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  1. My original gripe seems bearing fruit when there's no news of Rockstar Games focusing on much else, other then online games, events and minor tweaks to GTA Online. I get it, I know why it's focus is such, but it cannot be all consuming as an endeavor for the company. I ask for your opinion and how you'd effectively voice concern. Are you up to letting Rockstar know you wish for more future gaming avenues??
  2. I live in Minnesota USA We just lost our beloved 'native son' Prince. Not sure why, but I lost a close friend BECAUSE he was a Jehovah's Witness.. I don't shun religion without good reason, and I believe some of the thought process is misplaced in that regard, like Steve Jobs, belief in a way of life didn't prolong it ultimately. Health concerns and proper doctor care probably contributed to his untimely passing in his mid 50s Also lost this month; Merle Haggard Keith Emerson of ELP, Emerson, Lake and Powell (also RIP) and Emerson, Lake and Palmer. We also lost electric guitar legend, much unheralded Lonnie Mack! Times certainly are changing for the worst if you ask me No one seems worthy of carrying on their music and art
  3. Hello??? Anyone there watching The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead????!! I know posting to my own post is not kosher, but so is missing Trevor's acting debut in person, GTA 5 Celeb on the hottest TV series in years!! Are you all SLEEPING or what? Oh, and I will start up threads for the new Game of Thrones season and Fear TWD on AMC - HBO. If you don't have cable or DVD access, I can forgive you, I guess
  4. picked up and repaired a dell Studio 1555 this week!

  5. It's been too long since we've chatted about The Walking Dead, seems last post was about last season, in fact! I hoped we'd get some of the same comments and thoughts that GTAF gets on the really popular shows.... at the very least. When I noted that Steven Ogg was debuting last night on The Walking Dead, I thought there's nearly no better 'world' for his like to operate in as a variation on GTA 5's Trevor Philips!! I wondered who even noticed since the Talking Dead with Chris Hardwick failed to mention him! Damn, I'm flabbergasted about that. On the show you had Scott Gimple and creator Robert Kirkman give aiding insight into what Season 6 represents and a perhaps, major turning point in the series thus far. Kirkman suggests even, that the series could continue for seasons to come, making it sound like a long near 10 year run for the Walking Dead original series could happen. I recall Scott G or someone else detailing that an end for it had already been thought out, that the comics and TV series would align at certain points and perhaps end at the same juncture. That's anyone's guess... As is who of Rick's group paid the ultimate price for interfering with the Saviors and the Hilltop Community's unsavory relationship. What we do know is that both Rick's group and Hilltop Community with 'Jesus', they're not very scary people surviving at the end of the day, they know they have to fight hostiles and they battle that morality all the time, of which we see Carol struggling most this season, so it seems. I am already convinced, and I'll say I'd bet that the one in our group since season 1 to finally be dispatched is non other then..... (SPOILER ALERT..... or is it??) I'm convinced since the show aired that it's our group's leader, although others at GTAF pointed out the Cliffhanger ending was a major disappointment for them, not for me. Kirkman mentioned clues as to who is dispatched from Our Group... and I think those clues were references to Carl more then anyone else, and obviously asking who the group's leader is. Others (that other forum I wish to remain nameless) mentioned that the lead protagonist cannot die in a series.... that's illogical from a writer's standpoint anyway, the idea of suspense and challenging your readers... or viewers, is that you expect one thing, and get another. SURPRISE!!
  6. Appreciate you staying on it, Chris, however my 'terminal thorn in my side'.... yes, you, ...above....^ let's give all the attitude and insults a rest, there's no need, or call for them. I purposefully took a lengthy break from posting.... much... where are you all??!
  7. As posted in thoughts sidebar, I used a gift cert from my folks to get the Brady Guide, normally $25 USD IIRC, I got for $10 USD from a local bookseller. In the back, surprised to see Hidden Packages did return in the form of cash reserves hidden at wreck sites around the map, most all under water. I didn't hear of this other then a printed 'secret' about one such location offshore from the Tennis courts along the West Coast. I think this was a guide online that was official, but had not noted the other locations, a nice surprise considering in all my exploring, I was blissfully unaware. The early guide (not BRADY) advised of switching characters at such locations for another attempt at the same stash, I never got this to work, as a cheat, I suppose, but it seems it must follow a particular order to work successfully. Either way, the guide officially shows multiple locations, you likely are aware already, there are differing stashes of weapons at each as well! For nearly 2 weeks as well, a used GTA V for PC has been on sale at a local Goodwill, Looking at grabbing that eventually, but worried about registration, can you re-register the PC version of GTA V the same as IV??
  8. I would advise staff and all legit visitors that my Antivirus upgrade, trusted complicity .... warns me away from these forums because there are Phishing website links present, could be mod links people may want you visiting, or their game-play exploits that will ultimately harm your own computer in the process... Even if they are blissfully unaware and unprotected. I would say the Spambots to be sure, are nothing but harmful and annoying. Just surf here with EXTREME CAUTION!! This is not an idle threat or a false positive. We've seen the spambotting going on across the board, typically postings originating outside the USA and UK. That said, I hope Chris, webmaster and staff can pay some attention and hopefully remove these current threats. I like to feel safe clicking on something. Also, I took a slight hiatus on these forums to allow other posters to get a 'word in edgewise' I'm still around ... however! HAHA
  9. Going to cave in and get a GTA5 Brady Guide... can you blame me, though??

