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  1. @Samil The answer is T, if you start a new game and have a saved one with the girlfriends, you'll probably keep the benefits.

    You get into a sphere near the ship, and is transported to it by a "misterious fade" lol.

    Q: What's the internal name of Berkley's RC Van?

  2. "Tommy? Who the fuck is Tommy?"

    And yeah, it is from Vice City, but Lazlow says that phrase in his interview with Cris Formage.

    And now a math question:

    Q: If, according to Cris Formage, in '92 the year was 157 years old -FACT-, how old is it today (2010)?

  3. Phoenix, Hotknife, Sultan, Elegy, Cop Car (and bike), Infernus, Stratum, Bullet, Alpha, Euros, etc.

    And you're wrong btw, only mission peds (characters such as Sweet, Woozie, Cesar, T-Bone, Tenpenny,etc) are special actors, all the other peds can be loaded with the Model.Load feature.

    [T/F] Frank Tenpenny is the only main antagonist in the series who isn't killed by the player.

  4. Well, the correct answer is that the spawned Rancher is not the normal one, but a Rancher with dark glasses, originally meant to be used in the mission "Lure", and internally called "RNCHLURE".

    A: I have no idea, always thought Wheel Arch modded all cars.

    A: Sultan, Stratum, Elegy, Jester, Flash and Uranus.

    Q: What does happen in the mission "Madd Dogg" if you've cheated more than 200 times since the beginning of the game?

  5. GTA San Andreas is really buggy. I've taken all the Varrios' turfs yesterday... But as soon as I reloaded the game they were gone... =(.

    I think it's F, I've only saw a Nevada, but not an Andromada.

    [T/F] The SFPD HQ's interior can be reached through the Hidden Interiors Universe.

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