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    I like Formula 1, soccer, PlayStation 3 and using Google Chrome as my default Internet browser.

    I used to edit Wikipedia and Future Wikia but have retired from editing those two Wiki websites.

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  1. MarlenesFutureDad


    People who are on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter should kill themselves. There's nothing useful on those sites that they can't get off Wikipedia and YouTube.
  2. MarlenesFutureDad

    Back To The Future, last week! hahaha

    At least in the Back to the Future version of 2015, annoying websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram don't exist. But on the other hand, Wikipedia and YouTube don't exist in the BTTF universe so that the young people in that timeline are still dependent on the public school system for the knowledge.
  3. MarlenesFutureDad

    Saints Row VERSUS GTA

    I have watched a longplay of the first Saints Row game on YouTube. It looks like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on Prozac.
  4. MarlenesFutureDad

    The Easiest Decade to Live in

    Must be easy to avoid the worst recession since the 1930s!!! I was nearly homeless on the streets, the 1990s to 2007 were rather good, but growing up with my family in large part the best times I think, in most anyone's life... the regret is I'm not older to enjoy the 60s music sooner!! After seeing Ryan's mega bump of a pre-07~08 recession thread, I feel the timing for such a question is 10 years too early! hahaha leading right up to 2006, things were still pretty good, the housing market where I worked was on a decline and bad banking and loans made the whole friggin' market fall, then you had the US Automakers needing bailouts along with Fanny May and Freddie Mac... who the hell are those peeps!??! The last decade is near utter shite really I like the guy commenting on James Bond now in HD on cable! hahaha HD-DVD failed because only Toshiba and three others backed it, and Microsoft's previous fail with WebTV seemed to follow their standalone Xbox add on, but it's the easiest way to add HD-DVD to your home environment!! Fannie Mae provides financial products and services that increase the availability and affordability of housing for low-, moderate- and middle-income Americans while is a public government-sponsored enterprise that deals with home loans and mortgages.
  5. MarlenesFutureDad

    What Computer Will You Have in 2035?

    My doctor uses a Mac OS computer in her office. It's a lot simpler to understand than that Windows 7/8/10 crap.
  6. MarlenesFutureDad

    A Rally Cry Against the Global Elite

    By the 2030s, shortages of fossil fuels will make life almost impossible to live. We might have to accept the idea of living in an entirely stagnant world.
  7. MarlenesFutureDad

    Let's Get Rid of these Elitist Lawyers

    Are you serious? Does Adobe even own the patent for PDF's? You don't need to use Adobe's tool at all for PDF's (http://lmgtfy.com/?q=open+source+pdf). Adobe's "fancy reader" doesn't come with Firefox, so I don't know where you heard that. Don't know what Google uses. Firefox uses PDF.js to read PDF's. Are you blaming the inventor of email for your governments inability to provide mail service or just throwing out an overexaggeration? I'm honestly not completely sure if you're trolling or not with the things you post, but if you are +1. Honestly, I'm not exaggerating - Canada Post is charging people a lot of money for standard mail because Big Brother Shiva just happened to invent a form of mail that has subverted both our personal and corporate cultures. If you happen to interpret this as a thoughtcrime, then call up the Ministry of Love and have my freethinker license revoked from me. With PDFs, emails and online commercial websites becoming more present in our cultural psyche, the Internet (and the physical world) is resembling more like George Orwell's most famous book every day.
  8. MarlenesFutureDad

    The Internet is Crappy

    I agree with you, BBS. Video game instruction manuals were considered to be high class literature 20 years ago according to people in my age group. Wikis have essentially ruined the fun of unpacking a video game for me; especially when Maxis used to make instruction manuals that could make novels jealous. Too many jobs have been lost to places like India, Bangladesh, China and Dubai thanks to the Internet. And I'm talking about the kind of jobs that allow people to raise families and put their sons or daughters through medical school. When I was young, I would buy a good video game with the expectation of the instruction manual being as grand as the actual gameplay. SimCity for the SNES had an instruction manual that was filled with the kind of humor that most of the cartoons on Nickelodeon would jealous of in today's world. That is why I remember games like Steel Panthers III, SimCity 2000, Streets of SimCity and SimCopter very fondly. Wikis are basically information that people have gathered from various sources and try to pass off as "real information." Oftentimes, it's too easy to look up Wikipedia and find out the ending of a movie or video game just ten days after it's been released. 20 years ago, we didn't know about the endings of the video games and movies that wanted to see ahead of time; we were actually surprised when we got to see them. People in this day and age care more about what their Facebook friends do on Facebook instead of thinking about their low-income family members who can't afford the Internet.
  9. MarlenesFutureDad

