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    Please help me, Game will not load.

    It's clean VC or with any mods?
  2. DromeoStalker


    OOOOh... Reinstall game and video drivers, open GTA VC limit adjuster an turn more memory. Maybe will help...
  3. DromeoStalker

    GTA VC startup help

    Reinstall game
  4. DromeoStalker


    Look everyone::: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2w2_IHaVjs
  5. DromeoStalker


    Try to reinstall video/audio drivers.
  6. DromeoStalker

    gta sa skins

    What files you download? By the way, all Russians and everybody, I congratulate on day of a victory!
  7. DromeoStalker

    Some help please

    On a door? Only if you take car with drawing on door
  8. DromeoStalker

    Some help please

    I'm Russian, mu English too not well... Well, you need IMG TOOL. Download it right now. Then you ned TXD WORKSHOP. Open by txd workshop .txd file of your car (taxi.txd, or peren.txd...) Export bitamp and draw in "Paint" any picture. Import bitamp back and save .txd. Now take IMG TOOL and import car files (.txd & .dff) into GTA3.img archive. You should replace old files, and make reserve copy. Well, start the game!
  9. DromeoStalker


    What problem? What game says when fail?
  10. DromeoStalker

    Vice City 2010

    The First photo of our command: http: s16.radikal.ru/i190/1005/b8/fb5a8a66c812.jpg well, it's too dark... I should remake photo
  11. DromeoStalker

    CJ skin

  12. DromeoStalker

    Need Help

    OK I send save
  13. DromeoStalker

    Need Help

    What's your Email?
  14. DromeoStalker

    how to play replay files for vc

    You need program Vice City Press F1 to play Press F2 to save Press F3 to play saved rep file well...
  15. DromeoStalker

    Need Help

    Well, send me save files to [email protected] , tomorrow try to do...
  16. DromeoStalker

    How I can spawn car i have downloaded?

    HOW or WHERE? I don't understand your question...
  17. DromeoStalker

    New weapons

    Stop, when i DELETE old files and then ADD new, game don't work, even after rebuilding archive! Well, I recommend REPLACE old files, DON'T delete them!
  18. DromeoStalker

    [Q] How to add new CJ skin

    Blin kak eto skszat, karoch nuzna horoshaia textura. I need good texture! And, I need CJ model with first clothes, so CJ walk in LAS-Venturas! I saw HIM!!!
  19. P3 1GHz, 256Mb RAM, 64Mb Video, 4,5 Gb HDD - should run well.
  20. DromeoStalker

    New weapons

    Wait a minute... COL - it's texture files, that seen far from model. Weapon textures an models are in GTA3.img - .txd & .dff files
  21. DromeoStalker

    Vice City 2010

    There are a translator (language)
  22. DromeoStalker

    New weapons

    What weapon files do you have?
  23. DromeoStalker

    player skins

    http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/topic/25140-q-how-to-add-new-cj-skin/ BLIN! And elce, if anybody have CJ model & texture fith default clothes (when new game starts), plz send me to [email protected]
  24. DromeoStalker

    How I can spawn car i have downloaded?

    Im'sorry, maybe that command's name is 'Replace" :'(