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  1. Need help ASAP! involved with modding

    well...sometimes with the mods and SAMI and other mod installers...with cars...if they car you want to install say a ferrari, a 2-door car, instead of a greenwood a 4-door car...you have to install a 2-door car...WITH a 2-door car. i could never get it to work any other way...i only used img 2.0 with weapons anyway...worked much easier...;-)
  2. game dont work after mod install

    yep...get the "downgrade" patch homie...you got it...;-) went through the same thing too. SAMI is a good mod installer too.
  3. Need help with a mod!

    well amyxf28....coming from years of modding San Andreas...it sounds like the mod you downloaded isn't exactly "in sync" with the version of the game you have. if i remember right there is v1, v1.1 and v2.0. the 2.0 they made because of the whole "hot coffee" fiasco...lol. that might be your problem. gtagarage.com is a good place to look for mods...but the website has been down recently for some reason...but whe it up you can easily search through the SA mods by "game version"... hope this helps. or maybe you put it in the wrong place....;-)
  4. well georgel...this mission can be done. all it takes is practice. i too hated it at one time. even refusing to do the Zero missions entirely. but supply lines is easy... if you don't have a PC controller..(if you're playing on a PC that is)...get one. it will make life much, much easier. i've been playing GTA San Andreas since day 1. it is the only game i play. pretty sad huh?..lol. but a controller will hep you out a lot. all you need is a light touch on the controls...the buttons on most controllers are pressure sensative anyway....don't go full on...balls to the wall with it..you fuck up every time. ;-) right now...since my favorite PS2-type PC controller broke recently...i'm going back through the game and doing it all by keyboard...lol. should be fun... just go easy on the controller...whether or not you're on a PC....pressure sensative buttons...;-) ;-)