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  1. You got a Rep++ Lol. Good work.

  2. OMFG! He's banned. WTF!?

  3. Hey JayD, happy birthday!

  4. Hey whats up?

  5. Hell yeah, I feel more happy now. Thanks Yellow Jacket. :-)

  6. Hey, thanks for making a flame topic about GodFather. I hate him too. So maybe soon I might flame his ass lol.

    See ya' around!

  7. Hey Mrs, was up? :-)

  8. Lolol, I said it already though, but anyways, hows life?

  9. Type 'NFC' And I think it will show some pictures of it in BIG.

  10. Nothing much, you?

  11. Yeah, good to hear that. :)

  12. LOL, has anyone talked to you now? It's been a while now.

    So hows things Rashon?

  13. Hey Jace, I guess you joined my friends site eh?

  14. Yeah man, I love it, I want to get that once I turn 18, It'll be great to drive about!

  15. Hows life Jace?

  16. Yeah man, I don't either. Anyways, It's good that you reached in becoming a elite. I hope I become Elite later on...

  17. Well, I got Easter Holidays, so I'm home for 2 weeks! Lucky me.

  18. Hehe, hey JayD, whats up>?

  19. Hey Jared, Whats up?

  20. Your names Little_Friend, not Tony Montana...

  21. http://thestreetsofgta.freehostia.com Thats my URL to my site, and it's theirs also A link under my personal statment
  22. You can look at my site now, It's completley changed.

  23. I'm gonna eventually change it after...

  24. Yeah Ugly Betty, Watched it yesterday. It was funny.

  25. Maybe by next week.

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