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  1. People who are on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter should kill themselves. There's nothing useful on those sites that they can't get off Wikipedia and YouTube.
  2. At least in the Back to the Future version of 2015, annoying websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram don't exist. But on the other hand, Wikipedia and YouTube don't exist in the BTTF universe so that the young people in that timeline are still dependent on the public school system for the knowledge.
  3. I have watched a longplay of the first Saints Row game on YouTube. It looks like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on Prozac.
  4. You can't really make a new Grand Theft Auto video game without considering the kind of multiverse that the other video games created. Having a game set in the late-2010s or the 2020s is OK but by the 2030s, shortages of fossil fuels will make driving cars almost impossible to do; let alone stealing cars to do criminal/terrorist style missions with. And if you set a Grand Theft Auto video game too far into the future, you could end up with a post-apocalyptic Fallout/Mad Max hybrid that would be "Grand Theft Auto" in name only. And if you set the game in the 23rd century or later, you would have to create a "Grand Theft Auto" game that is set on multiple planets once civilization has cleaned up from the apocalypse and have rebuilt everything back up to scratch (or at least that's what The Game Theorist wants us to believe).
  5. I agree with you Meshy, Vice City is very small and there is nothing to do activity-wise. San Andreas is good; especially Las Venturas where you can play slot machines, blackjack and roulette. Once you get really far in the game, Los Santos simply isn't as appealing as it is when you first start the game.
  6. Interesting car designs you have there, Daciator80. Maybe you should get a job with Rockstar so that you can do this legit for Grand Theft Auto VI.
  7. When I used to play this game, I actually got the nerve to kill the homeless tunnel people. When I saw the score on the score screen, it turned out that killing the homeless people actually deducted points from my score.
  8. Why would people waste their data money on their smartphones to play some crummy game when they could get a $300 tablet and download a good game like San Andreas instead for a meager sum out of their Google Play/credit card money?
  9. Everything we encounter in life is a remark, a release, a ripoff or a rerun. That's why we don't have hovercars in 2015 and we'll never have them in 2050
  10. It's one thing to do digital photography through a laptop or desktop computer where the games are actually decent and you can play for three hours after you do your photo session, but the crappy games they have on the Google Play for tablet computers just isn't worth it to do anything else but look at websites and play crappy Bejeweled Blitz clones and cheesy looking slot machines. Sure, there are arcade and console emulators that you can download on Google Play for the tablets but you can't properly control most of these games unless you're using an external gamepad hooked up to a USB cable. Even though digital photography is a cheap knock-off of traditional film photography, everybody seems to like it even thought they know that the invention of photography preceded the invention of the personal computer. Racing games are a nightmare to play on the tablet computer, some shooting games don't work because you need two controllers to calibrate the game while some newer action and fighting games slow down to a crawl on an Android tablet computer. I believe that when it comes to gaming, the console systems and personal computers are here to stay.
  11. With the way that the cars are becoming anymore and with the economy, I would say that the Honda Civic will become the car of the 2010s decade.
  12. Now that I'm older and wiser with my video game experience, I have to see that the worst game ever is Madden 15. The development of your character in Superstar mode is slower than watch snails race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It's nearly impossible to get your character's overall rating to a higher number without spending a lot of training points.
  13. The answer is simple: Saints Row 4 has cooler graphics and was way more fun to play than Grand Theft Auto IV.
  14. If I ever see Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto IV or Grand Theft V made into a full-length feature movie, I will thank Mr. Houser for you.
  15. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame shows offer glimpses into the arrogant attitudes and moral depravity of the Rock and Roll scene. It's not uncommon for the stars to act cool by cussing to the audience during acceptance speeches. These kind of spectacles have become tawdry events that are marketed mostly to people who believe that the egotistical and immoral nature of these "superstars" are "commonplace, normal and mainstream."
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