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  1. Anyone download my soundtrack!

  2. DromeoStalker

    GTA Soundtrack

  3. DromeoStalker

    GTA Soundtrack

  4. I was at San Marco cafe

  5. DromeoStalker

    GTA wont uninstall, but wont launch either

    Mayb your game disc have errors. Go to control panel and delete game there. Or just delete folder with game. Then try to install again.
  6. DromeoStalker

    Favorite Thing to do With SA

    I like to fly) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WykpBWREnfw
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    MK47's Drawings and Artwork.

    Nice drawing. But... too easy in my mind...
  9. DromeoStalker

    Your most favorite GTA game.

    I like GTA VC And SA too!)
  10. allo dromeas dono protocera ^^^^^^^ Well, Greek is too difficult for me)
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    What are you currently playing?

  12. Today I'm kind..)

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    A Start Up Problem With GTA: Vice City

    You should delete gta_vc.set in GTA VICE CITY USER FILES folder.
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    how ie becomp adminnastortor

    I work as admin in a lot of sites, but here maybe I can't because my English not so good...
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    GTA San Andreas mysteries & myths !

    Anyone came to gta-sa-mysterix.ucoz.ru/ - there are all about myths! But you should translate it)
  16. DromeoStalker

    need help in my GTA SA

    Maybe it's mission "Stowaway"? OK, I'll send saves, but tell me your email or icq.
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    Please anyone gimme original american.gxt file. My Email: [email protected]
  18. DromeoStalker


    On SFUR sometimes robotic voice says something like "your life isminilas". Please tell me, what means word "isminilas", or there any other word?
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    Pedro, have you listen song "Pedro" by Rafaella Carra? P.s. Sorry for my flood
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    Help me please!

    Oh... What's your system config?
  21. DromeoStalker


    The problem is that my game Russian. That file changed Russian... And I need English...
  22. Да... а у меня не очень много возможности ездить... Был в Волгограде, В Твери, ну и еще в мелких городишках.
  23. Привет) Я родом из Конаково. А так живу в Москве. Район называется Южное Бутово.
  24. О привет чувагъ!!! Меня всегда веселило твое звание Кстати я однажды перевел страничку этого сайта на русский, там весело вышло) http://gtavicecity2010.at.ua/_fr/1/1021272.jpg П.с. Любишь жигули?
  25. DromeoStalker

    Terrorism 2010

    2010-03-29 Double Metro terrorism in Moscow! Blast at station "Lubyanka" - 24 people lost... Blast at station "Culture Park" - 13 people lost...