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  1. DromeoStalker

    Post your PC

    My comps: LOL!!!!
  2. Всем привет! Вчера я ездил на Прагу и в Горбушку - видел Дромеозаврид)
  3. Ты тоже по-рашу говоришь? Оч приятно)

  4. Никто не поймет говоришь? АХАХАХА!!!

  5. DromeoStalker

    Funny GIF and pics thread...

  6. DromeoStalker

    Need help with replacing buildings.

    Right Mouse Button > Properties > Read Only But I don't know with which file you should make this operation - with all archive or one file...
  7. DromeoStalker

    What are you listening to right now?

    This morn omnia - Tehora
  8. DromeoStalker

    Your Dream Car

    Zhiguli 1300 "kopeyka"
  9. DromeoStalker

    Favorite girl friend

  10. DromeoStalker

    Videos & Screens

  11. DromeoStalker

    Videos & Screens

    Show here your videos and screenshots from multiplayer. Here's my first ::: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Xu_-lAssJo
  12. DromeoStalker

    Favorite girl friend

    My too Denise
  13. DromeoStalker

    Vice City 2010

  14. DromeoStalker

    Need help with replacing buildings.

    Didn't meet so problem. Maybe should put off "read only"...
  15. DromeoStalker


    San Fieero Uderground Radio
  16. DromeoStalker


    People! What means letter "K" in station's names (K-JAH, K-CHAT, K-ROSE...)???
  17. DromeoStalker


    Here's the video, look EVERYONE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPUkjj7fFGM
  18. DromeoStalker


    About month ago I found a Ghosttown! Here you are, how I get there: Start mission "Saint Mark's Bistro". Get to bistro. Type BAGUVIX, type KANGAROO. Ignore all enemys. Get out of bistro. Go right and jump agross wall. Go right, behind 2 walls, turn else right and run. Jump into house! Now you are in Liberty sity! But it's not GT. Go to end of street and fell down under Liberty! Open Your parachute and fly to side behind West and South-West. At end of some minutes you'll get ti that GHOSTTOWN!!! There are peorle, but there are no cars. You even can kill cops an don't get cop stars!
  19. DromeoStalker

    Vice City 2010

    Noone want help me... Wel, you can download my radiostations from VC2010 part1: http://turbobit.net/opkj3xunij84.html part2: http://turbobit.net/04b0g3xn3h81.html
  20. DromeoStalker

    Whats your favorite car?

    Please delete this my reply!
  21. DromeoStalker

    Please help me, Game will not load.

    He make game WORK!
  22. DromeoStalker

    Please help me, Game will not load.

    Good But I never meet this problem , when in SA it was sometimes - the game didn't start at all!
  23. DromeoStalker

    Please help me, Game will not load.

    Open GTA VC limit adjuster and turn memory to 128. Maybe video driver reinstall can help
  24. DromeoStalker

    how to play replay files for vc

    In Windows? Nohow( Really I can't :'(