  10. Two hours within logging in and hoping for some real news about GTA from Rockstar, it appears finally some Android gaming for GTA Stories is long last on the horizon, it already feels anti-climactic like it already happened though....
  11. Rockstar news into the new year still centers on fan art and updates for GTAOnline, nothing new really. I didn't see any other mentions on this subject elsewhere, but I believe Rockstar and all, ALL game producers to be foolish if with new gen consoles and Intel AMD hardware for PCs, throw in the towel over their company roster of employees. The fact is, the hardware is better then ever, the games hint at great promise, I doubt anyone would want to cash in their chips based on the future of gaming versus the talent pool, that I'm sure will have to grow based on sheer size of the work, case in point being GTAOnline and Rockstar's other games. The actor from Vice City is the main wrinkle in the ointment regarding pay for services rendered, Thomas Vercetti lead voice talent; Ray Liotta http://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/Ray-Liotta/ He found out afterwards, of course, how much money the game would be making. Burt Reynolds also a hero for many kids my age, he managed to be a problem working with in the production stages.... but without them, GTA's Vice City would not be as awesomely great as it is, Rockstar had the right idea, adding known talent to older generational games upped the value of entertainment. Just as licensing real tracks did for it's radio and TV
  12. Saw Mad Max on HBO, up for 10 awards of something!?!!

    1. BlackListedB


      or, typo... instead of OF. Saw it on a news 'crawl'

