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Status Updates posted by Greensabre13.

  1. happy birthday for yesterday! :)

  2. You really need to stop bumping old topics and posting posts that consist of 6 words or less. Just a suggestion.

  3. I really should have said "Congratulations on coming back to the members group" but either way works, I suppose! :P

  4. I'm really liking the sound of the whole Acodea thing you've got going on! :)

  5. Congratulations on improving ;)

  6. hahaha, naughty. Yeah, no idea how that happened?!

  7. You naughty boy! D: hahaha.

  8. Thanks for accepting the Flickr request thing. :)

  9. HAHAHAHA. Look at Nathan Thrash. Flippin' the fuck out, and shit. ^-^ Yeah, I made her join TGTAP, cause she made me join a board she was on. :P

  10. I see Shanny's been hacking my account and commenting you! :P hahaha.

  11. Obviously warrior13 doesn't know of the magical entity known as the 'ROFLcopter'

  12. I <3 your signature!

  13. What the fuck, I'm on Will's account? :s

    It's Shanny.

  14. I made an account aaaages ago, I'm never on here.


  15. Why on earth is your reputation -3? :P

  16. Hey man, thought you should know I got my Photoshop back :)

  17. I've done the mixing and mastering on a couple of songs, so they should be up soonish :)

  18. I did see that you added my band, yes. Cheers for that :)

  19. Well, someone had to do it, I suppose! :)

  20. First time I've seen it :P

  21. I must say, I love your signature!


  22. Hey man, your signature looks pretty nice! :)

    x2 with Steam, you should put a border on it.

  23. Happy birthday, again :)

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