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  1. I keep seeing New York City on TV or movies, and thinking, LIBERTY CITY!! Like when they had to close the Statue of Happiness, er, Liberty because of a bomb threat, turned out to be false, but I was like.... WTF?!?!? Lemme ask you then, you feel RAGE has evolved, or more or less re-written by now, from the ground up? There was a major length of time delaying the original game because it's key was bridging the console gap, being multi-platform. I got the feeling Rockstar might hate me for just mentioning the Houser's history and typing Hot Coffee, but it did cause a near paradigm shift for Rockstar and the industry, there were a few games who had to change such a tact, like BMXXX, The publishers had to step in and say 'too much' but for Rockstar it was a case of them not being intimate with the USA game channels, they felt it would be more or less like making an R-rated movie in game form, that anything that might pass the muster in the film medium would translate the same to interactive entertainment, but most of you guys know there's a sort of 'Nintendo is for kids' mentality that translates to video games over all. That old idea from the outsider's point of view has been pushed to change because video games really evolve through the hardware evolution firstly. The software only comes as a result of what hardware can offer in the experience picture. I was never trying to court controversy myself bringing it up, I felt the historical significance is part of the bigger picture Something fans and people who don't get the picture should be aware of, because the real story is not the hype on a poster or billboard, it's good and bad together as the path to success or infamy! haha
  2. Oh, I think I know what an attack on my posted thoughts and principles is, I'm now over 45 and I learned the hard way in the 1970s and 1980s what bullying is, it's a problem whether on GTAForums, Social Networking or in the real world group of people. I might not have perfect 'antenna', but I know what I see between the other people's posts and how people have related to me. Just look back over my posts on record at GTAForums, they're still there. Most of the people who I would call haters are haters. They can't accept difference of opinion because I was warned to shape my participation there within some confine of their ideals. That I just cannot abide. It DID NOT break any real forum rules, and the forum rules I did break were when I first joined up, listing fall 2003 on record. I did multiple things wrong, and that all adds up over the years, because GTAForums holds you accountable for ALL mistakes you make. It's on permanant record. Just look again at the stats, it's there in black and white. That said, it's far less mentally stressful here and in other forums, so that's an encouraging thing in terms of promoting why it's better here and elsewhere. The large diverse numbers of ACTIVE members is the main thing GTAF has going for it, but the bad apples leave SUCH a BAD taste in your mouth, it's all that weighs on my mind at the end of the day. Oh, and Nate, I mean avoiding my posts by virtue of me being the most active, but again, a forum I operate in like I did with three people devising GTAChronicles from it's very origin, a template with all the good value of GTAForums without the mindgames. The favorite sections I've tried to revive which seems like theft of digital idea perhaps, but it allows everyone who's willing to abide, play by fair rules, use a gaming forum for things that are plain entertaining...not to mention, INFORMATIVE!
  3. To jog some's memory, if you don't have RDR handy! And.... new.... Should have checked the spelling, I just wanted to post before I forgot! haha
  4. The trailers for the continuing Australian franchise look as good as the new JJ Abram's STAR WARS in terms of big screen enhanced by today's technology thrills and spills. I'm thinking this is one to catch on the biggest screen possible! Sans Mel Gibson as Mad Max originally, I'm sure you'll lament that fact, but I'm glad George wrote, directed, ... and finished it!!! It was delayed for a long time since the project was slated to begin in Tunesia when the Arab Spring took place, things seemingly got progressiviely worse from then on, so it's a minor miracle he completed it!