  13. Spider V, I'm sure you've known me for some time, I consider you a vet of GTAF from way back, I got warned for continuing to denounce them, but I do want my voice heard, not because I like stirring the shite, but because I care DEEPLY for video gaming as a whole, and I ALWAYS want to express that, Not sit idly by while people are being mean to their fellow gamers, I take up arms for all the good gamers out there, And I will continue what's honest in my heart, that's that all that's said negatively about video gaming in the past just isn't so, it is as Rockstar also see it, worthy of art along-side film and music. Oh, and staff of TGTAP, I'll keep more comments about GTAforums to YouTube, I am thinking of releasing some video of their antics I did record on my channel at some point. Out of major respect for Trip Mills and others there though, I did refrain from doing so in the past. It just irks me to no end though, Taking people's voices away, from something that should be fun and enjoyable... Nothing More, Nothing Less.... Bottom Line.
  14. I see more rude people on the bus every day then I do on concert stages, Fame always can effect just about anyone, but I don't really see that enter the award catagory. The punk scene always had tongue in cheek jovial responses between performer and audience, it just appears shocking from an outsider's perspective. I personally want to see anyone maintaining a 30 to 50 year career in music and film be awarded something in their lifetime. And honored in their passing as well. It's seemingly sadly lacking these days. Just to add, I missed this reply last year, so this is a late heartfelt rebuttel of sorts. I feel strongly about everyone who puts their all into their art being honored for sticking with it, and improving the fans' lives
  15. Hey all, so sad to report what you've already heard, I'm sure. David Bowie died of terminal cancer he'd known about for nearly a year. A RS online article (IIRC) states from a close friend that David was handling the matter without any sign of fear, outwardly at least, and some enthusiasm to follow up his latest project of the last 12 or more months, Dark Star, with another studio album, however, tragically, he died before he could do it. He did however get some demos apparently readied for the project, not on his latest album, we may see those at some point..... Also happening this past week, we lost acclaimed actor Alan Rickman. Really sad news this new year.... Along with Lemmy of Motorhead, all appear to have died around the age of 70. My folks turned 76 this year, and that worries me more then ever, they're getting up there in that bracket .... The Golden Years. God Bless, David ;Jones; Bowie.... We'll miss your one of a kind artistry,.... Forever!!
  16. Agreed it's a major loss, a few key people who've been picked as spokesmen for Rockstar in the days of better gaming press, we got to know them for their candid remarks on Rockstar's secretive operations, and their noted credits in all Rockstar products, but also, as one of the lead people in the transition from Direct Mind Access software to Rockstar North as it was in the early 2000s. The sad thing is even though we respect the builders, It's been Sam Houser's stated mission to let the games speak for themselves, rather then Rockstar speaking for and about their games. We wish him well, but like Hennig leaving Naughty Dog not long ago, I have great hopes that both their input and aspirations continue to inspire both companies as a whole. Just as we hope Apple honors Steve Jobs in the years ahead, without his presence. I'll say this, I know the reports of harsh working conditions at Rockstar as a whole, it also caused internal friction for some time, most notably with Hot Coffee, since not everyone at the company was really onboard for the fallout and the way it went down, some left due to ever increasing pressure. I also believe the pressure is outward in the sense of keeping the A list titles from back-sliding in popularity. Bill Wyman left the Rolling Stones because he says he'd rather go out on a high and not hang in there to suffer any coming down point from the dreams of success he was able to realise in the band. Leaving on good terms but with a desire to do something else, and perhaps step out of the pressure cooker environment that both industries can be.
  17. Forgot Scott Weiland of STP and Velvet Revolver also died last month, in MN sadly

  18. I'd set up my Xbox Live billing using Paypal and then the automatic method withdrall happened for about a year and a half if not longer, that adds up to 12 months, 10 dollars a month, then weeks ago a co-worker - boss at my new job who happens to be an active gamer as well, he suggested the seemingly spendy 1 year scratch off cards still come up cheaper then having auto-billing regularily as I was doing it, the less troublesome method as I could afford it for awhile, but then I had to set up my bank and PP, more then one payment was made to Microsoft in a week or two time, and it basically 'bounced', as such, it was canceled and no further billing took place, so it appears, I had no idea what happened, since I did have enough to make one 10 dollar USD payment in a month, but not in a week or earlier then my pay-day, the buying of a XBL scratch card is the earliest method I used to game online and I can see how going back to that is not a bad idea, since I would be saving money with either term (3 months or 12)
  19. Sony has a long history of trying to break new ground as Apple does, create in their hopes a paradigm shift in consumer's favorite electronic brand devices. While it would seem PS4 is doing really well up against Xbox One, PS Vita is languishing. Software reports along with any new news is fleeting, yet they remain rather high priced in the used market, and the evolution since 2005 has been a good one but I feel it's come up short and the main area is no Rockstar announcement of support yet. Along with your input regarding the handheld market, which I'd like to see posting about, how is your game systems in use holding up? Any Yellow or Red light of death or E74 like errors plaguing anyone in the past year or so??
  20. Star Wars movie set to break ALL TIME GROSS!!

