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  1. Evil-Empire

    Favourite radio station?

    My favorite is Flashback FM and my second favorite is Double Cleff FM.
  2. Evil-Empire

    What did you dislike about GTA 3?

    I don't like at all Claude's face, the radio stations are much too short, there's a bug once you 've done all the unique stunts which forces you to load the latest savegame and I don't like the fall atmosphere.
  3. Evil-Empire

    Whole new story (47 missions)

    When will it be released?
  4. Evil-Empire

    How long does it take to see a mod getting approved?

    OK but do you know how oftenly they come?
  5. Hello everybody I already uploaded 2 mods on the last saturday and they are still unapproved. I don't know why, I put some links to some programs in the read-me of one but nothing illegal inside and I don't see any reason why they aren't available to download. Is it normal?
  6. Evil-Empire

    Grand Theft Auto: State of Liberty Mod

    The mod always crashes when I try to play. Do you have any idea of the time when the final version will come?
  7. Evil-Empire

    A mission pack for GTALC

    So if I understand well you want to make missions for the "GTA Liberty City" mod? That's an excellent idea mbut I don't think I can help you. However I well want to learn.