    Let's Get Rid of these Elitist Lawyers

    PDFs are elitist because you have to read them on Adobe's fancy reader (which comes with Google Chrome but not with Internet Explorer). In order for a PDF to have any legal bearing in the world, you have to print them out with that expensive ink (that you have to pay for instead of the company/law firm/police station/courtroom). If it wasn't for e-mail, my community (and every other community in Canada) would still have door-to-door mail delivery service and people will still be paying less than $1.50 for a postage stamp. Thanks a lot, Shiva Ayyadurai, for inventing e-mail back in 1979. Because of your smart-ass Paki intelligence, e-mail and the Internet is destroying our established business infrastructure and is putting people out of work.
  10. MarlenesFutureDad

    The Internet is Crappy

    WWE 2K15 had its share of flaws, but the gameplay itself was vastly improved compared to what was delivered under THQ in over a decade. And frankly, WWE games under them were becoming increasingly bug-riddled as the releases piled up. Hell, Community Creations in WWE 13 just flat out stopped working for me about six months after its release WWE SmackDown: Shut Your Mouth was THE best WWE video game of all time. The divas (women) had a more complex array of clothing styles - you could even make them wear granny panties and various kinds of skirts or dresses. In my humble opinion, WWE 2K14 is the SECOND BEST WWE game of all time but they had more wardrobe options for male wrestlers (superstars); from football uniforms to white tie apparel. I prefer having matches that involve the Falls Count Anywhere move because it is cool to pin your opponents outside the ring for the most embarrassing three-count of their virtual lives. The Steel Cage matches are my second favorite followed by Hell in the Cell and Last Man Standing matches. While I can tolerate Triple Threat matches most of the time, I find Iron Man matches to be tedious and simulate them in my Universe Mode.
  11. MarlenesFutureDad

    Six up Next! ? !

    You can't really make a new Grand Theft Auto video game without considering the kind of multiverse that the other video games created. Having a game set in the late-2010s or the 2020s is OK but by the 2030s, shortages of fossil fuels will make driving cars almost impossible to do; let alone stealing cars to do criminal/terrorist style missions with. And if you set a Grand Theft Auto video game too far into the future, you could end up with a post-apocalyptic Fallout/Mad Max hybrid that would be "Grand Theft Auto" in name only. And if you set the game in the 23rd century or later, you would have to create a "Grand Theft Auto" game that is set on multiple planets once civilization has cleaned up from the apocalypse and have rebuilt everything back up to scratch (or at least that's what The Game Theorist wants us to believe).
  12. MarlenesFutureDad

    Let's Get Rid of these Elitist Lawyers

    Why should the government waste our tax money on courtrooms and police stations when they could allow judges to prosecute criminals on the street? Police officers and lawyers should be abolished and only Judges should be allowed to control human society. Besides, most of the interaction that police officers and lawyers do with the public in this day and age is through e-mail and they seem to be fans of those elitist PDFs (portable document files) that you have to print out yourself so that the government/law firm doesn't spend money on ink printing out those forms and sending them off to you.
  13. MarlenesFutureDad

    Also one of the best ROM hacks ever made

    After watching Sexual Pac-Man, you should also check out this ROM hack Religious Blackjack Rated PG-13 for mature content
  14. MarlenesFutureDad

    Best ROM hack ever made

    You should watch this awesome video game of a ROM hack Sexual Pac-Man Best ROM hack ever
  15. MarlenesFutureDad

    What Multiplayer Mod do you think is the best?

    I agree with you Meshy, Vice City is very small and there is nothing to do activity-wise. San Andreas is good; especially Las Venturas where you can play slot machines, blackjack and roulette. Once you get really far in the game, Los Santos simply isn't as appealing as it is when you first start the game.