost his good friend and band mate Wurzel.
  12. I was afraid of the push to new consoles for this game and all others to follow, hastens the demise of the current consoles everyone has access to, the brightside is the PC first time and double dippers, or in my case, trying to get every format in most cases, and fewer games overall, just the best titles for the medium. It's inevitable that I and others will gravitate to the new consoles, but the next GTA is rather far off it appears, likely 2 years down the line from now. Just how much incentive DLC and ONLINE only will hold over GTA5 players already versed in the universe.... I am always of the mindset single player offline falls flat still, at this point and the main incentive of online anygame is the interaction with other real players, content not so much
  13. October 21st, 2015..... Back to the Future came about this past week, and much humor was gleaned as a result, and I loved it! I feel along with Indiana Jones and Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, you cannot deny the iconic culture status that Bob Zemekis' and Bob Gale's genius for Hollywood movie making, not only that but have to include Jurassic Park and even The Terminator into movie series beloved World wide. In case you blinked though, you might have missed it.... radio here in USA, Minnesota, a lot of stations touched on the subject. In the odd real person comedy A Million ways to Die in the West with Seth McFarlane playing the rare comedic lead, he walks through the Western setting town at night when he happens on a barn lit up at night, in it is Doc Emmett Brown and the iconic (one of them, anyway) DeLorean covered in a tarp while hiding the time machine, it's a great comic tie in to be honest, but just happened to be airing on HBO the past month or so, while the reprized characters included Michael J. Fox on Jimmy Kimmel to close out the historic day, if you missed it, hopefully it's airing on streaming media for you to catch again,,, going 'back in time'! hahaha
  14. You simply won't be able to mod special use vehicles, and the mods have and will likely remain severely limited because of the vast coding already required for GTA as a complete sandbox game, the mods are limited now, make no mistake. You typically only have two custom options per item!!
  15. Taking us back quite aways aren't ya? To address this, my question is this the Darko or whomever I remember being the key character removed? Since what I remember there was traces of programmed content within the game that was discovered by the clever hackers...er, modders!??!
  16. How about they don't try to compete with them? Sort of like how humans don't compete with slugs. What I mean is for all time sales leader, not the best AI or best graphics, or even fun factor, which are all important, mind you. As far as setting the game, it's evolving content status we've seen actually compliments changing topics as far as radio audio additions, where parody or satire is key for the underpinnings of GTA
  17. Your thoughts on the current migration crisis, and in the USA, debates that are very heated also concerning immigration reform. What does the future hold for you and your families....?? A lot of young people are gaming types, but you don't like to spend a lot of time with real world frustrations, I know myself, I used to HATE politics with a passion, but during the current election Stateside, it's been the most interesting race for the 2016 Presidency in our lifetime in fact!! Since the Syria and surrounding crisis does appear related to ISIS / ISIL, what are your thoughts on that front? I can see regular folk wishing to escape any and all conflict, but the war against them must be fought, and Russia's hand is not all that appreciated, and how to deal with military threats in Korea, China, and Russia, Syria, the Middle East.... looking for your input, and feelings on the matter, if they change at all, post here why they have
  18. I was set to make a new topic, but this is still at the top, and always on my mind while I play GTAs, what is Rockstar planning as far as moving locations, the mech of the game changing, and mostly, how do they compete with Halo and Call of Duty to sweep the all time sales and record books!!!!! Here's a site promising updates even, and it does detail....scrolling down, the process of game building Rockstar still seem to use, as it allows the map and story to congeal into a workable test and game 'gone Gold' IIRC, production ready for millions of fans and users to enter..... http://www.trustedreviews.com/news/gta-6-release-date-news-gameplay-story-trailers-and-wishlist
  19. GTA SIX!! Anyone? Red Dead 3! haha

  20. Ok, not really GFX orientated but I did take commercial art after High School, I'm wondering why there's such a public presence of Instagram? Could it be tie ins to other large Social Media sites? One reason I'm asking is I basically didn't join sites just because of popularity but AOL initially based on the large celebrity presence, I thought that pretty interesting and never lost favor with their email client. When I heard there was Malware threat effecting the site, I opted to stay away, obviously with the continued popularity, it's assumedly safe, what's your thinking about the site, safety in use and how convenient it actually is?
  21. I don't really concentrate too hard on which song is playing because I know they'll cycle over at some point, but often when radio in-game listening, I'll be enjoying a favorite on one station genre, and switching to another soon after, I find I missed the one I like because they seem to counter each other (same cycle time frame) damn the luck! hahaha
  22. $300 dollars for a large tablet to haul around instead of a laptop is why.... but you'd have to spend more on a gaming laptop obviously... the question is what hardware and OS spec is really a good one for a game like GTA where Rockstar's games have a hard time running on hardware and or OS where somethings amiss, Also, I'm not here to extol the virtue of all handhelds, that's not the intent of this topic, what I'm interested in is knowing the cut off, what side I maybe on. Right now the phone I have, the M840 ...just double-checked... (Prevail II falls into the model range when Googled, late or mid 2013 vintage) can be an effective gaming phone. Remember, the game itself was intended from the start to cater to the Nintendo DS exclusively, whereas a game for PS Vita would be much much, MUCH better!!! Here's the phone I got upgrading my previous NON-Smartphone.... http://www.bestbuy.com/site/boost-mobile-samsung-galaxy-prevail-2-no-contract-cell-phone-white/8918214.p?id=1218946988342&skuId=8918214
  23. On Decades TV (CBS over the air digital SD) Their hour long weekday retrospective touched on the coin op arcade one day last month, among a number of tech reports coinciding with history, that report marked the end of popularity for the coin up (quarters, anyone) era in gaming, to which you may think where have they gone?? Well, rec rooms for one thing, and amusement arcades do still exist in limited number. If you reside outside of the USA, please comment on your local area's arcade presence, it'd be interesting to note. The reason I bring it to mind is that the coin op is the original ROLLS ROYCE method of gaming, all home attempts from the 70s to the 1990s were living in their mighty shadow, but the allure for home gaming was destined to move the popularity elsewhere. There will NEVER be a substitute for the premium gaming experience, or other
  24. Taking this outside the realm of the gaming forum because I have a particular line of inquiry about Smartphone, or iPhone use of a game designed for Nintendo DS in particular and firstly brought to the PSP. The idea of a touchscreen does translate to the game I believe, though I never got to owning one.... Now armed with a Smartphone from Samsung (their venerable Galaxy series) Being a bottom end phone however, sold on eBay working for only $30 bucks, it's actually a way that the hardware and game cost you hardly anything compared to other game systems. The problem is my specs appear right on the threshold of what's required for a game like GTA, even a basic translation like CTW It uses Qualcomm's dual core processor known as Snapdragon, and the Android OS Jellybean, which is just on the verge of Google listed OS revisions I believe, and a low memory onboard of 2-4GB of RAM, while allowing miniSD cards, the gaming aspect is likely to require the internal RAM for quick processing in default install operation. So, anyone go with the phone version and can offer their insights and findings? Do so here, and we'll hopefully get the info for future reference
  25. Fear the Walking Dead... Walking Dead on AMC!! heck yeah

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