  5. Apple Watch is a waste without an iPhone data companion, I believe

  6. Early word is modding the ICEnhancer over to GTA5 seems possible, I haven't seen a lot of evidence yet, just one or two mentions about mods, and when I was temp'd at Rockstar's Newswire, I was hoping to address the evolution of RAGE, if someone posting there might think along the lines that GTA 4's underpinnings and GTA 5 evolved from that, might allow the same 3rd party software patching
  7. Diversity is all we should hope for, I add things that I think tie into at least my idea of entertainment, if not related in some ways to Rockstar, GTA, or gaming as a whole. I wore out my welcome it seems on a number of older forums I'd joined, but keep in mind, the most vocal of ALL PARTICIPANTS will ALWAYS be those who object loudest. You never, or rarely hear from people saying things are going along great, and they have no qualms. It would help me and others to have some better online communication so that things aren't as easily misconstrued. However, what I abhor is people being mean because that's how they operate. They should have learned better when they were raised to treat people the way YOU yourself want to be treated. Keep in mind what you like in terms of others' appreciation and how they relate to you and endeavor to do the same. @Nate10, I figured we'd got off on the right foot here early on, but you seem to be bothered more then a bit by me at this stage. I probably asked you to join me on the gaming online segment (PSN, XBL) but I don't see you there now. The thing you seem to suggest is just posting frequently that it's hard to avoid my posts, well, I can avoid reading anything I don't share interest in, I suppose curiousity MIGHT get the better of you, but I put things in that may or may not get a reply because I don't expect the success we once had, and the amazing amount of replies one gets at GTAForums, that just won't happen anywhere else other then YouTube or Facebook, Twitter is still pretty active too, I think most people do prefer Facebook over all the other social networks. What I hate is all the damn email updates from both! They flood my in-box! hahaha
  8. Hope I got the spelling right. Just browsing the news-stand magazines out now, and Guitar World features an article on Jose Gonzales. most know him from his epic song added to Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption, a game mostly filled with slight musical cues, but two more rather epic songs transition key chapter sequences in the game, and though this maybe unique to Rockstar San Diego for RDR (2) or in the future, the song proved so evocative that during a live performance and demo (IIRC) Jose himself performed the song in front of an RDR backdrop. Worth checking out his new album for more acoustic gems and fantastic fret-work
  9. Added a comment to R* Newswire, it's been held for moderation, wonder what that means!?

  10. Just to start a topic for playing GTA IV again, sounds rather vague I know, but I mentioned in a side topic, I felt this is interesting in regards to the evolution to current GTA 5 on all console formats and it's origins as a ground up revisioning of Liberty City with GTA IV on the new hardware of the day, including PC. I'm opting to play the entire game over on Xbox360 in particular, using my newly refurbed 47 inch LG TV and the component HD input, set for 1080P and I believe 60 frames per second
  11. Considering how defensive you've become over some people not being interested in what you have to say, I think you fear rejection a whole lot more than you actually are subject to being rejected. You're false in assuming people avoid your posts to single you out, and even more false in thinking people can't choose to avoid you. I reject the notion I'm wrong without facts, or in partiality, correct. I also object to people calling me 'creepy' which they've done, at GTAForums in particular. It comes across as not liking people so you poll for a ban on them participating in a forum where all walks of life SHOULD be represented. I present the absolute truth to the best of my ability, but I am human, I also make mistakes. You and everyone else in the room and the World are privy to error. Yes, I'm lonely a lot of the time, my friends all have let life get in the way... of fun!! I'm blamed for lack of multiple users active posting, or not in so many words, I'd stay away from 4Chan on what I'd heard about it. I'm not a Jerry Springer Reject, as I was also called. I'm a loner in many ways because of asbergers I suppose. Also I'm an introvert in a public social setting. I use Twitter and Facebook but I don't like them as much as standard forums, but I learned to ween my participation from the earliest days, where I spent hours online at a forum like GTA or in Usenet tech chats, BCRich Handmade Forums, circa 2002
