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  1. i got gta episodes from liberty city on my xbox 360

  2. i am watching amerian chopper

  3. the game that i was downloading didn`t work because the game needed a computer before two years

  4. why does it need to take so damn long

  5. it is still taking forever

  6. it is sopposed to say free time

  7. it is taking forever now

  8. it is going faster now

  9. i don`t have to go anymore because i have to sit and wath the computer download grand theft auto eps from liberty city

  10. i am installing grand theft auto: episodes from liberty city it is taking forever

  11. just brought gta episodes from liberty city pc and gta iv pc waiting for my mother to get of the computer so i can use the cheats for gta the ballad of gay tony i will use super punch i have seen the cheat for super punch on youtube but i have never tried it if you were wondering i am only 9 years old.

  12. i have to go playing gta iv

  13. can anyone ask me if they want to be friends i am getting bored

  14. just that i wish that school never exitestid because it takes a away our free.

    1. gta master  14587

      gta master 14587

      my name is gta master because i have killed so many people in gta 4 that i have stoped counting and with the same gun (pistol).

    2. Mpilk901
    3. Ivan
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