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    Grand Theft Auto Brantford

    These are some fake screens of Vice City Stories, but if I make some kind of collage of gta Brantford or Gta Brantford hamilton woodstock I'll use these. The first one is the original image. The second one is the VCS screenshot. The next one is just a weird one I made using photoshop. They're pretty good(In my personal opinion).
  2. Patty-T

    Starkweather in VCS?

    I like it. Ramirez? I've heard the name. Who exactly is it?
  3. Patty-T

    Grand Theft Auto Brantford

    The Casino is closed because the Native Americans are claiming that land belongs to them. The mob family who runs the casino hires the main character to get rid of the protesters. They are also blocking roads and bridges connecting the 3 cities. As you play through the game the government meets their demands and they clear their roadblocks. Also there's a weaker roadblock made of cars blocking a major bridge. The Mafia want you to get rid of it.......OLD SKOOL!!!!!! (I just made this quickley. Its supposed to be funny or sumthing. Don't point out the fact that it sucks.) I made this on photoshop. Is it any better?
  4. Patty-T

    What Kind of Map Layout for next GTA

    You know how SA is surounded by endless amounts of water? GTA4 should be surounded by endless amounts of farmland or desert or maybe one side is endless water one side is farmland and one side is desert or something else.........
  5. Patty-T

    Grand Theft Auto Brantford

    I have photoshop. I'll have to figure out how to use it. Are any of you from Brantford? Theres some jokes hidden in there that on a true Brantfordite would get. Sammy's Rec Room is a very popular reteraunt. The guy who owns (his name is in fact Sammy) has been named king of West Brant. These shots suck as much as the other ones (if not more), I just like showing them off. Good idea. Hamilton will be the town run by the Mafia.
  6. Patty-T

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    I'd like to see more stealth missions like the one in SA where you had to swim out to the ship. Maybe you could do spy side mission's that you could start if you wore a tuxedo and went to a radio tower somewhere. Now that would be cool!!!!
  7. Patty-T

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    There should be a movie theater or a drive in where for a certain amount of money you can watch cutscenes from the game or from older gta's.