  12. I have to add to the quote off the first page, forgive my double post, but people not coming to some forum because I'm there is just unwarranted on their part, as I said, I never single people out to get them to feel unwanted, why are they in the right if they do that, no matter it be me or you or anyone else?!?! Fact is, I'm a mature gamer, mistakes I make I can readily admit to, and people not posting because of me have their own issues. I post a lot because that's how I think a forum should work, as most of you lament the lack of participation, so do I. You need not agree with my feelings to partake in a forum, all discussions for topics that fit within reason are welcome, GTAC's mission statement was precisely to point things like this out, we wanted there to be no feelings of ill-will or being made to feel ostracized
  13. The specs you give are low entry Sandy Bridge, second generation Intel Nehalem, 4GB in total is alright for system RAM, but I checked specs using Vista32 bit on my G73 Asus and it's still sharing system RAM even with high level discrete graphics vRAM (Mine's a 1GB dedicated GDDR5) OEM computers might run worse then those made for gaming, but Dell's XPS predates their purchase of Alienware. The boutique is not so highly valued as it once was, but Dell's been offering ATI and nVidia discrete for ages, even in non XPS machines. I think that allows minimal gaming, but I tried running GTA San An PC on a Dell with Quadro FX700 and 128MB RAM, it just couldn't cut it. I used a Dell E6410 with Core i7 and Quadro X3100m (IIRC the model video used) and it ran San Andreas much better, but again, a 2005 game ruhning on 2010 hardware! It's just going to demand a lot. Sandy Bridge should at least allow use of GTA V as it will work with GTA IV. The 5 year old GTX460 once was harelded as was the earlier ATI HD Radeon 5870. I'd like to see how that one stacks up with GTA V. Also 1 GB dedicated RAM Sharing system RAM comes to just under 2GB, exact spec I forget. Here's the introductory G73 review, Republic of Gamer Asus series; http://www.techpowerup.com/130470/asus-launches-republic-of-gamers-g53-and-g73-notebooks-featuring-the-geforce-gtx-460m.html
  14. I was REALLY pleased to see Betty White winning last night's TV LAND AWARDS 2015 LEGEND catagory. They also presented a montage to the late Joan Rivers. Two really amazing icons of pop culture, movies, and television. I didn't see all of the broadcast, but I have to say, there were a lot of stars who were in attendance!
  15. Revisiting Uncharted 3 on PS3, amazing as ever!!

  16. GTA on all platforms, now...finally we can see Rockstar move away from spending all it's time on GTAOnline.... Well, not likely.! hahaha I think it will be awhile with both consoles and PC supporting one iteration of GTA that a complete follow up is still some years off as of this posting. I keep a landing page marked for Techspot since the daily news often already gets coverage on TV and cable, but as Techspot is concerned namely with computer technology, their chance to benchmark GTA on PC is worth taking a look at. http://www.techspot.com/review/991-gta-5-pc-benchmarks/ Pop on over to their website and you'll see the link, plain as day. The benchmark should enlighten all those poor souls who've flooded RockstarGames' Newswire for days if not months now... Near endlessly. Asking if their hardware will cut the mustard. Benchmarking with hands on, final release should let you know what they've determined from an objective view point
  17. When I joined here it was only marginally more active then it seems to be, You have normal GTA die-hards who want to know what people are thinking, I never join a forum to lurk, I only want to express and share thoughts, and not to be big-headed about things in the slightest. If that's what people take away, they're DEAD WRONG. I like the sharing of a common interest and it's always spun out of my love for art and electronic, interactive gaming, as far back as those handheld blip based Mattel sports games. I hated sports, but they were keenly deviced. Texas Instruments gets a lot of credit for the Speak and Spell technology in the 70s helping to aid computerized voices that sound authentic! Coleco offered both the VISION and Gemini among the handheld arcade games it had great success with, and of course, I love original coin op arcade classics that I was weened on
  18. Watching some classic films as of late, films I felt even if they weren't of particular interest, I should see for their historical significance, last of which was 1965's Repulsion... stark black and white Hitchcockian physicological thriller. Did I spell that right? Before I was born, it would have REALLY scared me as a kid! That's for sure. The other being The Grapes of Wrath, 1940 classic with a young Henry Fonda. This before the World was engulfed in the second World War and telling the TRUE story of America's terrible Dust Bowl effects, which helped to instigate the troubles in Germany since the US supported Germany partly after WW1. I encourage all to see it. I wouldn't say they're my all time favorites but for you guys in this thread, probably a LOT younger then me, what actors do you appreciate from the past 50 years? Your most favorite list? I'd put Harrison Ford in mine, I was seeing a promo about his cameo in Anchorman 2, which I've yet to see. Obviously just recovering from his fateful plane crash, and lucky to be alive! As for music, I like the combo choice I made some time ago; Pink Floyd and UFO, who of all their recorded efforts, nary a bad song among them! Desert Island stuff!
