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  1. Right. i have been playing alot with SA:MP and was wondering how can i jump into a car while other peds drivelike in sa:MP i press 'G' and then i enter and the other player drives. so i was wondering is there a code i can enter into a game file and let that happen?

    Thank you in advance.

  2. Is there a way to make the speed of all cars faster? and to make the nitros more powerful coz if i activate the nitro they seem to go the same speed but the scenes seems to go blury. so is there a way to make both of them>?

  3. its not a picture its an animation. and its also sortof fake 3d, so it will be pretty hard to do. and what do you mean give you that mod. ive made all of my effects and particles myself. but what do u mean?

    aww. soz i thought u meant there was already a mod for it for sa out there. so could u make the mod for me please?

  4. i attached it. :thumbsup:

    ok thanks could you please make that mod for me and then i could release it and put your name in it.

    PS. i am trying to install the fire bit but can't find where the fire graphics are kept.


  5. I'v got a train mod, no monorail

    but it's 30 mb caus I fideld a little with it, but it works perfect.

    only t he txd's of the pic are a littel different.

    Where can i download that mod of the train in the pic. coz it looks good. but does it crash the game?

  6. dude theres like 1000 great models of that on like every gta site. i bet theres one here too. i think the best one is on gtanetwork.it . do some searching before u post.

    okay thanks alot that helped alot and i have never heard of that website before.

  7. hi i am new here and i have never been the type to make mods because its hard, so can someone make a car mod from the the fast and the furious. the car i want is the car that brian is driving in the 2fast 2 furious at the start of the film. ( I think its a silver skyline)

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