  21. Is anyone modding the old games still?? And I have to wonder about all these self-promotion posts when not long ago, an invasion of Spambots were attacking gaming forums. I'd say separate yourself from the no personality Spambots and don't just use the site as a billboard promotion tool, take part and add some personal perspective postings.
  22. Motorhead founder, the legendary Lemmy or Lem for short has died this week, pretty much ending the musical legacy with yet another original (or prime lineup member) passing away, not long ago I mentioned and posted Philthy Animal Taylor passed away.... Lemmy joins him and guitarist Wurzel with his son surviving him and any family we don't know about (See VH1's LEMMY documentary for details) I was moved by the comments on YouTube and added my own, to a recent, one of the last, interviews with Lemmy about the Paris terrorist attacks, having just played there in the months prior. You could tell Lemmy Kilmister was suffering from something effecting his health, it was dreaded cancer again. A recent USA PBS special about the race for a Cancer cure does shed some hope that is just not here yet, but appears close on an effective solution for many suffering through chemo
  23. A rebuttel since I'd been on a bit of hiatus, the reason I accuse GTAForums of any wrong doing is solely on their staff's conduct, not so much the users, though I was treated bad by a few of them as well, without any similar conduct on my side of things, I was accused falsely of things I didn't do and being something I'm not... Until that becomes rectified by their actions, I hold on to the grudge against them, the ball is clearly in their court. I'm not the only one banned on a semi annual or lifetime basis as they say, either, so I'm not alone, but I'll bet you dollars to donuts, someone will always remember me in their annual poll... Most missed member of GTAForums. I was there for 9 years, and just about 10 in all! I can't pretend my tenure there accounts for nothing and the past doesn't matter. The future looks bleak to me in more then just gaming forums, but life in general. The best times I've had are in my past. that being said, I hope not, since that would be another dreary 30 odd years to look forward to!! I just demand the truth be known, if all you hear is their side (being banned kinda does that by default), you don't get it. About Xbone... I see what you mean now, it wasn't obvious to me for some reason, I use the shorthand XB360, but use the long form for Xbox One, or you could just type Xb1, XB1, or XBOX1
  24. Coming back to my second if not first favorite Rockstar franchise.... We know there's a strong fan base like me, who want more of the franchise, but would love just some news on any progress and what of RDR and GTA on Sony PS-Vita. My question is a current one though, what are you guys doing with Red Dead Red? Do you revisit the game at present? I did to see my saved games stored progress, for Undead Nightmare and RDR, and I found one USB dongle of saved games in two profiles... nearly a year apart.... early 2015 to this past month, wow! Still, I did take nearly a year off from GTAOnline as well due to the incessant cheating that was going on last year (over this same Holiday period) Well, I still think the Red Dead universe is unequaled in many ways, for it's majestic blend of nature and AI, it's large open expanse that plays in the rural feel of new America, and that it looks damn good for last generation in HiDef!! One of the things that I often reflect on is my experience with RDR Online and the idea that Rockstar want to keep at improving and polishing existing Online for GTA, their biggest endeavor as such which during it's release made sense, but over a lifetime of gaming will become something completely different over time. What of old RDR Online as an experience from it's inception through to it's old hat feel... Been There, Done That. I got into it about 5 months into it's debut, people were only just starting to attack anyone and everyone and things did get worse before getting better. Not to keep going over the same ground, but one thing that did prompt this new thread is to ask about the dedicated site at one time for RDR here or LA Noire? I think there was one, and I recall GTAForums did the same for RDR
  25. I come back from a night at work and hear about the very tragic day of terror in San Bernadino California, WTH?!!? People need to check themselves before they wreck themselves....and others. Any ideas why anger is boiling over into deadly violence more then ever? What upside is I don't see video games coming under attack as a scapegoat, as they once did. BTW, Trevor, I'm sure we can agree on a number of things, if you find what I'm saying at most times is based on facts of life learned after nearly 50 years on the planet, buddy! I didn't just fall off the turnip truck and think I know it all... When you're adding two cents via online, you're likely not fact checking all you say, you can be wrong at any given time.... Anywho, want to say Obama's move has always been to try and get US Forces back home, several US media outlets just the past two days or so talked well on the subject of how you combat foreign sectarian tribal forces in a land geography they know better then we do, where the politics of a system by the people for the people is highly flawed if it even exists at all, by fighting a clear enemy force, the area in question then becomes a vacuum filled back in with something just as bad, in some sense or another, democracy across the World cannot realistically exist it also would seem, but something the US always expresses favoritism towards. I think the USA would find it easier to deal with Countries in other areas of the World if they were under a Democratic rule. It's been said some of the forces trained but unwilling to fight ISIL-ISIS saw them as a lesser of two evils, but I encourage anyone to see CNN's special report that's been put out on the ISIS threat, it was amazingly well done and explains better the events that shaped their success in the vacuum after the last wars. It's also worth noting any new raised generation can make a concerted effort to turn the tide toward Peace. I do believe borders need more checking safe guards then ever before, but to not refuse helping those in real need, it's why we have troops staged in various parts of the World, for average people who are under oppression or worse!
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