  19. Blacklisted AGAIN by Rockstar NW staffers... Not fun!

  20. While we were hoping for a similar promo with the starting daze of GTAChronicles, it was just talk and rumor, Have to say, Mike was pretty excited to announce something like that, we really gave a serious go to GTAC and that's why it lasted 2 plus years online. I hope we'll see TGTAP members show casing some of what they can do with their copies. I read on Newswire obviously, TONS AND TONS of issues downloading and getting into the game. Others expressed no difficulty... Lucky bastards, eh?!?! hahaha
  21. Nah, it seems like only YESTERDAY?!? I was leaving my 16 years in construction when I bought PS3 and Uncharted (one) my first foray into HiDef video gaming, beforehand, about the time of Xbox360, got Sony's original Playstation Portable which I've since owned 3 times over! hahaha Got rid of for cash but kept my game library, you have to have GTA Stories, or you're not hardcore! I wound up buying the PS2 versions as well, and like getting GTA5 for PC, I bought multiple versions at the end of the day, but I'm not committed to getting GTA5 on the current Xbox and PS4... I'll wait and see how big a jump forward the next one is, I think PC will be the ultimate expression of this GTA
  22. Somethings have to be exclusive, otherwise there's not a lot of point, other then the hard work required to make multiplatform software. Remember in the PC World, there's that many more models and variety of hardware across the board, there was some contention from Sony about making unique points for RDR as one example, adding a unique hideout challlenge. It's just incentive to entice, but likely someone will share the feature somewhere online for those who don't have it, to hear, see, admire from afar! haha I found this article at Techspot for my mom, who bought a newer generation laptop (HP 15in touchSmart) to replace a first gen PCIexpress Dell desktop with XP as it ended it's lifespan... The article might be a bit over her head, but look at their benchmark testing of four variety levels of Intel Haswell core processors... why put this here? Because it can show you how much software can literally change the performance scale of the same hardware! Also points out Hyper Threading was disabled according to TS on the mid range Core i5 adding 4 core up from the dual core Core i3 baseline processors. http://www.techspot.com/review/972-intel-core-i3-vs-i5-vs-i7/page2.html This would factor into GTA's use of multiple threads and cores, as well as memory cache speeding things along
  23. I went rather directly to Rockstar's Newswire, while I was on, at 700 to 800 comments time frame, IIRC, Rockstar left one notifier in the comments field and removed my last one, and while attempting to make a new comment, I was notified I'm now suspended there indefinitely supposedly either based on reference to Sam and Dan Houser, DMA and David Jones, or Hot Coffee, so don't make any references to those in the comments section or Rockstar's trigger happy staff may let you know you're presence is no longer required. I wish I was joking, but I only mentioned the factual information I laid out here and elsewhere, that the PC presence of gaming is based on those developers who have a personal sight on what hardware they prefer, I believe this is true of anyone who was brought up on gaming, and my reference to Hot Coffee was not to smear Rockstar's rep, the damage had already been done years ago, 2005 in particular and shortly thereafter. The point was to bring out the period of change in which Rockstar had seemingly embraced PC game modding and it's community and since went into hiding, and protective mode. It's true software modding isn't solely under fire from Rockstar, as an example, but I wanted to lay out the truths of how we go to where we are. It's sad they'd willingly try to cover that up. Just sad. I'll still be a willing customer and fan of Rockstar, BUT I can't say I go along with this idea that the truth hurts too much to admit to
  24. PC version GTA5, will be watching for any TV news stories, ads, etc!! COOL!!

  25. Sorry to DP on this thread, it almost seems exclusive about my case, personally, but let me re-iterate, I'm not alone in how disgruntled I am with GTAForums' antics, and it's largely because TANK, if he did create the forums, and everyone seems to suggest just that, he does NOT TAKE AN ACTIVE ROLE in managing, As such, the staff have done anything they feel like doing, un-policed. The policy of how conduct should be is not inforced in a proper manner at all. If they reviewed my bans and apoligized for what they did, it would be a great first step, there's no proof or good reason for my temp bans or otherwise, just disgruntled readers. You can read anything and get upset or not understand the view-point. I'm sorry for you if that's the case, but an open mind always wins. Besides having Trip Mills in my corner since day one... I also have Waddy on my gaming friends (console) list, he doesn't chat too often at all, but he's typed messages to me over the years. and he came to GTAC to see how things were going as well. He's still in my list now, that should tell you something! Oh, and the word that caused confusion above is 'clicks', the proper spelling of that would be 'cliques'
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