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  1. Gonna have my Summer vacation at the V-Rock Hotel in Las Venturas.

    1. Samil


      Nice place, but I suggest you stay at The Camel's Toe.If you get a room on the western part of the pyramid, you can see the Sphinx's ass and on it written: 'Kiss my Egyptian ass' [i made it, don't tell the LVPD]

  2. The most boring show, with a brand-new host: Entertaining America with Lazlow!

  3. Need help installing VMWare Tools on Linux...

  4. That's not vodka, that's boomshine!

  5. Playing Mafia Wars...

  6. Samil, by some reason I can't find the fuckin edit button, so I'll give the hint here: "Exploder: Evacuator Part II"

    1. Blur


      Ahhh that brings back great memories. xD btw answered.

  7. Happy birthday to me!!! o.O()

  8. Congrats Spain!

    1. Samil


      Come on, Pedro! Everyone knew Spain was gonna win!

    2. Alvas.


      really? it was a tough match, for one moment I thought holland might win.

    3. Miles Pedro Prower

      Miles Pedro Prower

      After Brazil came out, I started supporting Spain.

  9. It's over... again... Damned Dunga!

  10. I'm making a Flash video now... My first one =D

  11. F*cked keyboard...

  12. @JessVida Dos Google Translator ave an Trollish-English feature?

  13. Hey pal, happy birthday!

  14. Said everything, MK, everything...

  15. I'm scared... I saw the BSOD yesterday night... It's all fault of this f*cked new hard disk!!!

  16. OMFG! Cala boca Galv√£o is on The NY Times! Good to see people wants to save that rare Brazillian bird xD

  17. LOL, that sprite was made when I was 10... But now I'm lazy to make a new one, so I still use that :P

  18. Which one? The "blue-painted Tails" or this one?

  19. I think abeer's section should be called "The guy with the broken CAPS LOCK" xD

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